March 28, 2012

When you're feeling awfully low...

I have a little habit. But I think that I've finally reached the pentacle ( whatever, I'm lying...I totally haven't).
I only say that because after counting I have exactly 31 of these and therefore I could wear a different one every day for a month and how handy-dandy is that?! But really, sadly, I will probably not stop here and also it would be really annoying to wear a different one every day....*

But basically, whenever I'm in a store, usually Target, or Walmart...or a pharmacy that has makeup counters...I am drawn to the nail polish. Like a moth to a flame, those lines of colors draw me in...

I also love nail polish names, "Better Together", "Orange you Cute?" "Lincoln After Dark" "Big Red Apple".....I can't get enough of the brilliance and cheesiness. ( HOW DO YOU GET THE JOB NAMING THESE!?!? SERIOUSLY?!?)

I am, of course, particularly partial to the Reds...but since I have so many at this point, I consciously try to branch out into other colors. I also really like colors that are optical allusions...seemly one color in one light and a different color up close and far off.... And of course depending on the season my color choices's what I've purchased since Brett has been away ( SEEE!?!? I told you I had a problem! I usually only purchase nail polish when I am feeling low...)

Mostly pastels...and one red ( peeking in at the side)...because, heck, what can I say...Red...its a classic. 

Anyway, my very favorite nail polishes are Commander and Chic for my finger nails and Ruby pumps for my toes...surprisingly the fingers one is not even a red! But I still love it, my friend Keri reminded me today that I was wearing it ( though sadly it was ridiculously chipped and awful looking at the time) when Ransom was born. 

Incidentally, my time with out the hubs is hopefully drawing to a close. Thank goodness...because nail polish is not that cheap....I am happy to say that I got a lot accomplished this month. After looking at the list I made earlier in the month the only thing that I didn't do was make cookies for my new neighbors. Though I also watched several more movies ( including "Being Elmo", "Princess Diaries 2", and "Never say Never",  and all of season 6 of How I met your Mother...) and sent a box to my sister in Texas and made and sent Jar Cakes to my friend in Afghanistan I suppose all in all the month was a success in the "I am Productive Woman" Department. 

March 22, 2012

What love is.

I know what love is.

Love is waiting until your husband comes home from training to watch the Hunger Games movie.

Seriously. I have never felt so sacrificial. And its only going to get worse when it comes out tomorrow. Everyone and their dogs are going to see it, or so it seems.

Brett. I love you. I loved you when we were reading it out loud to one another and you would go to work all day and I WOULDN'T read ahead ( even though I really wanted to )...and now I love you as I stay well away from the theatre until your return.

March 20, 2012

Day 16

This morning I got up and put a sweatshirt on over my PJs- when Ransom saw me he said, " Daddy!!"
And pointed at the sweatshirt."

"Good! That's right!"

Brett pretty much ALWAYS wears a sweatshirt, hood up to block out the day ( hahah) in the morning... ransom immediately saw the connection which was great...

But really I just wanted to cry- it is so strange to have equal happy and sad emotions when Ransom mentions his Daddy when he is away.

Military life is teaching me continually...

March 17, 2012


Ahhh Murphy's law. It knows the Army well...ask any army wife and she'll tell you-her husband leaves for any length of time and something bad usually/always happens.

Case in point: Brett left for a month and Ransom IMMEDIATELY got sick. Within the hour.

I think it also might extend itself a little because my parents have been visiting all week and as SOON as they drove away, my air conditioner broke. And THEN after it broke it began to leak, and it leaked so badly that there are literally bubbles in the ceiling, dripping water on to the floor underneath.
One can only laugh at such timing. Because when such coincidence happens in books and movies I usually roll my eyes and say, "soooo unbelievable."

WRONG. The plot progression happening at my house alone is astounding. I give the Abigail Show a solid A- rating according to Entertainment Weekly's rating scale.

In other news, I ate TWO cupcakes today, over time, but still...they had a LOT of icing on them.
I also got ten hours of sleep last night thanks to my amazing parents who watched Ransom for me. Fantastic.

oh, and there is some kind of BABY BOOM happening on facebook right now, it is as if every person on my time line is giving birth or HAS given birth in just a matter of days. It's intense.

Oh, and I'd also like to recommend that if you're married or thinking about getting married or...would one day consider being married, you should DEFINITELY listen to the Real Marriage Series going on right now at the Mars Hill Church. Goooood stuffffff

March 14, 2012

What works

So, after my last blog post some questions came up regarding just HOW I was able to accomplish what I did....and after reading one of my friends blog who has teeny tiny baby, I feel this is important to share.

Ransom is now at an age where, while he still has a low tolerance for me doing chores, he can be tricked for certain amounts of time into thinking that they are games. dishes. Laundry, organizing of closets...all things that he thought were fun for helpful amounts of time. I just had to come to grips with the fact that I often had to leave tasks in the middle for a change of scenery when SOMEBODY got too grumpy...
AND now that he is no longer a teeny tiny baby and I get a good, healthy amount of sleep every night, and so does he....doing a little more than brush my teeth actually seems like a possibility.

That being said, it is still all about me letting go of my previous expectations of myself. I no longer believe that a day where I put on real clothes and that's it, as a wash. HEELLLLOOOOO?! Real person clothes? That's a success!!! So, if I get half a load of laundry done, awesome. I also fed and clothed a human being as well! SUCCESS

THIS is hopefully the kind of attitude that will help me stay sane and ultimately accomplish things (over time). I also want to note that all those things I accomplished last week COULD NOT BE DONE with a younger child. I am thankful every day that Ransom has reached a "reasonable" age. gosh I love toddlers. I really really do.

And here's the other thing I've learned about myself. When Brett took his current job and I went from being a full time mom to being a FULL TIME Mom. Brett and I both realized that for my sanity's sakes I needed some "me" time at least once a week. And since he wasn't able to help in that regard we hired the most amazing babysitter ever ( seriously, when she graduates college I will CRY....secretly. ) she comes once a week for three hours. Allowing me to clean my car, get the oil changed, go shopping in peace, get my nails done, work on my computer (in the attic bedroom), sit in a coffee shop, do a quiet time...or anything else I want to do. Those little hours are important. And even when I spend them doing chores, the important thing is it gives me a chance to MISS my kid, which I find is a really wonderful emotion and makes me a better Mom when I come home.

Further more, from experience I know that weekends without Brett are infinitely harder than week days-for many reasons. SO, before the month even started I scheduled a special Saturday free time with my amazing babysitter....I ate a brownie Sundae and watched John Carter and the whole weekend was much better because of it. I have often felt guilty that I "require" these extra free times, but I am also grateful that they are a possibility for me....besides, Ransom digs his babysitter so much he practically pushes me out the door when she comes. Like I said, I'm gonna CRY on Graduation day.

March 12, 2012

One Week fully and completely down.

When Brett is gone I have a lot more free time. Its weird because its not like he is around that much when he IS at home...but I suppose it adds up. Like weekends. He's usually around for at least one day over the weekend and that's really nice..or at least a couple nights during the week. That's definitely hours that I'm unproductive.

But now. Its just tons and tons of  productive ( or at least HYPOTHETICALLY productive) time.

So on top of my usual routine I've done just a few extra things...

So, here's what I've done so far:
Re-organized the hall closet.
Re-organized the guest bedroom closet.
Bought and organized Ransom's summer clothing.
Gotten my hair cut.
Written a reference letter for a friend.
Researched why my internet bill was so expensive last month.
written and published last month's family newsletter
re-organized my pantry
cleaned the whole house ( over several days and evenings)
caught up with friends
downloaded and uploaded pictures for february
cooked two meals for people who are ill or just had babies
made a breakfast item to bring to bible study
babysat Lily.
Watched The Help
Watched the latest twilight movie ( don't remember or care what it was called...embarrassed I'm even telling you about this).
Watched The Bodyguard ( oh, Whitney...)
Watched John Carter
Watched a ton of television shows...too many to keep track...sadly.
Started reading the Mark of the Lion series again.
Watched two sermons

What I have yet to do in the next three weeks:
Have a night away with Lindsay
Do our taxes
get my nails done
organize Brett and my closet
organize ransom's closet
get down my spring/summer clothing from the attic
put away most winter clothing
make cookies for my new neighbors
make something for our FRG potluck

That's all I've got so far, and considering how much I got done in week one...I better add some more items to my list. Movies I need to watch? Sermons I need to listen to? Things you really think I ought to do? Comments are welcome ;-)

March 10, 2012

the weather channel.

I think my attitude is clearly connected to sunlight. Give me a sunny day with clear blue, blue skies and I am infinitely happier. Infinitely.

I'm wondering that if I were to live in a tropical location if I would become the happiest, most productive person in the world. 

Since I will probably never get to live in a tropical location lets just go ahead and say, "yes."

Today was gorgeous. Sunny, 73 degrees, a little wind here and there. I sat outside during Ransom's nap time and soaked in a such as I possibly could.

Brett has been gone for a week, he's officially no longer contactable and has been that way for two days and counting. I miss him terribly but today, thanks to the sun ( and the Lord, obviously) all seemed much more doable. I will soak in today as much as possible because there are inevitably hard days too. Life is so very much like weather sometimes...

March 08, 2012

Never dull...

Life around here is never dull. Even when Brett is gone. I always think he's going to pack up "interesting" and take it with him. But "interesting" always gets left behind with me...

My friend Melissa texted me two nights ago that she had a bat in her house.

You should really go read her blog post where she details our text conversation...she's hilarious.
Go read it, I'll wait...

Then the next night she texted me at 10pm to say that the bats were back and that she was waiting for animal control but if need be could she and her 1 yr old come spend the night? Um. Yes. I will not turn away moms and their babies whos husbands are away at NTC who also have bats. Ever. Its one of my mantras.
Anyway, skip to midnight when she texted that they were on their way...I then came to grips with the fact that it was going to, yes indeed, be a late night and that, no indeed, would I want to get up early to make the cheese danish that I needed for my women's morning bible study...So, instead I got up at midnight ( since i was waiting on my guests anyway) and made a cheese danish.

This is what you do when your husband is gone. You fight off bats and make cheese danish at midnight.

March 07, 2012

If you give a mouse a cookie...

Oooooor in my case if our DVD player breaks....

So I've been meaning to blog about this for a while, but lets just say visitors and then a major bout of sickness, Brett leaving for a month happened and blogging has taken a mini vacay. But I think we're finally through the woods of sickness ( PLEASEPLASEPLEASE LET THIS BE TRUE!) and now for my blog post...

A little while before Christmas our DVD player died. That little $40 gem had been going strong for 6 years so I say it had a good run. So we bid it farewell and put "DVD player" on our Christmas lists. And so it was that at Christmas Brett unwrapped a BLUERAY player from my parents. WHOOOA the Wilson's just went up a notch on the technology ladder and so we took our new little baby home and hooked her up to our little TV ( incidentally the TV was purchased back when TVs were JUST starting to become flatscreens. She was pretty sweet back then, but now we looked upon her with distain....she could not even show HIGH DEFINITION! How could we put up with such subpar viewing when we had such a fabulous blueray player?! And so the obvious solution was to go shopping for a new TV.

Did you know that small TVs are actually more expensive than big TVs?!?! At least in direction correlation with size and price the bigger TVs are a better deal...and P.S. Its not like I wanted a BIG TV its just that a small TV ( under 32") that could comfortably fit in our entertainment center where particularly difficult to find....
And since we're bringing up our entertainment center lets take a look at in now:

Sorry about the picture...I really didn't think about taking a before shot, I wish I had...but regardless this picture will do. 
What you can't see is that the bottom right cabinet door is just for show, it was ripped off its henges years its just propped there precariously. What you also cant see is the awful particle board backing behind the TV. UG-LY.  What you probably CAN see is what a large monstrous, atrocity it is in my living room. Let's just say in the 5 houses its lived in while we've own it, it has dominated the living room set up. And its no picnic to move either. In a word ( or three), I. Hate. It. 

And so, here we were having to get a TV that will fit inside a entertainment center that I hate with every ounce of my being?! Certainly not! And so, that is how we came to get the Beautiful Buffet to go with the new significantly larger, TV-that-will-show-all-the-beauty-of-the-Blueray-Player. 


Yes. This is one of those first-world posts...where I tell you about a DVD player breaking and how in the end we spent waaaaay more money than the cost of a DVD player. *sigh* BUT the good part is that my living room is beyond pretty to behold now. Annnnd we used our usually ear-marked "Anniversary Trip" money on our new view. You see, Brett will be deployed for our 5th Anniversary and so this seemed like the right thing to do under the circumstances. Or at least that was my excuse. 

Anyone want to watch something on blueray? Because now we have to buy some of those too....