February 29, 2008

Days go by...

So, my bible verse for this week took me to this wonderful chapter....a chapter I definitely needed this week:

Remember my affliction and my wandering, the wormwood and bitterness.
Surely my soul remembers
And is bowed down within me.
This I recall to my mind,
Therefore I have hope.
The LORD'S lovingkindnesses indeed never cease,
For His compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;
Great is Your faithfulness.
"The LORD is my portion," says my soul,
"Therefore I have hope in Him."
The LORD is good to those who wait for Him,
To the person who seeks Him.
It is good that he waits silently
For the salvation of the LORD.
It is good for a man that he should bear
The yoke in his youth.
Let him sit alone and be silent
Since He has laid it on him.
Let him put his mouth in the dust,
Perhaps there is hope.
~Lamentations 3: 22-29

Incidentally my verses for memorizing are 22 and 23....I havent really gotten them down pat yet, but that's ok...I'm getting there :-) I bought this ADORABLE business card holder from the "Real Simple" product line at Target, and it holds my memory verses perfectly. Half the battle is having a cute carrying case for these babies. ;-) Yes, I have priorities. I am a well accessorized Christian.

In other news, this week has just GONE. I dont even know what happened to it!! Time just flies and I wake up one day and its Friday and I wonder just what I accomplished.....well, if you must know: coffee dates with girl friends, over due chats with dear friends on the phone, surprise birthday parties, army "mandatory" functions and the decisions to read The Hobbit again after years and years. I think that about sums it up. ;-)

Last night was the army function which I spent talking to one of Brett's fellow platoon leaders-he's a really cool guy who's started coming to church with us ( which is awesome!)-he was born in India although totally brought up in the states. And if you've seen the movie The Namesake ( or read the book for that matter) he says that's basically his life. So, interesting. ( and if you HAVEN'T seen this movie or read the book...DO IT. They're good.) Anyway, so back to our evening at the army function. He's a cool guy and I found out he's actually in a BOOK CLUB! Which, as well all know, my secret desire is to be in a book club...so I asked him if I could join. I'm really hoping he follows through with his promise because it sounds like a very interesting group. Basically, there goal is to read books about the "un-sung hero's of war"... stories of small battles, men changed by war and battle but who were not necessarily generals or players in major battles. Sounds cool. And definitely not something I would necessarily get involved in on my own....

Today is my day off, and it turned out Brett and I BOTH got to sleep in, since we ( by powers of amazing persuasion and the grace of God...) were able to convince his CO ( commanding officer) to have a late call of 0900 when we were having dinner with him last night!! It was fun to listen to Brett call up his men and tell them the good news...you could just HEAR the happiness. I think the convincing factor was the CO got a call from his three year old daughter while we were at dinner and even for a NONfamily guy like him, you could tell he hadnt spent time with her ( as he said, "in two days") and even he was starting to feel bad.
Anyway, it was a miracle and Brett and I got to get up when the SUN was already up!!! YAY!
Of course, this means I'm now totally running late....gotta run!

February 24, 2008

blah-de-blah blah

I'm tired. I have a crick in my neck and my shins hurt from running on the treadmill, like four days ago. ( ok, it was just two).

Anyway, even though its evident that I am getting old and crabby-I did have a good weekend in which on Saturday I successfully completed my first meat loaf meal and therefore celebrated Chuck's 21st birthday in style. Brett and I also re-created ( against our will) our college days by going out for drinks at TEN PM!!!! with two of his work mates. Yes, you read correctly, we LEFT the HOUSE at TEN on Friday night!!! It was awful. That's usually when we're going to bed. But, we somehow managed to have fun anyway. ;-)
And then, today, after church we sat around in an IHOP for TWO HOURS waiting for food. I nearly died of hunger.
Anyway, I complain about all of this just to tell you that I feel old sometimes. There was definitely a time in my life when I probably ( I cant actually remember) would have taken all of this in strides and not complained ( loudly) about it.
Who am I kidding!?
I've always been like this.
It's part of my charm. I'm a complainer.

Right now I'm waiting for Brett to get home from getting his hair cut. I'm wishing that I had gone with him, because its taking a really long time.

February 22, 2008


Today I deleted blog links over in my "I Read..." section. Not because I didnt love the people I had linked there, but mostly because some of them hadnt blogged since 2007 ( or more)...so I deleted you. That's just how tough I am. hehe
Of course, that doesnt mean you couldnt, saaaaay, post something today and I'd TOTALLY put you back on the list. ;-)

Now, I'm off to work out and listen to This American Life. I'm just that cool.

my memory verse for this week...

So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
( Isaiah 41:10)

I can't help but be encouraged by this...for truly when does a day go by that we don't Fear something? There is always something that makes me "anxiously look about" ( which is the New American Standard Version's way of saying "dismayed") ....and it is ALWAYS necessary for me to get a reminder that Jesus is upholding me with his very hands, for I am His little girl.
There is no place I'd rather be.

P.S. Next week's verse is the easiest one yet! But, it's also jam packed full of goodness:

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me ( Philippines 4:13)

creature of habit.

So, a few months I started drinking soy milk in my lattes....it added this nice nutty flavor without being super sweet...plus it was good for me, right? Anyway, last week I mentioned this to Cindy when we were meeting for coffee and she was like, "noooo...it is actually BAD for you!" and then started to list all the HORRIBLE side affects that soy can have on your body. So, this past week I "tried to quit" but i gotta admit to you right now that I'm drinking a soy latte with white chocolate right now.
I just tastes so GOOOOOD. meeeeh! Can someone tell me once and for all if I'm really doing a number on my body right now? Because I suppose if someone other than the internet ( and Cindy..hahah!) can tell me that its bad than MAYBE I'd stop...maybe. Let's face it. I'm not very good at quitting things once I get started. ;-) .....so its lucky I dont really drink much and I dont smoke at all...and I only have vices like soy milk and project runway.

This week has been weird. Brett and I haven't had particularly lots of time together, various obligations have kept us apart until 10 pm the past two nights-yet, I've found it oddly satisfying that wherever I am without Brett, or whatever I'm doing waiting for him to get home I think about him and can't help but smile and delight in the idea that I will get to talk to him soon ( ish). And that's a blessing...at least he's been home which isn't always the case. *sigh* Anyway, he's my favorite person and just about the only person I care to tell about the events of my day....and if that means if I have to wait until 10pm to do it. Fine. I'll learn to deal eventually. ;-)

Oh! Forgot to mention Definitely, Maybe NOT a good chick flick...I mean, I appreciate that the writers were probably trying to add some sort of "level of reality" to the movie which I am guessing they thought was a good idea...but...HAHAHA...I gotta laugh, since WHEN has reality been something I want to watch ( unless its reality tv which is totally different)!?! If I'm going to pay$ 7.50 to be entertained I'd like for my romantic comedy to be wrapped up all pretty like, with the ending I want, thankyouverymuch.
So that was a bust.

But, at least I got to hang out with Katie and Edie, right? That was a bonus. :-)

Today is my day off, just in case you were wondering what I was doing blogging while drinking a latte...I'm NOT on the job and I DID pay for this drink. I'm at Forza's in Du Pont...I find that if I want to sit with my laptop and bible and have uninterrupted time-than its best to do it where I dont know pretty much EVERY SINGLE person that comes in the door. Anyway, today I'm meeting up with Cindy again-which I try to do once a week-and look forward to for days. And then I'm going to the commissary to buy the ingredients for Chuck's Birthday Request Dinner...he's asked for meat loaf and mashed potatoes and biscuits.....and we're having TEN people for the dinner. I gotta tell you, I'm a tad apprehensive about this meal. You see, besides "party food" I havent prepared a meal for more than EIGHT people ( that's how many chairs we have at our table) and...here's the kicker....I have NEVER even TASTED meat loaf, much less MADE IT. The very idea of it grosses me out. hahaha...so there's the nice little mess I've gotten myself in for this week! Meh!

Anyway, so today is me trying to figure out how the heck to pull off this meal. Which brings me to my interesting oint of the day:

It turns out that people dont like a grumpy giver. You see, I've started to realize that when my meal doesnt turn out perfectly, or how I thought it would, I will feel very much like pouting. Which I then do. And I'm starting to see ( duh!) that people don't REALLY care so much if the food's good...but they DO care if they have to contend with a sour chief. So, I'm trying to be happier even when things don't turn out just the way I want. ;-) Eh. After I just read that last paragraph to myself I thought about how all you sweet readers are probably shaking your head at me right now...since this is a very OBVIOUS lesson. Ah well, what's new? Abigail is always having to learn valuable yet simple lessons. :-) That's just how i roll.

February 20, 2008


So, first of all...before I forget go to this link here and comment on this picture to help my father win a $25,000 trip to ANYWHERE in the world!!! COME ON! How awesome is that?!

Next of all, I havent blogged in a few days, mostly because our internet connection ( that we steal) isnt working very well. BOO and also because, there really hasnt been too much going on...

Last night Brett and I spent an extra long amount of time discussing the possible job changes that the army may be giving him in the next few months...its crazy when you look at your life and realize that OTHER PEOPLE have control over what you do day in and day out...luckily Brett and I know that while "army" may think they have the reigns over Brett's life, we know better...God'll totally sort it all out! But, you can be praying for Brett and his future "career moves", you see, Brett will be promoted to CAPTAIN probably no later than June. On one hand this is cool because I'll get to say that I'm a captain's wife...and who hasnt wanted to do that?! And its cool because we'll get a raise, and who doesnt like money? Buuuut, its uncool because it'll probably mean the end of Brett's time as a platoon leader-which he has loved. And, according to him, it means that people start "noticing you"...which, I dont exactly know what that means...but I'm thinking not nice. So boo.

Last night I also got tickled by something retarded and laughed for a solid fifteen minutes. About minute 7 I started to try and think if I'd inadvertently taken any drugs-but I couldnt think of anything. I guess I just needed a good laugh. Plus crying. I did, however worry, that Brett might think I was crazy. It was a bit weird. even for me.

In other news, its been sunny for four days. IN. A. ROW. This makes me beyond happy. It doesnt make me stop wishing for Spring/Summer...but still, happy nonetheless! :-)

Tonight I'm going to see a girly chick flick with some of my bible study girls *grin*.....and since Brett and I went to the movies this weekend too...that means indepth movie reviews are coming soon! Stay tuned! :-)

February 16, 2008

just about perfect...

Last night Brett and I threw the perfect party...watching the new Brian Regan stand up DVD with about 15 friends stuffed into our living room eating pizza, guacamole and chips, snickerdoodles and mocha chocolate cake ( mmmmmmm!).....got a text from a friend who'd JUST gotten engaged ( congrats AMY!!!!) which I got to pass around to all the other girls in our bible study-I love technology today that makes news so instantaneous.

Today Brett made breakfast for Chuck and I....I looked up flights to texas ( yay for April!) while he and chuck did their bible study....Brett and I drove to the movies while our new handy-awesome GPS told us how to get there ( Happy Valentine's Day to me!!!!) and we watched Jumper ( which was lame..but, hey, I've been wanting to go to the movies for ages..)...came home to the mail and a V-day card from my sister....the exact same card I sent her ( great minds...).

Now Brett is playing on his Wii and I'm wishing I hadnt eaten half a giant bag of M&Ms plus 3/4 of a bag of sour gummies. Ugg.

I'd say my three day weekend is already turning out really well. :-)

February 13, 2008

why I hated valentines day and why I love my Papa...

First of all, who doesnt hate Valentine's Day? I mean, I'm married and I find it mildly annoying to be forced by hallmark to spend a day devoted to outward signs of affection....
However, I have reconsidered "outward signs of affection" for this post...

I remember it was the year that Titanic came out because I wanted the soundtrack soooo bad ( don't judge, you KNOW "my heart will go on" was good for like two days...). And I remember clearly being SO excited when Papa surprised me with the CD and some cherry sours for Valentine's Day that year. I can practically taste the Cherry Sours right now.
Anyway, its pretty much a known fact that Papa spoils the girls in his family. In fact, he spoils just about everyone he knows...but, we definitely get the most spoiling. ;-) And Valentine's Day was no exception...

Anyway, yesterday I opened my mail box to find a tiny box with a note written in pencil on a small piece of brown parchment paper attached:

Happy Valentine's Day

and a very pretty pair of earrings...

But, it was the thought and the note that really got me...It made me miss my Papa...and it made me think about all the Valentine's Days that he gave me little "just because" presents that made me smile and ultimately gave me hope in a holiday for people in relationships...which, up until last year, was never me. In some ways even though I'm now married and have someone to "share this romantic day with"...I look back very fondly to a time when there was no thought of fanfare or big plans or a sense of responsiblity to give your significant other roses or something...but instead I got these special little presents from my father who didnt HAVE to buy into the whole holiday, but instead decided to continue his common theme of spoiling his girls...

So, I think I've changed my mind about Valentine's Day...I'm using it to spoil all the other people that I think deserve some sign of my appreciate and love.... Afterall, EVERY DAY should be about spoiling Brett.... so I think Papa's got it right-he's spoiling ALL the important girls in his life....and I think I'll try to do the same! :-)

February 12, 2008

feet and their pain of holding me up all day

I quite literally had to sit down...I still have four bags of groceries to unpack but I just COULDNT do it!

You see, today has been crazed. It started late last night when I still couldnt sleep...what's UP with not being able to go to sleep?!! I mean, I'm tired, I'm not even that stressed...what's the dealio?!

annnyway, I'm pretty sure today's badness started with the not sleeping because let me just say, in my 7 months married, today was the worst attitude I've had to date about getting up at 4:30...I mean, it was literally a fight in my mind the WHOLE time I was up reading the bible, praying and writing in my journal.....pretty much means I need another quiet time tonight...
So, after the struggling quiet time with Brett I went back to bed for a measly hour...which turned into 30 minutes because at 6am I got a call from work saying "could you PLEEEEASE go and get us some lids for the coffee cups?!!"
This annoyed me to NO END...since I spent literally ALL DAY yesterday trying to get ahold of Mr. Boss Man to tell him that we were down to 20....10....FIVE lids...and would he please do something about this?! But, no answer.
And here we are EARLY next morning with me driving to Cash N' Carry which is, like, twenty minutes away....someone promote me already, you KNOW it would make life easier for all of us. Blah.

After the early trip to "everything in bulk" store...I spent HOURS at work. And, not that I'm "really" complaining but I had to stay an extra hour until Katy arrived so that Amy wouldnt be "alone" on her third day. I'm not complaining because I suppose its POSSIBLE that we have an insane influx of customers in an hour and her be all on her lonesome to take care of them in a shop she doesnt know wel, and then I'd have felt HORRIBLEl...but STILL....Abigail was TIRED....and....

after work, Abigail didnt even get to go home...nope, off I went to the Commisary where I bought groceries to feed hundreds. Or at least two.
And that brings us to when I dragged all my bags into the house about ten minutes ago and my feet revolved and decided they could NOT carry me any more with out a break and some chocolate.
Yes, chocolate.

February 08, 2008

the cold that was reborn

So, APPARENTLY my body was like, "hey, we had SO MUCH fun with that last cold...lets do it all again!"

Here's how it went:

Thursday: Sore Throat, feeling of tiredness
Friday: REALLY tired, feelings of possible death, really sore throat
Saturday: Pretty sure already dead. Sore throat + cough
Sunday: Sexy Smokers voice appears with more coughing
Monday: Nose starts to get stopped up, cough works its way into chest
Tuesday: Nose runs like its going all marathon training on me, still coughing
Wednesday: Nose wont stop running, box of tissues connected to hip, buuuuut cough is gone
Thursday: Nose runny but slowly gets better, by the night you'd never have thought I was sick!!! ( YAY!!)

And then we get to today...around 3pm this afternoon my throat started to get all sore and phlemy again and I just feel like getting into my PJs and staying there forever...

WAIT!?! What happened?! Did I catch some elses cold?! can you get the same cold again only after 24 hours of not having it?!!??!

I hate Washington and its rainy cold dampness that makes me a little walking petree dish.

February 06, 2008

"clean up, clean up, everybody do your share!"

...Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere!"

Ok, was it only at MY church nursery that we sang that song?!

Anyway, I feel like singing that song right about now and then having a WHOLE bunch of maids come through the walls and clean the apartment for me. House work is my LEAST favorite thing to do while I'm sick. strike that. Its my least favorite thing to do period.

Nonetheless it has come to this: its my day off, the house is totally dirty, and the embarrassment of this fact is starting to take its toll. So instead of watching T.V. in my PJs like I would like to, I will be dusting vacuuming and mopping like there is no tomorrow ( actually, if there was no tomorrow I totally wouldn't clean at all. This would be the time for God to give me a little heads up about the end times....)

I must now leave this post, because my nose is in need of a tissue and their still in the bedroom...gotta run. hahaha! get it?! "run" like my nose!?! hahahaha!
Ok. no. nevermind.

February 05, 2008

snot and dreams of sun

basically this ( writing this post) will be the second to last thing I do before I get into bed and stay there for as long as it takes ( to feel better). the last thing is I'm going to wash the dishes from last night that did NOT magically get done in the middle of the night by nice elves. ( why doesnt that happen in real life?!)

Today I decided to wear "other" shoes to work ( as in not my plastic nurse shoes) because I wanted to look "cute" well...stuuupid moooove. Basically even though I was wearing "sporty" type shoes my feet where aching after about an hour. At least I know the plastic work shoes are worth the ugliness. However, today is my favorite working day...I have all sorts of regulars that come in on just tuesdays and I enjoy seeing them and chatting with them. Also talked to a lady who has come in before who just found out the sex of her baby ( the one in her tummy...it would be weird otherwise) I remember her from the last time she came in-although it was several months ago-because she was SO EXCITED about being pregnant. She found ways to drop it into conversation, because she wasnt even showing at that point. Luckily she now looks well and truly pregnant and we were able to discuss baby names for ten minutes and then she promised to bring "Xavier James" in to meet me when he was born in June. Totally cute. Its cute when people are so obviously excited about something.

Last night I made gumbo. And biscuits. And Wes came over and we played the Wii. I've decided Wii Boxing is actually quite the work out. My words were, "Wow! This is like kick boxing class without the kicking!" ...ummm....yeah that would make it BOXING. DUH Abigail!! hahahaha!

So now I'm off to bed with my box of tissues ( for my runny nose) . And the third and last season of Veronica Mars. Ahhhhh...

February 04, 2008

stupid internet.

I wrote a totally awesome post about my weekend and then I realized the internet wasnt working and i lost the whole thing before I could catch it. boo.

So, instead here's the short version.
This weekend I cooked and I entertained, I attended parties and I cooked some more...I mingled, I chatted, I laughed and I cheered ( go giants! That fourth quarter was AWESOME!!), and I did all of that while feeling not particularly good...in fact, every single step I felt like, hey, this might just be my last...but God was so incredibly gracious and helped me through all of my socializing and my preparations...and I was reminded that, yes, hospitality IS often something one is Called to do...and therefore why should I think I must do it all in my own strength?! ummm....noooo...in fact, it would be BAD if I DID try to do it all in my own abilities and powers....so ask for Help in ALL situations. lesson learned. weekend gotten through....cold still going strong.
the end.

February 01, 2008

sick work.

I dont feel good. In fact, all minor activities that I have to do this weekend seem to be the most intimidatingly huge things ever. Work for five hours. noooo!
Go to grocery store. noooooo!
Make Soup for Souper Bowl Sunday. Noooooooooo!

Seriously, instead I just want to go to sleep for like three hours. Maybe more. Maybe nine. Maybe twelve. Whatever.

Oh, but have I mentioned how happy I am that Brett's home?! I dont care how much my throat hurts-he makes me feel better.