March 05, 2015

Some things are just timeless.

A month or so ago our friend Paul emailed Brett, I don't really remember the whole email but I DO remember that he mentioned that his word for the year was "wait" and that he thought maybe it was a word for us too.
"Wait upon the Lord,"  he said.  And I was all, yeah, good one Paul. Thanks.

And then the waiting really got going in earnest.

Have you ever been just super sure something was going to happen but you are clearly going to have to wait for it? Boy, that is my least favorite kind of waiting. Actually, strike that, my least fav kind of waiting is the kind when you DON'T know how its going to turn out....ok. Anyway.  But I've been thinking about it the last week as I've waited incredibly impatiently for something particular.

Does Time ever make you doubt? You feel super confident about some plan or purpose and then Time passes and you think, "Man, because of all that Time, I'm not so sure anymore!"  As though somehow Time negates Truth.

It doesn't.

Many times the Lord gives us promises and then Time passes. It was two years to the day that God told Brett we should essentially move it San Antonio, that we got our keys and walked into our new home in....San Antonio.  During those two years I doubted and worried a LOT about how it was going to all work out.

I married Brett and moved to Washington State 2 and half years ( and one day) after God promised me that when I left New Zealand and moved back to Texas that I would only have to be there for 2 and a half years, during those 2 and a half years I almost forgot that He had even promised me that I would leave again! But God remembered!

The fact that he kept his promises so exactly is pretty remarkable, but lets not just brush past those two years....or even times when we've had to wait longer, or sometimes shorter. The time we Wait can often be difficult because we feel as though it is slowly scrapping away at the Promise.

It isn't.

I believe one of our greatest Joys as believers is to not give up on His Promises even when Time tempts us to falter. I am pretty sure this is our only chance. In Heaven, I think time will be meaningless and Promises will all be fulfilled. So now is our chance.

And so we Wait.