April 30, 2008


One cannot be truly upset when something totally disrupts ones life to the point of desperation, one cannot be upset when that means you have to turn to Christ-because no one else understands....

Anyway, thank you to all of you who have sent kind words and especially prayers. They are a comfort.

And it was mentioned that we could just get a hotel while Brett's in Kansas-yes, in fact, we could just get temporary army housing if we wanted...I suppose the questioning of what to do is more that I'm worried that if we postpone a move than the army will not pay for it. I dont know if this is true or not...but whatever. Trying really hard to take this one day at a time-to worry less about myself and instead try my very hardest to make this easier for Brett. I still believe it is much much harder on him than me.

In other news, today I'm buying party decorations for Friday night's progressive mystery dinner. The party just never stops around here. ;-)

April 29, 2008

What a big fat non-shocker.

I’ve got a new army slogan: “Army: sucking optimism out of people since, well, probably since the beginning.”

Luckily I was a quick army learner so I’d already come up with several Kansas jokes to ease the pain of the news that Brett just gave me.

Here’s the news that Brett gave me-and of course he was kind enough to remind me that just about all of it could change if that’s what the army wanted to do….of course, he didn’t need to remind me of that fact, after all…I’ve learned my lesson.

Go on leave in July. Report to Fort Riley, Kansas August 17th. Leave for Iraq November 16th.

So, yeah, wow.

Now there is all sorts of things that need to be decided-most of which is “where in the world should Abigail live?!”

Of course, I will be going with Brett to Fort Riley for his four months pre-Iraq time, but does that mean we should actually move-move there? Or just short-term move there and actually move-move somewhere else?! I need some big God wisdom here.

For one thing, I am taking into consideration that before we received last weeks shocker news I had just taken a trip to Texas, a trip that while it was fun I was also overwhelming struck with the fact that I no longer fit in. As I headed back to Washington I felt like the Texas door had officially shut. I had no idea how important that fact would be…. So, now we’ve got the choice of me staying on Washington where I feel like I’m not yet finished with the life we’ve got going here, or going to Kansas which is…well a big fat blank…and yet, I’m very scared of staying in a place which God says is finished. I’m so afraid that I’ll ignore what God wants…just because it’s scary (Kansas is totally scary) and just because I want to stay here.

On the other hand it seems so silly to move to Kansas, a place where Brett will only live for four months. ( once Brett returns from Iraq, he will be sent to the Captain Career Course almost immediately…and that is in either Georgia or Kentucky) …I kind of want to live in a place that people actually KNOW Brett…a place where he knows the people that I’ll most likely be talking about. Most of all I want Brett to be a part of my life even when he’s gone and it just doesn’t seem as easy when it’ll be Kansas….of course, we haven’t lived in Kansas yet. Afterall, we will be there for four months. Maybe it’s the United States best kept secret. Maybe the phrase, “We’re not in Kansas anymore.” Was said in a tragic voice….maybe its not in black in white afterall.

So, there's that....

Yes, it is very much officially Brett and I need some serious, hardcore prayer. So many changes, so many new challenges, so many goodbyes, so many plans to be made, so many, so many, so many....I would never have guessed a month ago that this would be a summer of leaving...I never would have guessed that May and June would be last months in Washington. Its just shocking that I will probably not even have my one year anniversary of living in Washington before having to leave it.
Its just shocking, shocking, shocking.

Oh, wait....I forgot about my sarcastic title...why can I not learn my army-lessons?! Why do they continually thwart my plans!?

Oh well, Brett isnt getting home until midnight ( or later) tonight so as you can see...I have plenty of time to blog about this...thank goodness I've got two parties to plan this weekend or I'd be stark raving mad right now.

April 28, 2008


So, on Saturday I finally got my cell phone charger in the mail so I am officially contact-able again. Whew. That was a tough week to not be able to call people.

Anyway, this weekend was really just that "break" I needed from life-having Em and Lyds in town for such a short amount of time meant that I pushed 'real life' aside and did things like stay up late, eat fondue, go see the Louvre Roman Art exhibit at Seattle Art Museum ( SAM), eat seafood, watch the last three episodes of Gilmore Girls, go over Lydia's PhD application essays, go to a Mariners baseball game....things like that.

It was good, because I definitely needed a break from the sadness. And while it came back in full swing last night when we had to tell our Sunday night Bible Study that we'll be leaving soon-and especially having to tell Mike and Katie ( our washington #1 couple) it was hard. But, I am putting my stubborn face on this week. I don't care how hard it is, I will NOT let this beat us. Talking to Brett yesterday made me realize just how easy it is to let something like this bring back all of our other past disappointments and then let them ALL kick us while we're down. ( i.e. the devil starts to win). And I will not let this happen for another week, not for me. And not for Brett. Its definitely difficult to see him so down. It makes me mad.

So, along with this mental battle we've also got a pretty crazy week ahead....I've got two parties to prepare for, one on Friday night ( which I just found out about last night) and then Amy's lingerie shower on Saturday ( woo woooo!), then we've got a Sunday expedition planned to see the Tulip Fields that are north of Seattle with Mike and Katie on Sunday, we're also getting to have dinner with the Author of The Insider, which is one of Mike and Katie's favorite books on ministry so I'm excited about that too...of course, the weekend is preceded by a weekend typical of the Army...looks like Brett will be having late nights on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Blah.
Of course, I'm trying to be money-saver wife this week so I suppose the fact that he's not going to be home for dinner two nights in a row should make me happy. HAHAHA. whatever.

April 24, 2008

a leaver

So, its starting to really set in...the fact, that no matter what-we're leaving Washington. Every time I think about it I want to cry. Last night I told Brett I wish I wasnt such a "rooter" meaning I wish that wherever I go I must immediately start to put down roots. It is ever so hard to rip out ones roots...I think I loose a little bit of myself every time. I think the hard part here is that I havent really even FINISHED putting down roots here, so many people I have high hopes for our friendships and now......it stinks.

Anyway, for those of you who've asked. We probably wont know what's decided ( as in where we'll be going) for a few weeks...but believe me I'm praying for a quick resolution. Not knowing is the worst.

I also must admit, here because this is my blog, that I'm having a lot harder time dealing with how this affects ME than I am with how it affects Brett ( I know! I'm a horrible person!), for Brett I know that deploying right now-and even with a MiT Team-will be good for his career...I also can tell myself that Brett working in a small team of guys will give him greater opportunity to minister etc. and ultimately I know that God has plans for him and that those plans will work out for good. And while I know that all of this is incredibly hard on him I still feel confident that good will come from it. I always have confidence in Brett and in God.

However...the idea of Brett deploying soon and from some other location ( either Fort Benning, Georgia or Fort Riley, Kansas) makes me wonder what in the WORLD I'm going to do....at least here I had friends...I was settled( ish)....the idea of going somewhere for a few months while Brett prepares to leave and then ...well, then I just don't know what I'll do. The future is just a great big blank.
I wish I had a plan.

Boy, Lydia and Emma have NO IDEA what they're getting themselves into by visiting me this weekend. I'm just loads of fun.

In good news, I'm definitely back into blogger mode. I realize more than ever how I use blogging as a way to deal. Almost as soon as I got the terrible, disrupting news I was composing blog posts in my head....

April 23, 2008

rumor mill turns into a truth mill

The army is full of rumors....I think this is mostly because there is so little ACTUAL information one gets pretty tired of not knowing anything and therefore "speculations" start to become more and more desirable. Anyway, because of this fact, the fact that from time to time you hear rumblings that Brett's Unit will be deployed sooner, later, never...you start to ignore all sorts of things....

And then Brett gets home at 12:30am and kneels down beside you with his ultra serious face that never fails to make me think that someone has died.....

Basically, Brett has gotten an email informing him that he is getting new orders. That's right, new orders. He was given several "choices"....be deployed ( and he can "pick" whether to Iraq or Afghanistan) or go to the Captain Training Course in Georgia...of course, we all know that "getting to choose" just gives one the allusion that someone cares at all what you want or how you feel, especially since Brett doesnt seem to be that thrilled with going anywhere, leaving his platoon...all the guys he's gotten to know...and while the two choices make a difference in what *I* will be doing they pretty much just mean goodbyes for Brett.

Of course, the really fabulous part is the not knowing. The fact that Brett could have to wait around for months before knowing what has been decided, waiting in limbo to find out ones fate. Our fate.

I also have several conjectures ( but they are all pretty improbable) I can also share with you, such as Brett might get to stay in his company if his CO is able to get his way...and he might not have to go overseas and get the training course instead-but that is very slim since he's been in the army for three years and has yet to be deployed.
So, that's the news. One thing is definitely for sure- our lives are about to be changed again.
It comes as a shock to me. Not that it should, in some ways in recent weeks I feel like I've been preparing for this...you know, like the whole crying thing on Sunday night. It seems a lot more justified now.

We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.
Rom. 8:28

Out of control.

There are some things that are out of Brett's control. He can tell me to do one thing and I flatly refuse. So far I've only found one instance where this has happened:

Brett: I'm going to be home really, really late...after midnight. Don't wait up.

Abigail: I will wait up.

I pretty much refuse the option of going to sleep. I mean, years from now ( hopefully) I do not want to be sitting at home alone while Brett's off in Iraq thinking about all the many times I could have waited up to see his face even for a second but I went to bed instead. So, pretty much this is something I have control over. I will see my husband tonight.
So there.

And on that note I think I'm going to have to start wearing makeup ( dont start, Donnave! ) because my 25 year-old face does not take sleep deprivation with the same grace and dignity that my 20 year-old face did. Those bags under my eyes...yeah, they're not pretty...and while I think I get a few more coffee shop pity tips in the early morning hours the scare my reflection gives me when I see it in the bathroom mirror is just not worth it! hahah!

This evening I made dinner for Danielle. I find it a constant mixed blessing that there are so many amazing people in this community that it is not in my physical power to spend the time that I want with each one of them. In the past two weeks I have been absolutely delighted with my coffee dates/dinner dates with several girls I hardly get to see except in passing... maybe its a good thing that I'm starting a study on evangelism that promises that I'll learn how to "time manage" better because, for serious, I just know too many people I'd like to spend quality time with. ( FYI: this is the kind of problem one likes to have.)

I am now going to go take a shower and put up laundry, if I play my cards right I might be able to waste another hour waiting for Brett to come home *sigh*

Edit: I just read over this post and realized that I pretty much implied ( ok, I said it) that I was 25. This is a lie, I'm only 24...but for some odd reason I've been rounding up ever since I turned 24...something about needing to be a nice "neat tidy" age...eh. whatever. I'm weird.

April 22, 2008

Don't call me...

No one really ever calls me that much anyway...so my plan of turning off my cell phone for much of the day in the hopes that it will not completely die by the time my charger arrives in the mail from my sister ( I left it in Texas. Silly.)

I feel like spending money on a new charger for a phone that I am checking Craigs list daily to replace is just NOT the way to go. blah. Anyway, the point is....if I dont respond to your text messages or phonecalls right away....it's not because I'm avoiding you. :-)

I'm soooo tired this morning, more tired than I was yesterday. I so need to catch up on my rest because this weekend is going to be CRAZY PILLS!! I am so excited about seeing my Emma and Lydia ( even if it IS only for two days *insert pout here*)...but I'm praying hard out for good weather so they can get a good impression of Washington, afterall, we all know that it can be beautiful if it wants to be.

Yesterday I re-organized my pantry. Sooooo satisfying! And I made Sesame Chicken and Rice with Spinach leaves....basically I made it up and it was totally yummy. Martha Stewart eat your heart out. Oh, wait! There's more, I then divided up all the leftovers into separate containers for Brett to take to work with him for the next three days. Yessss! House Wife101 victory!

In other news, I am currently the biggest fan of Flintstone Sour Gummy Vitamins....eating three equals your adult daily vitamin recommendation! SWWWWEEEEET ( literally).

April 21, 2008

A visit to... de-nial

So, my weekend in Texas was an odd mix of too short- Some of the people I love the most I only saw for a few seconds,which just made me long for more! And of course, my family who I saw the most...I could always use more of them- and a mix of too long...( and this is where it gets all dramatic)

This trip totally busted a particular denial bubble that I had been cultivating since, well, before I even got married....and that pretty much consisted of the thought that when Brett deployed I could go back to Texas and live such a different life from the life we lived in Washington that it would some how be easier to be without him. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. In fact, even as I typed I thought-"whoa, no wonder I never put that in words or I would have realized IMMEDIATELY that that was totally stupid and would not work."

Because it didn't and I realize now that no matter where I am, no matter how much fun I'm having ( i.e. how many friends I'm seeing, cake I'm eating, pizza I'm consuming....) I will long for Brett to be there with me and it will not be good.

It should be dually noted that while I spent a good two years in Texas supporting my sister %150 percent in a similar circumstance I am embarrassed to say I had no. idea. what she was going through....and while luckily I still do not know what it is like to not see my husband for over a year- the very thought of it made me cry for about an hour last night.

And while I got very good advice yesterday to "not worry about tomorrow for today has cares of its own"....advice which I plan to start following as of right now, I must say that me crying last night was probably a good thing in some ways. In some ways I have thought little to none about my future prospects as an army wife. I know, shocking. And in some ways I feel I need to start praying RIGHT NOW for help for the future. Why in the world God thought that I-of all the girls in all the world-would be able to be a "good army wife" ....well that's just beyond me!

In other news...I came home to run down husband ( and a very tidy house!) who "didn't get enough sleep this weekend" and is getting a cold...and the news that we will have to stay in Washington for Fourth of July ( this means we will probably be heading to Texas very end of July/early August ) and the news that he'd actually probably have to WORK on July the Fourth ( incidentally one of my FAVORITE holidays) and the news that he has to work late two nights this week ( what's new?!). This plus the whole I've-had-a-crazy-weekend-and-I-need-sleep probably adds to the whole crying thing. ;-)

April 18, 2008

Good Work, Abigail.

I totally did all the things on my list of things to do. Granted I didn't do them all in the right order and there are still some dishes that are unwashed in the sink as we speak. But, I'm willing to let that go.


But, whatever the case I'm breaking my rule about leaving a perfectly clean house ( with empty trash cans and no dirty laundry) when I go out of town because I'm leaving Brett behind so technically someone still lives in the apartment....and therefore the rule is moot. Or "moo" as Joey would say.

Anyway, last night Brett and I went to the Mexico vs. China Futball game....along with about 50,000 Mexicans. Until now I really did not understand the whole "we've got an immigration problem"...but when you are in a GIANT stadium packed with people and NONE of them are speaking english and, oh yeah, you're in WASHINGTON which is NOT close to Mexico at all...well....I start to see the point. Either way I had a great time despite the fact we were stuck in traffic for THREE HOURS ( no lie) and missed all but the last ten minutes of the first half....I had a great time because A) Soccer is fun to watch live. B) It is kind of amazing to be a minority in your own country and C) Mexicans know how to party ( and yell and scream for a really long time).

I have pictures...really bad fuzzy pictures so I'll just describe them to you. First, I took pictures of mexicans that had broken down on the side of the road. Since we were driving at a snails pass it was easy to take pictures of them all....and it was kind of amazing to be on a highway that is 45 miles from where your headed and yet you already feel like you're one of the many fans traveling on said road to ONE location ( thus the horrible traffic jam.) I took pictures of the ONE chinese guy that I saw ( apparently not big soccer fans in chinese-america) I took a picture of the Mexican radio station we listened to in the car to get ourselves in the "spirit" ( we kept seeing bummer stickers for it so we just tuned in...) I took a picture of Brett talking on his cell phone about one of his soldiers who was also at the game and who had a little too much to drink and felt like taking his pants off....luckily, since it took us two more hours to arrive at the game the situation had already taken care of itself. It didnt seem right for Brett to have to take care of a drunken soldier just because he just so happened to pay to go see the same soccer match. I also took pictures from our nosebleed seats of the soccer players.....because there WAS soccer.

So, now, after a very long day I am going to conclude this blog with the promise of Texas-posts coming up after the weekend. I am sooooo excited about seeing my family and experiencing some Texas "spring" weather ( which is actually very similar to Washington "summer" weather) and going to church at Bethlehem Mission on Sunday. I am NOT excited about leaving Brett behind. I hate, hate, hate being anywhere without him. I mean, the army takes him away by force all the time so I'd rather not be away from him by choice ever. Boo.

Ending on a positive note: God has been incredibly gracious this week in so many ways. Ask and He will answer, Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door WILL be opened....

April 16, 2008


So, there was really only ONE way to make this week crazier....( I mean, come on...I've been busy from pretty much 6:30am straight until 5 every day...and Brett has gotten home from work around 6ish each night and after eating a quick bite, he's sat at the kitchen table working till TEN!!! BOOO ARMY!) Anyway, for whatever reason ( mostly because we're awesome friends) Brett and I are going with Wes to watch Soccer, China vs. Mexico at 8pm tonight-in Seattle. When people like us, you know people that get up at 4:30 and people that work all day and people that are already a little stressed and run down, when people like THAT decide to do something CRAZY like go to an international futball ( ha) match an hour away at 8pm at night...well, come on. Let's just remember that we ARE in our mid-twenties...we're suppose to do stupid stuff, right?!

*sigh* I'm worried about my poor husband, he's been extra stressed this week. He can't explain to me why this week is different from any other week, but I dont think he needs to...surely with the craziness that is the army it will eventually get to just about anyone, even calm, noncomplainy people like Brett.

April 14, 2008


Whew! I realized today while sitting at work ( which was impossibly slow and then impossibly busy, alternately) that this week is actually impossible. As in, there are just NOT enough days in the week to get all the things I want to get accomplished, accomplished.

Of course, this meant that I must plan each day until Friday up to the hour. I did so on the empty space at the top of a benedryl advertisement in this past sunday's newspaper. How delightful it is to plan ones days so well! Ahhhhh! I love lists so very much! Even if the plan is pretty much impossible! Its still so.... optimistic. And besides, what good use of the "sky" in an allergy medicine campaign!

All last week I refused to work out, even when...by thursday I felt well and truly recovered from my sinus infection ( besides the silly headache, that is.)...but NO! I was not ABOUT to run my body down and risk more sickness right before my glorious weekend in Texas! No-siree! And I didnt even sway when I was called pregnant ( i.e. fat) by a complete stranger. I was that dedicated to my "not getting sick plan"
But, this week I'm back, in fact, I was kinda bummed that I didnt have time to workout today ( actually, strike that, I did have time...but I realized too late that I'd let a friend borrow my car and therefore I couldnt drive to the gym...) but tomorrow I'm going...and I dont care how I feel I'm working out for an hour. So there.

( this is after just eating macaroni and cheese, two cookies and a strawberry shortcake...)

April 13, 2008

Weekend of happy/sad

Friday:I got to talk to Carmi on the phone! Brett brought me roses ( probably because I was in such a nasty/bad mood over the cupcakes) he's a sweetie!
We ate pizza and watched half a movie before going to pick up our friends Ryan and Leah from the airport-they'd been in Hawaii and I tried not to be TOO jealous!

Saturday: It was sunny! It was close to 70 degrees! It was glorious!! The day was spent out of doors as much as possible...Brett played frisbee golf and I hung out with Katie doing bible study on a blanket in the park ( absolutely perfect!) . Said goodbye to John who left for Iraq last night...its hard to believe that so many of the guys I've gotten to know and respect over the last six months or so have either already left or will soon....Daniel, Seth, Tim and now John. I hope I never forget to pray for each of them!

Saturday night: I hung out with four other officers wives who I've gotten to know through their husbands and through brigade coffees. It ended up going so much better than I thought it would. I really like them all so much and I want to stand for Truth while showing them as much Love as possible, sometimes it is a fine line that we tread! But, over wine and pizza their were actually some semi-productive discussions of the bible and faith! So many prayers were definitely answered!

I am currently fighting a vicious headache which I've had quite literally off in on for almost a week. Its driving me crazy. I think its connected to my sinus infection ( which is hopefully gone)...but eh. How do you get rid of such a headache?!
Anyway, I'm trying to just ignore it, since for now, it seems to be just at the back of my mind and hasnt pushed itself into impeding upon my life. This week is going to be a busy busy one....I've got a coffee date with Gen on monday, which I'm very excited about. She's been on my heart for weeks now and I've been praying that God would give me a chance to meet with her one on one on a weekly basis and she's agreed!! And I'm having a lunch date with Courtney on Tuesday, which I'm also excited about. Courtney moved here several months ago and I'm just NOW having a chance to really talk to her...so I'm looking forward to that too!! And then, of course, along with all my normal weekly activities I also have the joy of looking forward to Friday when I'm flying to Texas for a whirlwind weekend to celebrate my sister's birthday....I must apologize that I havent brought it up on my blog really before...mostly because its sorta on the Down Low. With such limited time ( only one full day) in texas and yet so many people I'd potentially want to see....I pretty much had to decide to just focus on the woman of the hour. Anna's turning 30!!!! How exciting! And I'm going to be there to help her party hearty! :-) I can't tell you how excited about it I am....Ask anyone, my sister's happiness is high up there on my priorities and i think this trip is coming at JUST the right time!
The only sad point about the weekend trip to texas, is that Brett isn't coming with me...this'll be the first time I've ever left him ( he's forever leaving me...stupid army)...but I've gotta tell you, I'm not a fan of not being with my husband if its at all possible :-(

April 11, 2008

a smallish rant.

Last night I made two batches of cupcakes and decorated them with green and white icing in preparation for Brett to take them to work with him today to hand off to his boss who would then hand them off to two nameless soldiers who's birthdays are this weekend....( me continuing to be a good little army wife by being all involved.)

It all seemed well in good until I got up ( for the second time) this morning and found that Brett had left for work without said cupcakes...thus began what I like to call, "abigail breaks all her rules"

Rule #1: Abigail does not like to call Brett during his work day.
Reason: I've always felt that wives who feel the need to interrupt there husbands during a busy day to ask them how things are going, or to tell them that they had two muffins for lunch, or what kind of lunch meat he'd like me to buy at the store....well, I find it rather inconsiderate. At least in MY situation. Its obvious that Brett's days are far more full than mine so it would be easy to forget what an interruption from me might mean to his work scedule. So, instead I've made a blanket rule to not call him unless its an emergency and for all other things I just text him.... ( you know, "I love you, hope you're having a good day" ...."Hope that horrible meeting went well..." stuff like that.)

Rule #1-broken. I called Brett. Left a message and then continued to call him several more times until he finally picked up. He then asked me if it was "important"...which....ummm....YEAH! Would I have called you otherwise?! ( apparently he doesnt know about my rules.)

Rule #2: Abigail does not like to go into situations where she stands out.
Reason: I wouldnt call myself "hugely insecure"...but I would admit that I'm a little bit of a crazy person in a lot of ways...and I dont like doing things that require me to be TOTALLY different from everyone else ( except for the day I wore the clown suit all day in the 8th grade-that was different. totally)

Rule #2-broken. Have you been on an army base before?! Ummm....yeah. They are all wearing uniforms. I am not wearing a uniform I stand out...BIG TIME....but today I took those stupid cupcakes to Brett at his work. ...which brings me to rule #3....

Rule#3: Abigail doesn't like to do things that make her look stupid. Therefore she doesnt like to do things that she doesnt have all the information lined up before hand.
Reason: Obvious.

Rule#3-broken. Army buildings=all look the same. So, yes, I've been to Brett's workplace once before, but that time it was dark and I was with Brett and so I didnt really pay THAT much attention...so NO, I didnt really know where I was going...and while it SEEMED totally ok that i'd just "call brett when I got outside"...once I got there and there was tons of army dudes all milling around outside looking at me as I I tried to figure out where to position my car so I wouldnt get in the way of the big army trucks and the army dudes who were milling...all while being VERY aware that everyone was staring at me....I most definitely put myself into a situation that made me both stand out and look sorta silly.

So, I must admit that I wasnt happy when I saw Brett...and I basically handed him those lame cupcakes and drove away. Little does he know that I broke a LOT of my rules today....over stupid cupcakes.

Now I'm going to clean my apartment.

April 09, 2008


So, I read Anna Karenina for waaaaay a long time yesterday. I know, I know, I should pace myself since I supposedly I am reading it with three other people, one of whom only got the book yesterday...but self-control has never been my main strength.

Also, if you want Pot Roast leftovers come to my house...I've got LOTS...you see, remember a looooong time ago how I was going to make pot roast for a bunch of people?! Well, instead I got really sick so I put the roast in the freezer, but THEN I thought I'd get to have another opportunity over the weekend to feed people so I thawed the baby out...but nooooo, instead of potROAST there was potLUCK at church-so because of my major fear ( seriously its high on my list) of food going bad I made my potroast yesterday and even though we had Mike and Katie over for dinner there is still SOOOO much left. So, yeah...pot roast is what we're eating at the Wilson's....blah.

In other very, very important news: Brett and Abigail have finished watching ALL FIVE SEASONS of Babylon 5. Oh yes, after Brett received said seasons as a Christmas gift from his mother we have been watching them HARDCORE for four months. And finally its over. I gotta say I'm kinda sad because I mean, the whole experience was a roller coaster ride of emotions for me:

Season1: Abigail mocks show mercilessly...I mean, seriously, how CHEESY Can you get!? Aliens with big, weird hair! Monologues of drama that would make a soap-opera blush at the melodrama, and a space station that seems to have only five people that can actually speak unless needed for the plot function of a particular episode.
Season 2: Abigail continues to half-heartedly mock show (when she remembers) but secretly is glad when Brett suggests watching it.
Season 3: Abigail will often suggest to Brett that he MIGHT want to watch it if, ya know, he wants to....
Season 4: Abigail is totally into it! I mean, the character development! Who would have THOUGHT G'Kar and Londo's lives would be intertwined so much?! How amazing that Shadow war would move straight into a revolutionary war on earth?!
Season 5: Abigail is TOTALLY over B5...I mean, seriously, lamest season ever! How could they go down hill so fast?! How could they kill off one of my favorite characters?! How could they send another favorite character "out into space"?! And how much do I hate that long-haired whiny dude?!

So, as you can see...its been a tough, tough road...haha!

April 08, 2008

air quotes

Last night I "watched" the NCAA basketball game....but it was good fun because I got to talk to good friends for several hours with only mild interruptions of yelling.

I am currently "working" which basically means I'm sending Ryan my first Anna Karenina email because yesterday I was able to read the first ten chapters also while I was "working"...so that just tells you how slow it has been lately. :-(

I'm basically "over" the whole "You look pregnant" thing because it turned out to be my hit joke last night...and honestly, I'd pretty much go through anything if its going to insure me a good story later. ( carmi know's I'm telling the truth)

I suppose that fact makes me "weird" ...but, HA! What's new?!

( this post is actually better if I actually read it to you and actually DO the air quotes...so just imagine me doing that, and it'll be way funnier.)

April 07, 2008


I just had a lady ask me if I'm pregnant.


Thanks for calling me fat, though. Good one.
And no, trying to say that its just because I have a "certain pretty glow" does NOT make it better.

I feel like throwing up in the bathroom right now just to even out the universe.

sorta kinda

So, as you all know one of my life long dreams ( not really...more like just in the past few months) has been to be in a book club. Several times I thought my dream was close to being reality but always fell through at the last minute....BUT THEN, like a knight to the rescue, my cousin Ryan invited me to "read a book with him" and thus today I bought my copy of Anna Karenina and begin to read...we're sharing our thoughts on the first ten chapters via email...

And I just gotta say, how fabulous is this day in age? When you can carry on a conversation about a book with your cousin who lives in China?!

Of course, it only got better when I found out that Maggie, Ryan's wife, is getting AK in chinese and is also going to read along! Yay!!! I hope this means I get to know her better....I can't tell you how disappointed I was when I found out I wasn't getting to meet her this summer...To be honest, its kinda like my worlds all colliding in via literature because I'm currently reading China Wakes which is teaching me a lot about China's history and current state of affairs...but, then again-I dont know how I'm going to keep up with my Tolstoy if I'm reading China Wakes too! Ah well, these are the kind of problems I like to have. ;-)

In other news: Brett has the day off today. I hope he gets to relax a bit while I'm here at work!

April 05, 2008

Just in case you aren't my facebook friend...

Which, if you aren't you should seriously ask yourself why ever not?
However, for those of you who just aren't on facebook ( which could be the only good reason for not being my friend) I just updated my "extended profile", meaning I get to make up my own questions.. ( i.e. questions that are MORE interesting than a list of my favorite movies and books) and then answer them...Well, last week I fulfilled one of my "Life Goals" and so had to go in and edit those and thought I'd make some other additions as well so here is some meaningless information about me:

Conversations I hate having:

Anything about the war in iraq.
Politics in general.
Anything regarding myspace.
About the love lives of teenagers
"Why do you work in a coffee house? You have a degree!"

Celery, people that leave their turn signal on for miles, Starbucks, the "F" word, Once and Future King,
people that "liked the movie better", army "working hours", ackward silences, The Jolie-Pitt family and the national obsession with them, commercials before movies, Victoria Secret, J.Crew's idea of sizes, people that put on airs, two-faced "friends"

Top Places I'd like to go
( in no particular order): Canada, Egypt, Thailand, Hong Kong, Prague, Australia, Crete, Turkey, Germany, China

Life Goals

Write and publish a book. Have a giant ( or not so giant) house where people can come and stay as long as they like. Learn to surf. Read all the books on my bookshelf.

Guilty Pleasures
USweekly, java shakes, cupcakes, facebook surfing, shopping at Target

Jobs I wouldnt mind having ( for at least a little while):
Tour guide, travel writer, food critic, bed and breakfast owner, baker/pastry chef, florist, teacher ( only under specific circumstances), columnist, the-lady-that-works-at-Curves, museum curator, script writer, Wal-mart greeters, a Build-a-Bear employee, a makeup artist, talk show host, private investigator, movie producer,radio DJ, ice-cream parlor employee


Well, Army medicine has come through for me again-I've been handed free drugs after a free consultation. ( which only took about three hours of waiting around)...and I'll be getting labs done on Monday to make sure there isnt something seriously wrong with me. So there.

Anyway, the best part about Friday was that Brett was around and I got to do all those mundane tasks ( like waiting in an over packed pharmacy) with him. muchmuch better that way.

In other news, I don't have much to report. I'm going to try again on the "roast" since I couldnt make it last weekend because of the sickness...maybe thistime I will have better results.

April 02, 2008


Well, sort of....I lost my voice. The weird thing is I didnt even KNOW that I'd lost my voice until I showed up at work this morning, opened my mouth. And nada....

Ugg. Luckily, I'm going to the doctor on Friday....I don't even feel THAT bad...just no voice, and I dont feel like running a marathon either. ( but when do I ever feel like that?)

Life, however, must go on...for instance tonight I really NEED special divine intervention because I must go deal with a drama that has escalated out of control. I dont even know where to begin in explaining it, but basically I was giving a job in the "Wives Club" for Army along with the other Platoon Leader's wife, and then...the girls we're replacing got very very upset....lots of accusations about the "club" turning to "wives flaunting their husband's rank" and so on and so forth. To be honest, I was shocked by it all...I had been under the impression that the girls we were replacing WANTED to be replaced and that they KNEW about the change...both not true. Of course, it all of this, dear readers-I'd like for you to keep in mind the grand irony in the whole matter is that Abigail wanted NOTHING to do with ANY of it from the beginning...and I ONLY took the position because I felt OBLIGATED. Stupid.
I do however, pray for wisdom. I still dont know quite how I am suppose to fit into this whole Army business. I mean, I have half a mind to retreat back into my "I dont bother you, you dont bother me" mentality towards the military...but I'm not really convinced that's really right. I mean, I'm suppose to help my husband in his career, right? ugg.

Annnnyway, in other much better news: I can cross something off my "LIFE GOALS" list. Last night Edie taught me how to make a pie crust from scratch. That's right. I am victorious. I'll post pictures as soon as I get a chance.