May 31, 2007

say Whaaaaaat?

So, the past few days Brett's been writing these PIECES OF LITERATURE in the form of emails in the early ( aka. 9am) hours of the morning. I mean, they make you want to cry and I'm pretty sure if you could read something out loud to stop war and poverty...I'd pick one of Brett's emails to read and it would do the job. But, of course there is one teeny tiny problem with these fabulously perfect emails. I seem to be completely struck without words once I read them.
I sit here at my computer and I look at my computer screen, and then I look around the office to see if anyone is there so I can brag a little bit about what a total CATCH I got...and of course, my office is empty. And so I sigh. And I think. Wow. How do you reply to something like that?!
And I get nothing. Or worse, I get something that is really really lame and not at all worthy of a reply to a Perfect Brett Email.

Its really awful. I mean, I'm KNOWN for being a communicator. I talk all the time! even when I'm not suppose to! And I've gone through phases ( phases that have since been taken over by Carmi the super blogger) of posting multiple times a day on my blog!!!
But, I suppose we can look at this as some sort of wonderful miracle of love:

Abigail has finally been struck dumb! It is truly a romantic moment to be relived again tomorrow!!

May 30, 2007

the picture perfect family

My title has not relevence to this post, I was just trying to incorporate the two things I wanted to talk about today...

First off, I didnt work this morning, because, (drumroll) I was getting my bridal portraits done! Woo!! Such fun, and I'm pretty sure it will be MORE fun once I get to SEE them!
But, it was fun to be in my dress for a longer period of time ( although, its hard for me to BREEEEEEATH while it in.) and feel all "bride-y". It was also delightful to have my very own talented father take my pictures ( although he spent the whole time saying how bad he was doing...)-we all know how super talented he is and I dont know why he goes to all the trouble trying to convince us otherwise. It doesnt work.;-)
In fact, the whole picture taking process was a family affair with my mom and my sister and future mother-in-law all being supportive and helpful while I stood very still and tried not to make too many of my trademark "wrinkled up nose" faces. ( honestly, why do I do that?!).

So, in the spirit of thinking about family and after reading Aunt Donnave's blog commenting about the wild and crazy ways of the "Abt Family"...I was thinking about how interesting it is to bring a new person into ones family, it really makes you conscious of the things that make you quirky.
However, for better or worse, I think my family is totally fabulous. I mean, to me, things like the fact that my mother dropped chicken juice alllll over the kitchen floor when my parents had Brett's parents over for dinner...( see?! I get my dropper gene naturally!!!) or how my father told inappropriate ( in my opinion) yet funny stories to entertain everyone...well, to me that's delightful because I see myself in my parents. I absolutely come by all my crazy quirks fair and square. And that makes me happy.
It also makes me happy to get to know Brett's family and to find out all the little things that makes them tick. To realize that I have now been doubly blessed by having two wonderful Godly sets of parents. How does that even happen?!

I also think about Maggie ( my cousin's future wife) who will not only have to get use to the wild and crazy ways of the Abt family, but she also has to get use to the wild and crazy ways of Americans! ( she's from China)...whew! I think I WOULD normally be worried, but then I remember she's marrying obviously, she must have a little bit of wild and crazy in her already. ;-) Which is how I similarly think about Brett...On the outside he seems "mild mannered clark kent"...but is he reeeeeally?!
And that's what I look forward to my family seeing, ALL of the many hundreds of thousands of reasons why I love him.
It could take a while.

But, that's the great thing about family...once you're in it, you've got the rest of your lives to continue to learn about each other!

May 28, 2007


Whew! Long weekend, friends...and sorry I havent blogged. Unfortunately, "blog posting" was not penciled into my overflowing schedule and therefore it didnt happen.

But, I just got home from Dallas, where I dropped Brett off at the airport...and now I'm home cleaning up glass off of my bedroom floor ( not so long story, involving a lamp falling over and dying)...

I struggle to come up with a good way to discribe the last four days....a lot of important/good/hard/interesting stuff happened-most of which involved being with Brett...It is dreadfully..."different" we must spend our time together in often a very compact "hardcore" fashion and I honestly cannot wait for the future where I will get to do MORE nothing and less SOMETHINGS with him....

So, I just drove in the car for about 3 and half hours by myself, in which time one can do a lot of thinking, here's my conclusion:

The Lord Jesus is our only true refuge and strength. He is the only way, the only truth, the only light. And, on a very personal level I need Him. I need Him when things are good-to teach me, revealing His good things upon this earth, to Light up His Word for me and to delight my soul in his mercies and blessings. I need Him when things are bad-to remind me of His salvation, to remind me how human I am, and how much I need His Word to instruct me in the way I should go, and to pick me up when I'm crying and stumbling around lost, sinful and absolutely directionless...

I cannot imagine a day when I do NOT need my Lord, for He is my friend, my father, my saviour, my high priest, my great and glorious warrior. To be honest, I loose sight of my great Need far more when things are good.....and sometimes I think I am more thankful for the bad times ( mostly after the fact...) because they so easily put me back in my place. .

Tonight, I'm so confused in which way I should turn, just how I should pray. I see both sides of a very dirty and beat up coin...and to be honest I'd like to just go ahead and choose "D. None of the Above" if that's ok with God...But, its not ok. Its just not... As, Carmi just recently eloquently said in her blog, we cannot hit "Control-Alt-Delete"... So, instead I'm reading Psalms 86-89....out loud....because the devil doesnt like it when I read the Truth outloud.

May 24, 2007

obligatory appearance

So, I'm at work for an hour and then I'm leaving to go shopping in Houston.

I dont exactly remember how I justified this in my mind, but I remember it being good, and legit. So there.

Oh, I remember now, it had a lot to do with the fact that Brett is coming into town tomorrow morning at the ungodly hour of 6am. ( I wasnt about to get up at 3:30am to go drive to houston to retrieve him.) So, going the day before seemed the way to go...

As for the shopping, that was just implied.

Man, I feel like I havent blogged in forevers. I had to actually go back and read my past post which, was only two days ago...but hey, apparently it wasnt very memorable. :-)

I'll tell you what's going to be memorable: Memorial Day Weekend ( nice segway, huh?)
Yes, this weekend is going to be crrrraaaaaazzzzy. We've got pictures to take, weddings to attend, counseling to soak in, graduations to live through, families to visit...its gonna be great. But, busy so let's just all take a DEEP breath before the plunge...

May 22, 2007

now and laters

So, I read Tale of Two Cities in the gyno office this afternoon. Its a good thing I remembered to take a book because I hate how doctors are the one "business" in the world who you make an "appointment" with and you are expected to show up on time, but they on the other hand then make you sit for an hour. So. Annoying.

Today, was dreadfully dreary. In a big way. I rained for most of the day meaning I... A) couldnt go for a run this morning. and B) I fell asleep on my lunch break.


So, back to Tale of Two Cities. Gosh, its great...I love the deliberate way that Dicken's writes. I like the way he is constantly repeating things, he'll repeat a word over and over again in the space of a paragraph, creating the most lyrical writing style. I loooove it....I think I'll collect a few examples and post them on my blog. You know, to really bore my blog readers. ;-)

I'm currently watching Dream of an Insomniac...
I'm currently listening to "Pink Moon" by Nick Drake
I'm currently talking to Carmi on Gtalk
I'm currently eating Now and Laters.

May 21, 2007

Let's just say...

So, the weekend was good. Busy. But good.

First of all, let me just say, Katie and I threw a fabulous "surprise graduation" party for Nancy...including cake with "Happy Graduation Nancy Cotton" written on it with green icing...


So...ummm...yeah. We threw a good party. hahahah!

And last night I stayed up really really late writing letters to my Bible Study girls. Tonight is our very last Bible Study. I honestly cannot believe our time together is over, or that we've been having Bible study every monday for a year and a half, or that during that time they went from being scared seniors in high school to successful freshmen in college....watching these girls, living life with them,praying with them, crying with them, laughing with them-its all been an absolute blessing...And probably one of the biggest highlights of my time here in Nacogdoches.
So, tonight I'm making them dinner and we're having Bible study the "extended edition" ( starting at 5:30) just to make up for the sadness that comes with the ending of something special. *sigh*

Today I'm meeting Mama Hibbard to pick out invitations for the shower she's hosting for me...I'm having a meeting with the teachers I'm hoping will take over my newspaper article when I leave.

Tomorrow I'm giving out the teacher of the year award at the final staff meeting and then running to a doctors appointment.

Wednesday I'm...I cant remember now, but something I'm sure.

Oh, and Thursday I'm off to Houston in preparation for Friday...

Friday I get to see Brett!!!! yaaaaay!! I miss him like crazy pills. Its positively horrible. I read a friends blog recently who was bemoaning her fiancee being out of town for a few weeks and how upset and sad she was....I didnt even have words to tell her that I knew how she felt. But I do. And its not fun. Not fun at all.

May 18, 2007

An hour...

So, I'm having to sacrifice my hunger for the sake of sushi today...I must wait ANOTHER HOUR before I can have lunch ( perspective: I've been hungry since 10am)...just because I want to have sushi and that's the earliest anyone can go with me.
What I will do for my, I'm hungry.

In other news, the Hellogoodbye song, "Here" is for serious making my summer better. I mean, really, it totally makes me happy. You have to turn it up loud, and you have to not be afraid to kinda bob your head a little bit in a "white persons" dance...otherwise you will miss the affect. But, yes, you should try it...if you havent already.

Complaint: The loser "music" store in my town does not have ONE SINGLE Weepies CD. And I really really wanted the CD Say I am you....of course they have twenty million country and Rap CDs....stupid store.

This time next week Brett will be here. Thank goodness. I think I'm going crazy without him. We just need to go ahead and get married already. 1 month, 3 weeks, five days. Woo. But, back to next week, Brett and I will be taking engagment photos...attending a wedding....doing more marriage counseling....aaaaaannnnnd hanging out with Auntie Donnave and Jungle Jim! YAY! Its gonna be a great weekend for reals.

As for this weekend, Nancy Cotton ( cerca 2002 and the DBM girls) will be in town hailing from Mexico....Katie and I have totally failed her when it comes to pulling together "something fabulous" for us to do while she's here. But, since our whole friendship has centered around eating really bad foods together and drinking lots and lots of Java Jacks coffee, and watching really lame teen movies and making fun of them...I'd say not much has changed.

May 17, 2007

fail proof plan...

Isaiah Chapter 9, four candles, hot water, lavender/vanilla "bath tea", thirty minutes...followed by....

a bowl of cereal, Hellogoodbye's Here ( In your arms) played extra loud, dancing in your kitchen...followed by....

a resolve to start reading books instead of watching movies to "unwind" ( movies leave too much of my mind unoccupied and therefore those little extra spaces can fill up with worries making the "unwinding time" absolutely useless)....followed by...

a re-realization that we have a God who listens, who answers, who loves us.

May 16, 2007

The difference of a day...

Honestly, I do not know why one day I can be so overwhelmed, and feel so very sad and pitiful. And then the next day I can somehow handle it a bit better and go ahead and be happy despite the million and one things I need to do.
Whatever the better. much better.

On another note, normally I absolutely make fun of songs that kind of have that "I have so many lyrics I'm practically talking"...but the Natalie Grant song "Held" makes me cry. As in tears....
Of course, lots of things make me cry at the the very last episode of Gilmore Girls ( ever! meh!)...I had tears rolling down my face pretty much the whole episode. I can't believe its OVER!! No more Lorelei and Rory banter.....BOO.
I'm lame.

But, here, back to the point... if you haven't heard this really should go listen to it, because it has a wonderful message.

...If hope is born of suffering.
If this is only the beginning.
Can we not wait for one hour watching for our Savior?

This is what it means to be held.
How it feels when the sacred is torn from your life
And you survive.
This is what it is to be loved.
And to know that the promise was
When everything fell we’d be held.

May 15, 2007

A good talking to...

Sometimes you just need a good talking to.

Last night, Brett made me feel a million trillion times better. Just by being himself.
Last night, I talked to Emma which was a relief because we all know I can't sleep when things are up in the air.
Today, I talked to Louise on the phone because I'm pretty sure she's worried about me. Maybe it was the "I think I'm going crazy!" Email I sent her last week.

So, the thing is even though I feel like crying and I have a knot in my stomach that won't go away, I know that Help is there. That Help is coming in all forms, just when I need it.
I guess I just feel like nothing is really taking the knot away. But, I am sure He will, I'm sure He will....eventually.

I really do think I'm stressed out, and mostly because of my to do list. I am overwhelmed.
That's how many things I have to do.

Melon. Coly

I ate some bad watermelon for lunch was like it had fermented. Ew. Luckily I was eating my lunch outside and so I ran and spit the watermelon into a bush.


So, turns out that story wasn't that interesting.

I don't really know what's the deal with me lately.

May 14, 2007

two months..

Woo. So Lindsey Lohan is hanging out with Janet Jackson at Atlantis right now...which is where Brett and I are going on our honeymoon. ha.

May 13, 2007

why does it always start with cake?

Seriously, its been a tough weekend. I was lonely and bored. Probably lonely because I was bored. Whatever. Anyway, it really came to an awful head when I went to the store to buy cake ( shut up, I like cake)....and realized that they didnt have a SMALL enough cake for just one person....
It was a dreadful moment.

I had to settle for Reisling instead. Poor Brett had to then put up with "giggly" Abigail on the phone. Anyway.

Spiritually struggling weekend. Wait, strike that...spiritually hard WEEK.

I dont want to be useless. I think its my greatest fear. That I'll go off to Washington and I wont be useful. I already know how to be useful I've got my friends sorted, my church sorted, my job sorted....we're good to go. I mean, minus horrible moments in the grocery store when you realize you can't buy a cake that feeds 10 people to feed one girl who needs to fit in a little wedding dress, my life is really all sorted out. And I've got a good handle on things. But what about the future?
What if I can't find my Way? What if I get complacent?
I don't want to hit a deadend. I dont want to wake up and realize that I'd stopped being of use to God. Even if its just me praying to Him, worshiping Him. I dont want to realize a moment too late that I've squandered perfectly good time I could be spending with Him doing something totally silly. Like watching this season of Lost.

I've always wanted to be published. But, I have this rule. That I wont spend a goodly amount of time ( and a book takes a long time to write apparently) on anything that isn't going to have Value. And so far, I havent been Given anything of value to write about. So I blog. Which, luckily, doesnt take goodly time at all.
So, I was thinking about this rule today, and I realized it really should be a part of all aspects of my life. Not just the writing. Is what I'm doing...does it have value?
In the next two months ( yesssss! Brett and I are getting married two months tomorrow!!! EEEE!!!), life is going to become a lot less normal. Already this is what my mind sounds like:....whataboutthemusicyounevertalkedtothequartetpeople

Yup. I bet you couldnt even read that. Well, believe me, I can hardly think with that going on in my head. And what troubles me the most is that I know all that is really Meaningless. So why can't I just STOP thinking about it all? Why am I plagued with these thoughts? And I dont want it to just get worse as time goes on, and my life becomes less and less routine and more and more newness.

Oh Lord, help me. As the verse at the top of this blog states...and will continue to state. Guide my steps. For my plans are nothing without You leading the way....

May 12, 2007

movie tips.

When watching A Good Year ( which I'm doing right now)'ll want to make sure and have a glass of wine and a gormet pizza on hand.

When watching Spider Man 3 ( which I did this afternoon)'ll want to bring your sense of humor and a LOT of time. ( it was dreadfully long. dreadfully stupid).

I've had a tough day. Kinda meloncoly. Kinda lonely.

But, I'll live.

May 11, 2007

Cry me a river...oh, and pictures.

So, I've written...five of my 30 "cry me a river" letters as I like to call them. Basically, I'm writing INDVIDUAL letter's to each of the scholarship donor's this year telling them about the person recieving their scholarship, thanking them etc.
And let me just tell you takes ARTISTIC LICENSE sometimes to pull something worth while out of a scholarship application, I mean, I'm sure if I could sit down with these kids for an hour I'd be able to go on and on about them ( even for a little bit)...but all I've got is a few brief words.
I'm glad they pay me the big bucks to do this. ;-)

In other news, said goodbye to Brendan last night. I cant believe his seven weeks in Texas are over!! How did it go by so fast?! SHOCKING!!!

During his time here, we drug him to the Americana Festival, where it was Freeeeeezing cold. ( I didnt have the best attitude about it, although that is not evident in the picture).

bing 001

I made him put on stupid hats and pose for me...

bing 002

I stood by and watched him getting felt up by a tourist trap ( taking pictures no less)...

bing 003

But, I tried to make up for my lack of hospitality by introducing him to all my favorite Donnave.

bing 004

I had him stay with friends ( Aaron) who are so exceptional that they cook HOMEMADE food and invite us all over to eat it...honestly.

bing 005

And we threw parties...complete with Pinatas...

bing 006

In fact, Bing fit in SOOO well that last night when we took this group picture...

bing 008

It made me sad that he would no longer be part of our "crowd"...we did have such fun!

May 10, 2007

Don't dream its over...

You know...the crowded house song?
Man, that's a good song...lets google it and see if I can find it on the internet for you...


Best I could do.

Anyway, who knows why that song just popped into my head. Maybe because I was thinking about the insanity that has been my dreams lately. We're talking for WEEKS now I've been consistently remembering my dreams ( I usually dont) and they're usually very believable ( they usually arent so much),and often scary ( meh) so much so that I often confuse them with reality. Its weird.

In other news, my job is really making me happy at the moment, I've been raising money. So, it turns out that I like raising money for things if I really REALLY believe in the cause. I mean, I know that golf tournament was raising money for scholarships...but at the same time, I couldnt say without a shadow of a doubt that they money raised would go towards this year's scholarships ( which somehow made a difference in my mind). But, this week I've been writing beautiful heartfelt letters ( if I do say so myself) to convince people that have given $1,000 in the past, to give $1,000 this year as well...yesterday I got three thousand dollars.
So, remember when it took me THREE weeks to raise $4,000??

It makes a BIG difference when I believe in what I'm saying. ;-)

In other lets job-related news, Brendan is leaving tomorrow. Yes, my latest and greatest New Zealand visitor is departing from Deep East Texas. Its kinda hard to believe, he really has fit in so well with my friends and my family ( all one and the same) that I hardly feel like he should EVER leave! While I'm sure he feels way different about that, its been a pleasure having a little NZ around. meh. My next visitors from the land of the long white cloud will not be here until the end of June. hehe.


Freakin A!! This has been such a fabulous year for friends!! By the time this year ends I will have had some sort of RECORD number of visitors!!! My cup runneth over!

May 08, 2007


So, I was in Target...and I was walking by the kids department and this really ( really) bright colored dress caught my eye...and so I went over and looked at it more closely and I was like, "whoa, this dress is awesome! Its so SOFT and so BRIGHT and so CHEERFUL."
And so I bought the dress ( because, did you know that a Large in the Kids department is pretty much a Small in the Women's dept.??) ...because it was only $10!!!!

And then I came home...and reality set in and I realized that just because it FITS and just because you're attracted to bright colors does NOT mean you can wear something.

So, tell me, am I kidding myself? Can only a ten year old wear this dress?!


fuzzy wuzzy...

I dont know WHAT is going on with me lately...but I've just been drawn to baby animals. There is a pet store next to where I work out, and lately they've been putting the puppies and kittens outside. Oh. my word. I can barely tear myself away to work out!!! awwwww....and then, to make matters even worse I nearly CRIED at this totally LAME youtube video which wasnt even entertaining...but made me want a bunny rabbit. Look how fuzzy wuzzy!!!

Of course, what I REALLY want is an otter. I still can't get over the greatness of the was the "otters holding hands video" from March...seriously.

pizza and cookies....

That's pretty much all I've eaten since Sunday....but, what can I do?! Those are the leftovers that I have!!!

haha. i need some veggies pronto.

May 07, 2007

where is my motivation?

This morning I woke up, and my first coherent thought was that Brett was gone. Coincidently, I pretty much had NO motivation to get out of bed…
I mean, I did finally get up, but I was pretty unhappy about the whole concept of today. Blah.
Its just down right SHOCKING how quickly I get use to having Brett around…

So, yes, Brett was here this weekend. And it was glorious. And we did nothing wedding related, except some marriage counseling (which was done over pancakes…which I’m pretty sure’s how all counseling should be done.). So, the fun things that went down this weekend were:

1. Church Graduation Party, its crazy to me to think that LAST year Anna and I were the hostesses of the grad party…and we were SO stressed about it, and this year I got to just make my NZ bars ( always a hit) and show up two minutes after it started and just mingle….crazy. Incidentally, mingling at parties is a fine art. An art that I have not yet mastered. I mean, I can get IN to conversations with people standing by themselves, but then how do you get OUT of them again? ( not saying that its bad to stay in…its just rude to stay in loooong conversations with just ONE person at a LARGE gathering) why cant we all just agree on a time limit and then ring some sort of a bell and we can all shift around every five to seven minutes?! Wouldn’t that be better than one of us pretending to need more to drink???

2. I drove to the airport after the Graduation party ( 9pm-ish) to retrieve Brett. We were both tired. I got us lost in the airport parking lot. It was all very romantic as you can well imagine. ha! BUT, on the drive TOO the airport I picked up a radio station that does this show where people call in and say messages to people in prison…you just listen to these people talking to their loved ones, leaving them messages about the news from home, words of encouragement, practical information on family matters etc….it was incredibly touching and I cried and cried while listening to it. How quickly I forget about those who are currently living with this particular hardship. I think there is a huge misconception that just those in the actual “prison” are being punished and also that people in prison are these horrible unrelatable people. But so often you’re hearing from normal every day people who have normal every day families who have somehow gotten in serious trouble. I need to pray for these people more.

3. Wedding shower for Heather on Saturday morning. I hadn’t had much sleep but I somehow found myself in the spotlight…making a bouquet out of wrapping paper bows. Meh. But, it was fun and the time just flew by and really I just needed some coffee.

4. Wedding counseling was not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. Of course, this was just the first session…so scariness could still be out there, but like I said…pancakes and talking about someone that you totally love is actually really fun.

5. Star Wars marathon. So, I didn’t tell you this…but one of the major draws for getting Brett into town this weekend was this particular event. It turns out that our dear friend Aaron Dudley had never seen the Star Wars trilogy (let me pause to let that sink in…) of course, upon learning this fact, all his friends could not continue in good conscious our friendship with him until he’d seen Episodes IV-VI ( we were all in the opinion that the first three installments were NOT worth his valuable time). So, the plan was set….and things kinda got out of hand for a few moments ( when we realized that no one was actually “in charge” of this gathering)…but finally things came together-and that is how I ended up moving all the furniture in my living room, setting up a totally awesome Queen-sized sheet on one wall and a projector on the other wall and thus creating a SWEET little theatre setup in my house. That, plus a LOT of junk food…plus a piƱatas shaped like Darth Vader’s head….plus good friends….plus party favors made for one of the best parties I’ve been to since I was ten.

I’m going to have to stop my weekend wrap up here, because It’s 11am and I still haven’t done an OUNCE of work ( well, yes, I have actually…but I don’t feel like I have). So let’s just leave it at that.

May 06, 2007

Life, its good.

Had a fabulous weekend. Really. fabulous.

And I promise to tell you all about it once I catch up on some ZZZs.

But, until then....Papa and Brendan created a podcast for my home church here in Nacogdoches!! Yay! This is a fabulous fabulous thing! Go check out their first effort here!!!

May 04, 2007

A monkey, an eagle and a dress...

My internet was down last night...ohhhhhh! it was AWFUL. I mean, it was hard for me to not think about the HUNDREDS of emails that I was getting...( turned out to be four..but whatever)...and how I wasnt able to respond to them in a timely fashion...and how I bet people had updated blogs and I wasnt going to be able to read them in an equally timely fashion. It was almost too much to BARE.
Yes. addict. monkey on my shoulder.

Annnnnyway, last night I was having a nice little quiet time...reading Luke 19...when I hear RUSTLING....oh my WORD! Its coming from my bedroom rubbishbin!!!( which really only has papers in it...just so you know...that's where junkmail goes).I sit on my bed not knowing exactly what to do...what if its a MOUSE?! Or something WORSE?! ( my imagination failed me at this point.)
Finally, my quick mind comes to my rescue and decides to get a trashbag...throw it OVER the top of my rubbishbin...dump rubbish bin into trashbag-trapping whatever Hellion is hidding there...
The plan WOULD have worked if the GIANT WOOD ROACH WITH HUGE WINGS AS BIG AS MY FOOT had not clung to the bottom of my rubbish bin when I dumped it into the bag. It was at this point that the Roach, as big as a bear, jumped OUT of the rubbish bin sending me screaming to my bed ( yes, I'm a girl...but believe me if you'd seen the BEAR/ROACH you would have screamed too).
The roach then flew, like an eagle, to the other side of my room where it batted its HUGE wings in the air for several minutes while I collected myself ( not really, I was still screaming) on my bed. I finally grabbed the nearest shoe and proceeded to fight the giant Eagle/Roach until it finally met it's end on my bedroom floor.
It was horrible.

In other news, my father informed my mother that they would be keeping my wedding dress at their house. Thus my mother informed me of this fact while I was trying my dress on for my grandmother. I was totally incredulous about this fact and took the subject up with my father on the telephone last night ( what else did I have to do? my internet wasnt working):

Abigail: Papa, why cant have my wedding dress at MY house? Afterall, its MY dress?!
Papa: The question here is, are you accident prone?
Abigail: That is NOT the question here, the question is why, me...a grown UP. Can't be trusted with her OWN wedding dress! This is rediculous.
Papa: No. That is not the question. Are you disputing the fact that you are, in fact, accident prone? Would you actually say that you are NOT?!
Abigail: What does that have to do with anything?!
Papa: So, chocolate wouldnt end up on your dress?!
Abigail: WHAT?! Chocolate? I'm not going to EAT chocolate in my dress!!! Who do you think I am?!!!
Papa: All I'm saying is, if you asked...Emma...if you asked Emma would she agree with me that, you are infact, accident prone?! Would she agree that this is a good idea to keep it SAFE at my house? What about Lydia what would she say?!
Abigail: Why are you bringing THEM into this?! Did you let ANNA keep HER wedding dress?!
Papa: I dont remember. And besides, I treat you as INDIVIDUALS. I doesnt matter what I did with Anna.
Abigail: It does matter. Anna is accident prone too. And I bet you did let her have her dress. I'm going to ask her tomorrow....

Skip to today...

Abigail ( to Anna): Anna, did you get to keep your wedding dress at your house?!
Anna: I dont remember ( she looked like she remembered).
Abigail: Yes you DO. THINK. ITS IMPORTANT!!!!
Papa: All I'm saying're accident prone.
Abigail: I am NOT accident prone! ( slaming my coffee down on the table for effect...sending coffee all over my skirt.)

true story.

My wedding dress now lives at my parents house, where I will put it on every sunday...right after I wash my hands...

May 02, 2007

I'd give it a 6.5

I've been rating my pain for the day in my journal....have done pretty well thus far, the highest I've gotten was a five-and that was only for a short while.
However, right now, I'm totally feeling this 6.5 jabing into my lower back. I dont really feel like moving.
I need to leave for church in about five minutes. meeeh.

Let's see how much I can say in five minutes to keep my mind off it...

Today has been busy. Tomorrow will be busier. The next day I get to pick Brett up from the airport. Super!!! So, I guess I shouldnt complain about the busy-ness.

I should probably do more work at work than I've been doing lately, today I worked whilest watching Gilmore Girls ( what? I'm a great multitasker!!) Anyway, I totally cried. Which was probably unprofessiona, but if YOU saw Tuesday night's episode you would know why I cried!! ( And no, I wont tell you anything to ruin it, I think I've learned my lesson from yesterday)
FYI, I think Emma forgave me.

In other grand news, did you know that postal prices are going up in about a week?! Did you know that I haven't mailed wedding invitations yet?! Fab-u-lous. But, I'm definitely getting closer. Much much closer. Here's hopin I make the cut off.

I should go to church now. Wish me luck.

May 01, 2007

let them eat cake!!!

DISCLAIMER: Do not read this post if you are in New Zealand or if you are not up to date on the third season of Grey's Anatomy...I will be spoiling surprises. :-( Sorry, Em.

So, once again I hate writers of televisions shows....on last week's Grey's Anatomy one of the minor story lines revolved around everyone trying various types of cake to decide what kind of cake should be for Dr. Burke and Christina's wedding...

This does not happen in real life. Why is it that television/movie writers insist upon pretending that it does. I think I'm mostly upset because I love cake so much and I just WISH I had fifty teeny tiny cakes that I just had to eat because a choice needed to be made.

On second thought, there is no room for "growth" in my wedding probably fifty cakes would be a bad matter how teeny tiny they were.

In other news, I'm totally coveting Brendan's new has a camera BUILT in and we took pictures of ourselves today with various lenses that make you look all worped, like in one of those circus mirror houses or whatever...and it was SOOO much fun!! I have NO need for a new computer...but maaaaaan, it was so shiny! It was so fabulous! *sigh* I need to get those pictures from him, the picture of Anna was so funny I laughed till I cried.

My day is really dragging by for some reason...its only 1:15! I wish I had something profound to talk about! May be more later..