August 30, 2005

I'm fine, thanks for asking....

So, yesterday was seriously the strangest day EVER.

In thinking back I dont think I've ever felt so spiritually attacked in such a random ways-repeatedly....I mean, I could tell you all the things that were happening at work-but I dont want to go into it...

In the end though, I went home and had a lovely evening with my music, my pictures, a looonnnng phone call and a quiet time.

I SHOULD be getting my first halfday off for over a week today...but, well, I am not holding my breath.

I think I got the evil lady, that made me

cry at work, in trouble why do I feel so guilty?

Answer because she is a pitiful person....who is obviously very uphappy.

August 29, 2005



Today has been full on.

thank goodness for THIS:

Rom 8:26 "We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express."

In memory of...

So, does anyone remember the fated day when I deleted my blog? Yeah, it was because I had created another blog...for some reason or another... and then decided to delete it...and in the process deleted the wrong was HORRIBLE. I still feel sick about it.

Anyway, today I decided to try without further ado:
I've created a blog with links to things that I like/want....many of items...
it is possible that I COULD get them one day...but this blog is not about being reasonable or even it will also list things that I just find fun...and would LIKE to have if life and reason didnt say no. ;-) hehehe.

I thought it would be fun, since I spend much of my days "browsing the store" I like to call it, which really means googling various things while I am at work.

Now, you can experience the results too! Lucky you. ;-)

August 27, 2005

All work and no play....

Last night I had FUN. I had sort of forgotten what that was like....hehehe...

The Pine Knot Music-thingy at Millards Crossing (its the last friday of every month) was really great... Seeing old friends-always lovely....

Knowing my sister is having the BEST, most WELL DESERVED vacation ever....priceless.

Knowing I have the afternoon off from work today ....WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

August 26, 2005

"It's a little bit funny...this feeling inside..."

Name that quote....

Its been in my head for the past twenty minutes or so, because I was thinking to myself,
"Self...I feel a bit dizzy...and "ugg-ish"...why is that?"

Of course it didnt take long for me to realize JUST how unhealthy I have been today:

Woke up feeling EXTRA tired after a bad nights sleep, weighed options and decided on making coffee rather than making a sandwich in the amount of time that I had....even though I knew I had no cash and therefore wouldnt be able to buy lunch today....ahhhh! that is how important I felt caffine was to my day. Sacrifices have to be made.

So lets go over the list again...
On the way to work: One cup of coffee
When I got to work: A Diet Coke
At work:
A bag of cookies out of vending machine ( with scrounged up coinage)
Later at work:
A mocha from Java Jacks curtesy of one of my Doctors who was being EXTRA nice today ( dont worry I gave him bonus points)

So, that plus two bottles of water is all I've had head is hurting...baaaaad....baaaddd.

the sad thing about this, is that all the caffine HAS put me in a pretty good mood dispite it all. ;-)

i am my mother's daughter...

Do you know my mother? Well, if you dont let me just tell you one the long standing jokes is that she is a HORRIBLE shopper...She has gone into stores and come out saying "They are out of milk." While I am pretty sure that story has been changed and exaggerated over the years, its a well known fact that she is the most unobservant shopper ever.
Story from a few weeks ago:
Mom: Abigail, I am going to the store, do you need anything?
Abigail: Actually, yes! Can you get me some deoderant??
Mom: Sure!
Abigail: Ok, come and I will show you what kind to get.
( Abigail knows from experience not to trust her mother way TOO specific requests, however on the other hand she is very particular about her deoderant)
Abigail (holding up her deoderant so her mother can see it): Alright, now, I want SECRET PLATINUM...and make sure its CLEAR and its GEL.
Mom: Ok.
Abigail: Seeeeeee? CLEEEAAAR!!! GEE-EEEL!!!! pointing violently at each word as she said it)
Mom: OOOOK! I've got it ( Mom spoke with assurance and boldness)
Abigail: Do you want me to write it down for you? ( yelling after her mother who had gotten bored with the lesson on deoderant and was now heading out the door)

Abigail had said the comment about writing it down as a joke, since she had made it SO clear what type of deoderant she wanted....of course, she regretted NOT doing it the next day when she saw the deoderant sitting in her bathroom....
"Invisible Solid"

Of course, we laughed and laughed about how we had gone through that whole ordeal just for her to get it wrong...but then:

Remember when I said this?
"...while I put up my new curtains...only to find that I had gotten the WRONG ONES. Meeeeh! I was sooo bummed! "~ Thursday 25, 2005

Yesterday I went and exchanged the curtains ( I had gotten the short ones instead of the long ones the day before) I stood in the exchange line I stared at the new ones I had picked up....I read the package over and over...yes, these were definitely right.

I got home, to find that, yes they were the right length, but they were two shades darker than the ones I needed.


domestic cat

OK, so nobody liked my cats with stuff on them...but, hey, thats ok....I dont CARE WHAT YOU PEOPLE THINK.

No, actually my title was not referring to my last post. its just that after I typed I realized it DID fit....

Actually, I am SUCH a freak that I thought of my title as I was falling asleep last night. Titles are actually something I hadnt actually thought about, they are just something I randomly fill in before I start writing, its just that yesterday after some "research" I realized after 200 posts I havent repeated a title once. WOO!

Ok, so last night I was TOTALLY domestic. Well, I swept and vacuumed. I felt good about myself. I also realized, after getting more bookcases, that we dont have enough books to fill them....YAY! You know what THIS means?!?!!?!?!!?!? MORE BOOKS NEED TO BE BOUGHT!!!! ASAP!!!!
P.S. I have lost my copy of Pride and Prejudice. Security must be raised to level ORANGE!

Which reminds me, Aunt Donnave told me that Barnes and Noble is discontinuing their mini-classics collection ( or whatever they are called) which means I need to go soooooon if I wanna snatch any up before they are all gone...when? I ask, WHEN?

OK, so in exciting Abt family news: My parents are moving this weekend....into a hotel. Ugg...its not as great as it sounds, and I feel for them terribly. I cant imagine being 'out of sorts' for six months while their house is being built...much less a week. Of course, the "major" worry is about Kitty. Is it strange that I am so worried about a cat, when there are DEFINITELY bigger worries to have in the world? Yes, all these other important worries I just write off...but Kitty's wellbeing....THAT'S IMPORTANT. (sarcasm included for no extra charge)
sad but true.
meh, anyway, for those of you that pretend to care. She is going to live with my sister while my parents are in the hotel. Of course, this is going to mean, after not moving her whole life she is going to have to move twice! meh

I also have to admit I am sort of sad about my parents moving....dont get be wrong I am excited for them and I am confident that they are doing the right thing...its just, I lived in that house for ten years...not counting summers in University and the past 8 months....I have a lot of great memories there.

I am considering writing a tribute to the house...but I havent decided if that is excessive yet...

Buuuut, one thing I do ask, is please pray for my parents...I know this transition time is going to be tough on them. They have been SO wonderfully helpful in all MY "tough times" I hate the thought of them facing one now...

August 25, 2005

Freakin Hilarious!

OK, this website has provided great laughter today....


Looking at it upside down and backwards...

Anyone that has read even THREE of my posts would agree with me when I say that I am emotional person. I take those personality tests-and I get to that question about whether you go by your emotions or by facts when making a decision and I always click emotions.
Not to say that I just disregard facts, but as a whole I go by what I feel.

Anywho, that isnt really what I want to talk about-its just a background/disclaimer to say that yesterday was not my proudest moment when it came to my emotions:

Yesterday, the facts:
I worked a 10 hour day.
Went to Wal-mart to buy two more panels of curtains and cough medicine.
Went and worked out.
Came home, got a call from my co-workers mother to say she wouldnt be able to work until Monday.
Put up curtains, found they were the short version of what I already had.
Tried to clean up some boxes that I had been planning on taking care of on my now nonexistent day off.
Went to church....

Ok, I had better stop, because those are pretty much the only "facts" I can write about without inserting emotion....because THIS is what happened:

Yesterday, the emotional version:
By the end of yesterday I was totally hating work, I mean, my job IS really great, but its funny how both SLOW days and BUSY days have their bad points...BUSY days I get yelled at by stressed doctors a lot more...but on SLOW days...I go a little crazy. The result of yesterday was that by the time I left work I had NO patience left. Besides that, I was coming down with a cold and my throat hurt and my body ached. I was tired, but I knew I wanted to get some more curtains-so I went to Wal-mart for the fourth time that week....which I hated. I hate Wal mart most of the year, but somehow its multipled when all the University students come back into town-you dont realize just HOW much you DIDNT miss the Frat guys and the Soci Girls until they come back in all their evil matching shirts, baseball cap wearing, beer holding glory...
After THAT experience I went to work out....I actually sat in the parking lot and considered not going...buuuuut, Anna said SHE was working out so I should too...she wasnt there yet, but I went in anyway and proceeded to be there for the next thirty minutes and it was only until I got back into my car even more tired and sweaty than get a call from Anna saying she was JUST getting off of work. Boo! I felt sorry for both of us at the same time.

In finally arrived home and was JUST pulling in, when I got a call from my co-workers mother saying she wouldnt be into work until monday-doctors orders....
AHHHHHHHHHHH! I wanted to cry! I was sooo tired, my throat hurt and I just wanted to go to bed.
Instead I called Anna and complained to her. After hanging up I realized that I now had a LOT more to do-since I no longer had all of Thursday to clean house and do odd jobs that I had put off....Soooo, I took medicine feeling really good and sorry for myself...muttering angry thoughts under my breath while I put up my new curtains...only to find that I had gotten the WRONG ONES. Meeeeh! I was sooo bummed!

Later, at church, I realized that when I was trying "clean up" and throw boxs in the dumpster I had thrown away my new curtains that I needed to return to Wal-mart. Double BOOOOO!

I got home from church and was climbing around in the dumpster trying to get my curtains back when some guy came over to help me:
Guy: "You need some help."
Me: YES! I accidently threw my curtains away!!
Guy ( getting the curtains out): Here you go.
Me: Thank you SOOOO much!
Guy: So do you live here?
Me: Yup, just moved in.
Guy: Oh yeah? Where?
Me: Over in the 400s ( waving hand in general direction)
Guy: So, are you a penecostal?
Me: ( suprised laugh) Um. No...I am just wearing a long skirt and I have long hair! HAHAHAHA!
( I then realize that I SHOULDNT be making fun, since this guy is OBVIOUSLY a penecostal.oops.)
Guy: ( looks a bit uncomforable) Oh. well. Uh...its just that you REALLY look pentecostal.

I got home and immediately cut up my skirt to where it hits right below the who cares I wasnt wearing any make-up and I had piled my hair ( still wet from shower) up on top of my head ? Do I reeeeally look that pentecostal?!? I got pictures like this flashing before my eyes and my vain side really took a beating. meeeh.

Yes, anyway....thats enough about yesterday, I really felt convicted about my bad attitude last night- I delt badly with the not-so-my-way day that I had been given. I was being a selfish little brat. I am truly sobered by my actions. *sigh*

And to add to my lesson I read this blog, this morning....good stuff...

Besides, I dont think it was a coincidence that I was reading a past post of mine that I wrote during a very difficult period- when ACTUAL bad things were happening ( not just stupid petty stuff like yesterday) :

So, you havent heard too much from me in the past few days...and to tell you the truth you havent missed TOO much when it comes to the goings on of my brain ( which is what this blog is, just in case you didnt know)....I havent THOUGHT much at all...autopilot is what times like these really calls for.
And this is why I have been thinking about my auto pilot really have to work on it! I mean, if you dont reeeeeally focus on what is inside of you, not just to cover it up, but to actually FIX it ( which can only been done with the grace of God) ....then when your normal pattern of thinking is interrupted and you go into the "automatic settings" what is there? Whats going to come out? its a scary thought....its times like these that there is no pretending....there is no "save face" ....its just the REAL you. *shudder* I am telling you, this is sobering! If all of YOUR social graces were stripped....all of your ability to cover up and make excuses were gone....what would be seen? Would there be God's grace there to cover up what was left?
The end result is, I am so glad I am a christian, I am glad my life is covered in Jesus.

Weeeeeellllll.....take about a slap in the ol'pride-face! I guess I'll end this confessional post with my continual thankfulness that I AM covered in God's grace-even after a bad-attitude day...I know that He has not given me up for Lost. Today is a new day....

August 24, 2005

a cry for help.

I am SO insanely bored. The thought of being work...for another....two to....scream.

Quick, somebody PLEASE give me something interesting to read, a quiz to take, a interesting fact to look up...WHATEVER.

Acting like a two-year-old.

I am eating cheerios out of a baggie at the moment...always reminds me of toddlers sitting in their strollers chowing on cheerios while they get chauffeured about...what a life.

I am working all day today, which is the reason for the cheerios ( must keep up strength) and for the coffee ( always an important start to any day). Ugg, 7AM came AWFULLY early this morning. I probably shouldnt have stayed up so late last night-but, I hadnt seen Meredith in...forever. So it was worth it. I does show me, however, just how MUCH of a weeney I have become...I am going to have to take it easy tonight.

So, yesterday I went over to one of my doc's houses and he gave me, amoung a few odds and ends...a VACUUM CLEANER WOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Its very ironic that I would be excited about this fact, considering vacuuming is my LEAST favorite of the household chores. Seriously, I think everyone has the thing they dont mind doing ( for me its dishes) and the thing they hate to do ( vacuuming)...and I find it fascinating how people can vary so much on this point.
Of course, this means I really MUST find a husband that loves to vacuum...or a rich guy who wants to employ a maid. Buuuut, until then...looks like I'll be vacuuming with my brandnew vacuum cleaner.

Soooo. its 9:22AM...I've checked my email, checked my blogs...what to do NOW?!

August 23, 2005

mmmmwhahhah! i've read the book too many times!

Elizabeth Bennet
You are Eliza Bennett from Pride and
! Yay, you! Perhaps the
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lovely-- in short, you are the best of company.
Your only foibles are that you stick with your
first impressions... and your family is quite

Which Jane Austen Character Are You?
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duh. I could have told them that!

The Pride and Prejudice type: Truly an Austenite,
this type is a Romantic at heart, but they
always keep their head and are wary of
melodrama. Lively, clever, and independent.
These people are easily amused by their own
foibles and the quirkly foibles of others. They
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Jane Austen novel quiz
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let's do lunch...

I feel pretty happy at the moment here are possible reasons why:

1. I had lunch with Anna. Always good.
2. I just realized Meredith is home.
3. I bought curtains.
4. I got a really cool card from Louise in the mail.
5. I watched the CE oscar promo DVD ( Jared, you are the best!)

About to do a Jane Austen Quiz...fuuuuun...will post it.

August 22, 2005

Thomas is handy to have around.

My title is my thank you to Thomas who totally wins the award of being the best brother-in-law ever....of course, he isnt MY brother-in-law technically...but whatever, he still wins for being so very helpful in my moving process . :-)

I am losing MY MIND. I know this is news to many of you who thought I had already lost it-but untrue. I lost it this weekend.

Today, it was actually a DELIGHT to go to work, because work is predictable. Work is organized. Work is highly air-conditioned.

The lastest on the moving process. Katie and I still dont have a table and chairs for our dining room. Its been suggested that we BUY a set, but let me just say...I dont particularly feel the need to HAVE a table and chairs-especially since I eat on the couch most of the time anyway....except for that huge empty space in our dining room....and also I would like to have people over for dinner eventually. Meh. This is the least of my problems.

My room is driving me crazy because it is SO unorganized. I know this is news to many of you who thought I had always been unorganized-but untrue. I have ALWAYS known where everything was...even if it looked like messy piles of papers to the untrained eye. I dont have my desk yet or my other book case-which is WHY so many things are still "unaccounted for" in boxs. I also really want to put things up on my walls-I know I should have patience. But its never been one of my virtues.

Also, I know I already mentioned my blinds and the lack of "blindness" they provide. This has become even MORE of a problem because of how insanely HOT my room gets and the living area gets during the day...we are talking BOILING.

On a MUCH more pleasant note:
Katie and I are watching these DVDs pretty much nonstop at the moment. Raise your hand if you like escapism too!

August 21, 2005

my new bed.

I love my new bed. It really IS wonderful in every way...
so why cant I get to sleep at night? Because I keep thinking of things I need to do...and worrying about things.
so why cant I stay asleep in the morning? Because my blinds in my new room are really NO GOOD...and I have HUGE EAST FACING windows...meaning FULL ON SUN at very early hours. Its driving me insane.

Buuuut, I have moved in...and ALMOST everything is as it should be. Katie and I are both totally exausted- I mean, going grocery shopping took FOREVER. We've gained a whole new respect for housewives...especially housewives in the 50s who had to have a hot meal on the table at 6PM. ( random, I know)

We did have a horrible moment on Friday afternoon at 3-4PM when we were told we hadnt been approved to move in yet. MEEEEEEH! It was AWFUL, but luckily I used my totally awesome PR skills on that women plus a WHOLE lot of praying under my breath...and we finally got the keys to our place.

Last night Anna came over and we all discussed the EVILS of juniorhigh...its amazing how memories from that time in my life STILL make my sick to my stomache....

Katie and I watched our first DVD together in our new home: This is Spinal Tap. such a funny goal is to get allll of them...Waiting for Guffmen, Best in Show, A Mighty Wind-they are brilliant movies...

I feel like I havent THOUGHT in it actually connected to the fact that I havent written in my journal or posted on here in days??? Am I THAT connected to my writing?! Or is it just that I havent thought about anything deep-ish and therefore havent journaled....huh. its a chicken/egg type thing I'm sure ;-)

Apartment Woes:
This morning there were a whole bunch of ants on my bath mat...I was in a hurry so I just took the whole thing outside onto our balcony and didnt have time to figure out WHERE they came from...I am thinking my closet and the storage containers that were in my parents storage shed that now are stacked in there....BOO! I HATE ANTS.

Note to non-Texas readers: You probably havent heard of fire-ants and you have probably never come in contact with them...they are tiny little ants that have a red tint to them...but besides that they look just like your basic black sugar ant....with one VERY HUGE difference...they have an EVIL sting...and just about every person I know who grew up with these ants has a traumatic story connected with being covered in ants and stung to the point of needed medication - so you can see why I am freaking about the ants.

August 19, 2005


Hey kids, I just sent out an email with my new contact details ( since I'm moving today) if you didnt get it, and you feel like you should me your email address....I must not have it.

Last night I couldnt sleep...I have SO MUCH left to pack...SO MUCH to do...SO MUCH could go wrong.

Now that I am in the light of day I am sure things wont be THAT bad.
Ahhhh stress...gotta love it. Makes you do stupid things ( as seen below)

you will NOT believe this...

ok, so I just went and got some breakfast from the hospital cafe...and as I was leaving, I turned out the light.

*pause to let that sink in*

a split second after I did it I realized what I had done and quickly went BACK into the room and tried to turn it back on-while everyone in the room was still in that confused "did a light burn out in here?" stage...
unfortunately the lights in the room are divided in two and I had only turned out one half-but when I was trying to turn it BACK on...I turned the other one out...anyone that hadnt noticed the half-black-out noticed the full one....

In what seemed like the longest 2 seconds ever I turned both lights back on...and ran.

embarrassed is not even the WORD to discribe this.

I am going to take a moment to collect myself....

August 17, 2005

why I should be the international calls poster girl:

Monday: Talked to Louise on the phone for almost an hour
Tuesday: Talked to Lydia on the phone for an hour
Wednesday: Talked to Emma on the phone for an hour
The End.

Tomorrow I have the day off! WOOOOOO !
Tomorrow I get to drive to Houston by it strange that I am TOTALLY looking forward to it? I mean, when else can you sing at the top of your lungs and sit on your butt for two hours without being called lazy/crazy?! EXACTLY.
I am considering going a bit early to look for a bedding stuff since Houston has more varity and I could probably get a better deal-it all depend on when I wake up in the morning....

I am starting to get cranky about moving...I think EVERYONE will be glad when this is all over. :-P

A Winner

Hung's post made me giggle and I've had the pictures up for about twenty minutes now...looking at them every now and then so I can giggle somemore.

hello, my name is Abigail and I am an addict...

Seriously, I dont know what to do! I am waaay addicted to lip balm...and today, I have been TRYING not to use it and my lips are SOOOO chapped! Is this really the way to quit? Am I going to have gross, cracked lips forever?! Of course, its multipled more since, I still have a cold and my nose is blocked so I am breathing with my mouth, i am pitiful. Is licking my lips helpful, or just dodgy looking? hmmmm....

In other news, speaking of pitiful, P Diddy has changed his name again....It makes me laugh. Thank you, Diddy, for bringing variation to an otherwise dull world. *rolls eyes*

My papa bought me a bed today-in record time-I swear, we were in that store for 5 MINUTES tops! I seriously plopped down on three beds and said, "I like this one." about the last one...we bought and we left. It was insane. I guess its true that men really ARE more efficient shoppers.

In related news, I am really looking forward to moving on friday- Oh! Which by the way, while packing last night I came across a love letter from my highschool graduation...that I SWEAR I had never read before!isnt that weird??Now before everybody gets all riled up let me just say it wasnt a very SERIOUS love letter-maybe I HAD read it and I forgot about it.. but THAT cant be true since I am not one of those girls who gets such letters very often, so I would think ANY such letter would stick out in my mind!!!!

In not related news...I am driving to Houston tomorrow...

I feel so special ;-)

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August 16, 2005

The progress....

Good stuff:
A package from Penny! WOOOO movie posters and chocolate fish! I am the LUCKIEST girl ever!
A phone call from Lydia! It turns out it doesnt matter WHAT day of the week it is, its always a delight to hear her voice!

The countdown:
The packing is....coming along. I have packed up all the drawers in my bathroom, two major "junk drawers", the top shelf in my closet and all of my picture frames...
still to go: my shoes, my books....ugg.

Found out that:
We cant start moving in until 3:30 on i guess its not a big deal at ALL that I am working till 12:30. huh.

The lastest news:
I just downloaded the GREATEST song ever....its going on the next mix cd. For Emma. I will be posting the playlist soon.

shakespeare humor

Originally uploaded by abigailsday.
Ahhhh....I love it when the English nerds win!

So what play does this come from dear readers? Do YOU know?

I am hungry....

But I didnt have time to grab anything to eat today...because....

At 8AM I sat straight up in bed and looked at my clock.
I should have been at work at 7:30AM!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I had washed scrubs the night before so I called the doctors on the way to the dryer...
Luckily, they were very understanding and I arrived at work at 8:20.
Which, I want everyone to pause and realize it takes 15 minutes ( on a good day) to get from my parents house to the hospital. It was definitely a new record as far as me getting ready superfast.
Ugggg, not a pleasant start to the day...buuut what can you do? Speaking of work, I must reply to my aunts comment referring to my spinless ways of not being able to say no. Yes, its partly true...I AM working half the day on Friday-but its because I am having to take my day off on Thursday to pick a friend from the own fault for not realizing I would be moving this week....soooooooo, yes, I will be moving on Friday afternoon...and I suppose if I dont get it all done then...well, I will be doing it on Saturday too. And yes, I AM spinless...and it was SOOOO hard to stand firm and not give my co-worker the WHOLE day off on day I will learn ;-)

August 15, 2005

the packing game...

So, so far the box count is a two....small boxs....
and then, from my spot on the bedroom floor my line of sight was perfect with my complete farside comic books....
which is how I came to be sitting in a sea of mess from various drawers reading farside....*sigh*

this could take a while....

bouquet of shapened pencils..

Today is the first day of school in Nacogdoches...All those cute little kids, nervous, with new school supplies. No matter HOW OLD I get...I will always be tempted to buy school supplies. They made school bareable..


Doctors, they are so considerate....I came to work today sniffling and coughing...and what do they say?

Dr. #1: You have a cold dont you?
Me: yup, unfortunately
Dr. #1: Ok, dont touch anything of mine....


Dr.#2: Are you sick?
Me: Yes
Dr.#2: Keep it to yourself....


Ahhhh, the love, the love...hahahah!

So, besides the cold that left me less than my usually energetic self ( haha) I had a surpise weekend of fun....Aunt Donnave and Ryancame for a was absolutely WONDERFUL to catch up with them...and totally left me wanting more when I said goodbye before work this morning...

I wont see my cousin again for roughly 11 months or so as he heads off on his grand adventure- I would definitely check out his blog for more later, just be care on your comments while he is overseas.

It's sad about not seeing him, but I am SO excited for him. Being excited for someone elses adventures is really almost good as your own adventures. I just KNOW its going to be one of those life changing experiences....
Ryan and I, just for some background info, were partners in many a crime when we were younger...for many years we were the youngest of the cousins and therefore we were either totally ignored or the brute of all the practicaljokes-ask me about the haunted house in my grandparents attic sometime...its a traumatic story of drama and heroism ...annnywho, as years have past Ryan and my relationship has changed...I mean, we dont build forts together or make up boardgames ( well often anyway) anymore...but I ALWAYS love talking to him and when I see him, it is as if time has not passed between us at all. I have often said to myself...self, even though I dont have a brother, when you have cousins like I do...who NEEDS a brother!

*ahem* Ok...
So, holds almost TOO MUCH to be done...I am just going to have to buckle down, blow my nose and start packing...I have take thursday off to pick Kathleen up from the airport and I have to go to work on Friday...then after work start the harrowing process of....moving.

August 12, 2005

This just in...Mother saves day

So, I was getting ready to go to bed...

just put my box of kleenexs that had been sitting on the bed beside me for easy access on the windowseal....then something feel off the windowseal and crashed on the floor ( I still dont know what it was)....but I stuck my arm down between the window seal and the bed ( something I do almost daily...since I am constanly dropping things down there)....this time however, the bed had somehow moved JUST enough that my arm was firmly wedged between the bed and the wall....after a few minutes of trying different ways of getting my arm to move and developing a very sore arm in the process ( plus all the blood was running to my hand)
I finally had to give up and yell "Moooommmm-aaaa" loudly and repeatedly to wake my mother up so she would come and save me.

She did.

I wonder if I will actually remember how to live on my own did I DO if for three years?!? hahahahhahahahahahahaha


So, I was writing out a prayer tonight in my journal and then I read my Daily Light for today....seriously, it was as if every single worry, problem, question, request that had come to mind during my prayer was fully revealed to me in perfect answer form in the verses on the page before me!

Beautiful are the works of His hand!!!

The verses:

"My Presence will go with you and I will give you rest."
Ex 33:14

"In all ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths."
Josh 1:9

"How forceful are right words!" Job 6:25

"Bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. Consider yourself lest you also be tempted." Gal 6:2,1

this time next week....

Katie and I will be moving into our apartment! We are veeeeery excited and went shopping today which just ADDED to the excitment...seriously, who KNEW how exciting things like spice racks and rugs could really be?!

Anyway, I got today off which was a delightful blessing. I know everyone out there in the blog world must have thought i was a spoiled brat for complaining about work so much....but in my defense I've thought about it, and I REALLY think that if someone had told me on Sunday of last week that I was going to have to work 10 to 12 hour days for four days straight...sure, I would have complained...but I dont think I would have been the emotional wreck that I, I think it was the NOT knowing from day to day that made it so bad. So there. I am NOT as bad as I may sound :-P

Funny thing is, I havent been able to sleep very well....which considering how TIRED I am feeling, its odd. Things keep just running in my head like crazy. I just tired to take a failed miserably. Boo....oh well, maybe I'll just tire myself out really good for tonight.

Bed Bath and Beyond is awesome.
So is Target.

August 11, 2005

we havent done one of THESE in a while!

You are Prospero from the Tempest! You care deeply
for people - yet sometimes your protective
nature can hurt you. You see beauty and magic
in nature.

a (real) shakespearean quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

Hope=my own worst enemy

I KNOW, that I would have been able to emotionally handle working another full day IF I had thought there was no other choice and no other option...I do not kid myself when I say that I can get my mind around the idea of working myself silly for almost a full week...I KNOW that I would have been fine.

What I ALSO know is that when my co-worker calls to say, I will be in at 10:30 and then you can go home...and then calls back at 10 to say that she wont be in AT ALL....I KNOW that that makes me want to cry because I had already started thinking about the nap I was going to take, the bacon and egg biscuit I was going to get from McDonalds, the lunch date I was going to have with hopes were soaring with the do you pick yourself up again?!

I hate the hope that betrayed me.

working and sleeping.

It has come to my attention that I could NEVER be one of those people that is always working. I have felt so very stinted in my LIFE the last three days, I feel like I have come up for air at around 6PM gasping and struggling...just trying to recover!
And to think I am only a glorified secretary!!!! meeeeeeeeeh.

Annnnyway, I was extremely happy to talk to Emma last night-especially because for once in my life, this week, I didnt want to "write it all down"...I was too tired. I wanted to talk, I wanted to vent. So I did.


As much as I feel I have been at work constantly the past three days ( well, I have) my mind has been elsewhere...I havent cried so much for others than I have this week...It seems like every which way I look I have friends who are dealing with Big stufff. Oh how possible it is for your heart to break in more pieces on behalf of someone else than over your OWN problems! Its amazingly horrible! But, luckily all of those whom my heart has broken for are in the Hands of God...they WILL come through...they WILL have victory, I just having to remind myself of that!

Is 49: 8 This is what the LORD says:
"In the time of my favor I will answer you,
and in the day of salvation I will help you;
I will keep you and will make you
to be a covenant for the people,
to restore the land
and to reassign its desolate inheritances,
9 to say to the captives, 'Come out,'
and to those in darkness, 'Be free!'
"They will feed beside the roads
and find pasture on every barren hill.

10 They will neither hunger nor thirst,
nor will the desert heat or the sun beat upon them.
He who has compassion on them will guide them
and lead them beside springs of water.

11 I will turn all my mountains into roads,
and my highways will be raised up.

12 See, they will come from afar—
some from the north, some from the west,
some from the region of Aswan. [a] "

13 Shout for joy, O heavens;
rejoice, O earth;
burst into song, O mountains!
For the LORD comforts his people
and will have compassion on his afflicted ones.

August 10, 2005

red slippers

red slippers
Originally uploaded by abigailsday.
So, here are some desparate attempts at feeling better...and what could do it better than THESE?


Originally uploaded by abigailsday.
I think the pictures *I* took in Fiji are better than this one...but since I am not at home...and I wanted to think of the's the best I could do


Originally uploaded by abigailsday.
Hehehe...something that makes me happy...and this was the best picture I could find to discribe it.


Originally uploaded by abigailsday.
thinking of things that bring a smile to my face

no crying aloud

I am trying SO HARD to have a better day...but I've already been yelled at on the phone twice and its not even 10AM yet...what is WRONG with the evil doctors in this town?

All I can say is I must be learning some incredibly PR skills.
Yesterday, I was so insanely busy I didnt have TIME to get upset, or count how many times I was yelled at...but today, today...I dont care HOW much the yelling isnt personal... it upsets me! :-(

a latte and a chocolate muffin

My papa is wonderful. Actually, I will go ahead and say Mama is wonderful too.
Dont worry I am going to tell you why.

Last night, after working for 12 nerve raking, doctors yelling, straight hours, I went home took a benedryl and two asprin ( I felt really achy and my throat hurt) and went straight to bed...I was awakened by my cellphone telling me I had a I checked it. It was my co-worker saying that she would definitely be out for at LEAST another took a few minutes of me wandering around my house...until I BROKE DOWN.

Anyway, my parents did the parenting thing...and my papa even brought me my title this morning at work...I still feel achey tired, and emotionally fragil but I am sure it will all work out.

PS. Katie and I are moving next Friday...we will accept everyone who wants to help us move. You WILL be my new best friend ;-)

August 09, 2005

because of YOU

Because I am tired of checking my posts today and seeing how know one is commenting I am punishing everyone by asking you all to take the extremely difficult quiz that I created about myself....take it, but just put a random email address when they ask you for it...because you recieve your results at the end of the quiz anyway....


I reeeally thought my kidney stone was gone-because I didnt bother me AT ALL last week...but last night I felt a twinge in my side, but since the night was reeeally not going well, I figured it was in my head.

But, here I am at work and its has grown to a little more than a twinge.
I want to cry, I so hate this stupid stone...why wont it go away? Why wont all of this stop?

I wanna go home.

deflated balloon

I am really tired. Its probably because I havent gotten my recommended daily allotment of sleep the past two nights, and then the thought of working solid for the next...however long.
But I think its also because I am Spiritually tired....soooo much has happened in the last 24 hours that it has made my heart hurt-and not in the " I ate two much italian in a quick fashion" type of hurt. Yet, even though, when I look at all of the disappointments, worries, the urgent prayer needs that have just come in such a quick machine gun fashion...I am thankful that I do not feel hopeless about it all. I know that it is all in the hands of God. The fact that I havent just ranaway from home is a perfect example of His help. Seriously.

In fact, I have been greatly encouraged by two things this week ( haha and its only tuesday!) one is that conversations I have had with dear friends in NZ via email have been so VERY important to me in my day to day life....I have actually seen an event coming and thought, in great surprise, "this is JUST what I was talking to Louise about!" and then later..."This is JUST what I was talking to Tabitha about!"
Amazing how lessons and help can be reinforced!
Also, this past weekend was NO walk in the park. I was definitely struggling against myself more than anything...while the past two days have definitely been outward struggles. I know that doesnt SOUND encouraging, but it really helped me in my inward struggles to just leave them be. To leave them in His hands, knowing perfectly well that they can rest there until need be. So often I have the tendency to obssess about my own even though things have been tough, I guess I can be grateful it slapped me with the "nonselfish" stick and woke me up from my introspective ways.

Edit: I meant to put this on here when I was writing this post but I forgot...
this chapter in corinthians said it ALL today!

August 08, 2005


Update on my co-worker...she apparently has "Summer flu" she may not be into work for, like three more days at least...that's ok I guess...I mean, I missed two whole days when I had a kidney stone-so I had it coming right? tit for tat..or something like that.

( aahhhhahahah! i've been wanting to say "tit for tat" for the longest time!!!!)

I am going to ask Dr.Layedback if I can run and turn in my application or something before five o'clock...because I reeeeally dont want to wait until the end of the week. BOO! Why is this happening?!?!

Oh, speaking of...He is back from his lunch...wish me luck.

It's a pity party...and you're invited!!!!!!!!!!

As my sister said, *Ive* been at this party since 8AM this morning...but now its time to have some guests soooo,

Dear Blog Readers,

Your attendence is requested at Abbey's blog. No RSVP necessary. Presents excepted.

I bet you are wondering WHY i am having a pity party on my Monday day off....

I AM AT WORK!!! I GOT CALLED AT 8AM THIS MORNING, BECAUSE THE OTHER GIRL GOT "SICK" I REALLY DOOOO BELIEVE THAT SHE ISSSSSSSSSS SICK...BUT SINCE I LOOKED BACK THROUGH MY BLOG and this monday and then I remember this one too.. and they just kept coming, days ( and especially mondays) that I THOUGHT I would only have to work a half day...or I would get my day off...but then, at the last moment, it would all be changed.


I am now just hoping that I will be able to get off at 3 so I can go turn in my application for the apartment with Katie....meh.

August 07, 2005

Yay! for Sunday night when.... dont have to work the next day! :-)

I am sooo glad I dont have to work tomorrow!!! Of course, I am going to be busy...I have to get all the last details together for my application for the apartment that katie and I are applying for...we are going to turn it all in tomorrow-which is going to make everything REALLY real!

So, I dont think I've really mentioned the upheavel that is about to take place in my I'll give you a brief rundown....

My parents have sold their house.
My parents have bought land.
My parents are building three houses on the to live in, two to sell.
My parents have also bought a rent house next to the land.
My parents are going to live in the rundown rent house until their house is complete.
I am moving into an apartment with Katie.
We will all pretty much be completely moved into new living quarters by the end of August.

Yeah, so in the above sentences I made it sound like everything was set in stone...but its really I GUESS things could change-but I have to admit I feel like everything is just as it should be. Just FASTER than i would have like ;-)

Oh. Annnnd Katie and I are having lunch at Sushi Ya at 1PM tomorrow...for the first time since the "episode that shocked a nation"....which unfortunately isnt published on the web FACT...( hold on, let me check the back up) ...whew! it IS on my backup which was luckily saved when I deleted my blog back in May..or whenever that was! HAS been a long time since Katie and I have been-we must have REALLY been traumatised!
I am off to bed now but, just in case you forgot and you want some light is the:

The Sushi Ya Saga

So, I am heading out of the house at 11:30 this morning and I think, wow...wouldnt it be nice to have lunch with Katie I give her a call, we meet at Sushi Ya. Life is peachy...or so I thought.

Now, as many of you may more maynot know, Sushi Ya is this resturant in Nac. that my family and friends, and many other people I do not know support, because A. we feel sorry for the people that run the place and B. we like sushi and its the only place in a 60 mile radius that sales it....the 4 people that work in Sushi Ya cannot speak english-they know very few words all of which I have a feeling are on the menu or are some sort of variation of "can I get a refill" 'we need the check" and all the number from about 1-5 ( the average number of people that come in and ask for a table for __)...up until today it was one of the "endearing" aspects of the place, one of those jokes you have with the person you are at the table with...

" I wonder what the "crunchy roll is?"-Abigail
"Why dont you ask?"-Katie

Because, we both know there is NO WAY they could explain in any language we understand what a chrunchy roll is...

So, these are the events of today that ended the joke for fact, possibly killed the joke and stomped on it without remorse:

Katie and Abigail discuss there menus, Katie has given up eating anything that "once was living" for lent and therefore they discuss what she can order-after a very nasty revelation that the "veggie roll" has PICKLES on it ( ew!) Katie decides on the tried and true ( and also pickless) Avacado Roll....and Abigail decides to be brave and order the Crunchy Roll so they can once and for all learn the mystery behind it.

Nameless NonEnglishSpeaking ( NES) Man: Mumble Mumble.
( they can only assume he is asking for their order)
Katie: I'll have two ( makes a peace sign with her fingers) avacado rolls please( pointing at "avacado roll" on the menu).
Abigail: And I'll have a crunchy roll, thanks.

Time passes. Conversation of dreams, deep sea fish, fears from their childhood....

*NES returns*

NES Man: mumble Crunchy Roll ( as he places it before me)
NES Man: mumble, mumble California Roll...( placing two rolls in front of Katie)
Katie: Ummm...I didnt order the california roll....and I WOULD eat it, but I cant eat meat...I ordered the AVACADO ROLL.
NES: mumble mumble mumble ( takes plate away)

*enters* Jim ( Jim is the manager/owner/cook of Sushi Ya...he speaks more english than most of the workers, which doesnt say much in his defense...)

Jim: YOU ORDERED the california roll!
Katie: No, I didnt...I ordered the Avacado roll...I know there is meat on the California Roll..and so I ordered the avacado roll...
Jim: I KNOW what you said, you said CALIFORNIA ROLL...but I will make you avacado roll anyway ( growls at katie)
Katie: But...I....
Abigail: I was here, I heard her order the Avacado roll!
Jim: NO! SHE DIDNT...( he walks away)

Abigail and Katie are beside themselves at the turn of was HORRIBLY horrible to has someone horribly YELL at them for something that DIDNT HAPPEN.

Katie gets her avacado rolls...they eat...they discuss the events at hand and how long they feel is a "sufficient amount of time" to stay away for sushi ya....because it is OBVIOUS they cannot come back after THAT had just transpired...

Then, all of a sudden, Abigail DROPS her glass of coke onto the table ( are you really surprised...she IS a known dropper) and it hits her bowl of soy sauce, which consequently splashes EVERYWHERE ( floor, wall, table, abigails shirt) while Coke drips and puddles on the table....
Abigail and Katie cry/laugh at what has just happened, they try their best to clean up the mess, but there isnt much they can do ( besides making feeble efforts to clean the splatters on the wall)...they wait for someone to come help them clean up, after all everyone in the resturant had SEEN the whole thing transpire...

*time passes slowly*

No one comes. Abigail and Katie dont know WHAT to do...they are horribly embarrassed...two incounters in one meal time is too much for them to handle...they leave a large amount of money on the table and leave....hoping that a very large tip will at least ease THEIR minds about the whole affair....

of course, it amount of money or sushi in ones stomache can fully get a person over such a traumatic experience....katie had to get a mint chocolate chip java shake to help the situation....and Abigail had to write this blog....and while both exercises did ease the pain to the point of a dull throb....both were left with the realization that they wouldnt be eating sushi for a very long time to come, and THAT was hard to bare.
Posted by: Abigail / 2:08 PM

August 06, 2005

take a deep breath....

I love it when you have your itunes on random and all the songs that come on are REALLY relevant...makes you feel a little more hopeful:

Why do all the Nations, Handel.
Fix You, Coldplay
Borrow Mine, Bebo Norman
Get some sleep, Bic Runga
Sweet Surrender, Sarah McLachlan
Your Presence, Jeremy Camp

I am truly truly blessed to have wonderful friends, friends who I can feel their love, understanding and support even from thousands of miles away. I guess God knew I couldnt do it alone.

never one to mince words

I was updating my backup copy of my blog today...and minus the two months I lost during the horrible episode of losing version 1.1....I have written 558 pages of text in 12pt. font....with a total of 964,866 words.

I think thats probably pretty lame and not something I should be proud of. ;-)


What is wrong with me, to spend my days wishing for things I know I do not want?
What is wrong with me, to spend my day desiring that which I do not need?

Today, I woke up in a foul mood, a mood I didnt want to break.
but then I was given a belated graduation gift...poems....

The future is a blank without a view.
That which I wanted most, You have denied;
I cannot understand ( and I have tried);
there's nothing I can do but wait on You.

Earth offered much, and I had, lingering long
outside her lighted windows, wistful gorwn-
till at my side I heard a voice-Your own.
Lord, how could I resist a love so strong?

Take all away. I am content to know
such love is mine-for life is all too brief
to grieve for pleasures bringing only grief;
give me but You; it is enough just so.

Enough-and more! Such love in You keeps growning-
in You I find my deepest joy complete,
all longing satisfied, and pain made sweet;
in You my cup is filled to overflowing.
~Ruth Bell Graham

Yes, all to often I get caught up in the world and the selfish desires of my heart...but just as often the Lord is faithful to remind of His All Incompassing Love.

August 05, 2005


Originally uploaded by abigailsday.
I remembered this picture after I posted sort of goes along the theme of my crazy hair...

this was in Italy, I had just leaned over the bed to pick something up...and when I stood back up my hair had attached itself quite firmly to my skirt clasp that had been on the bed....hehehe

oh where is my hairbrush?

So, anyone that knows me even "sorta"...can tell you that I dont brush my hair very often...I am a big fan of the "smoothing" method and the "run fingers through tangles" method (which is the major secret behind the reason I have long can get away with these methods)...but today when I found a "This end up" sticker in my hair...i had wonder, just how long had it been there?!

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Sooooo, its friday, right? And NOT monday? This is lucky...because if this was monday morning I. Could. Not. Face. Today.

I woke up this morning in my normal groggy-I-cant-believe-its-already-freakin-7AM to the odd sensation that I had forgotten something... turns out, I had...

:flashback to 6:50PM the following day:

I was talking to katie on the phone about apartments when I realized I was suppose to meet my sister at 7 to see The I told Katie I would call her back on my cellphone and I ran into my room to grab my scrubs for the next day since I was going to stay with my sister that night...

:back to 7:10AM today:

As I put my socks on I get this sinking feeling that, yes, I DID forget to pick up my running shoes that I wear to work....and when I got to my car ( the place they MIGHT be) my fear was fulfilled.

And that is how I went to work with light pink flats on with my Black and Red scrubs.

Also, while I was getting ready for work, I realized that my deoderant was on its last "twist" Deo....luckily, my sister has this little basket of mini versions of all sorts of things like toothpaste and mouthwash...and luckily deoderant. Unluckily it was Old Spice...which is why I now smell like a cheap guy. meeeeh....which the smell on top of what happened next is making me feel ill.

When I arrived at work I found that the air conditioner was not working in the reading room...making it extreeeemly hot and stuffy ( there are no windows so that it is completely dark).
*I can really smell myself now and its making me sick. I am starting to think sweat would smell better. :-(

So, there I am at work at 7:20AM, wearing light pink flats and oldspice deoderant standing in a very hot room. I have to go get the morning round of films from the I head down to get the cart. When I come back to the reading room, I try the door to find that the lock had stuck when I had unlocked it meaning I got in once, but then leaving again locked it...
So, there I was standing outside the reading room, wearing light pink flats oldspice deoderant which is now stronger because I am probably sweating because of the insane heat with 30 minutes before my doctors are due to arrive. *sigh*

Thanks to my mother who brought me decent shoes, thanks goodness Dr. Avery was early to work, and thankgoodness the air conditioner is working...because I still have 9 more hours of this.

August 03, 2005

straight from the (handwritten) journal...

Ps 25:18) Look upon my affliction and my distress and take away all my sins.... 20) Guard my life and rescue me; let me not be put to shame, for I take refuge in you.May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope is in you. Redeem Israel, O God,from all their troubles!

August 02, 2005

Change of plans....


So, I went to the doctor today...and I have some sort of medicine that I am suppose to take three times a day to prevent kidney I was told that having a kidney stone for so long isnt doing any perment damage...unless its over a month, which means I will be getting an x-ray in a few weeks to make sure this baby is gone...if not....well.....

Anyway, I am a bit bumed because I had plans to go to "Gaily-poo"'s daughters wedding this weekend, see my Aunt Donnave and Uncle Jim as well as my cousin. But Ryan ( my cousin) called this afternoon to say that he wouldnt really be around this weekend-which took away one of my main reasons for going....but then, I still wanted to go to the wedding....but, now, thinking about the possiblity of having pain while driving three hours by myself is probably not the wisest decision on my part....sooooooooo.....Aunt Donnave if you are reading this, can I get a raincheck on visiting you?
BOO! :-(

August 01, 2005

Mr. Monday.

BOOO! Is it just me, or does it always seems like I go in to work for half a day, and then, an hour before I get to leave I get a call asking me to stay all day? And doesnt this always seem to happen on Mondays???

Today thus far:

I was shaking up my little bottle of White-out ( or twink or whatever you people in NZ call it) and sadly the lid was not on very tight. This would be why I have white paint all over my hands at the moment.

We have a brand-spanking new doctor who started work today. It is a HORRIBLE thought when *i* know more about what is going on then he does. meh.

I also really really need some cafeine. I am going to die. I am sooo sleepy! Its amazing how, just the THOUGHT of getting to have a nap...and then having that dream makes you all the more sleepy....

OK, so enough about me whining and complaining ;-)
( just so you know...I started this blog at 10AM this morning and now its I've been interrupted a fair number of times ;-) )

This weekend I watched a ton of movies-or at least that is how it felt. I was sort of on this weird action movie kick and this is the result.
Underworld: Somehow, in the year 2003 I missed seeing this movie...I was probably either between countries ( I missed a lot of movies this way!) or I was doing something super productive like studying.
But since none of that applies to me anymore ( I am no longer productive. hehe) I decided to see it. I was reminded of its very existence because I read a press-release on the sequal which is coming out...sometime anywho...I enjoyed it. It was one of those fun, action-packed movies that has a realitively lame plot but had some totally cool scenes...actually, the opening scene was one of the coolest when Selene drops from about 10 stories up to the ground where she lands on two feet. very fun.

Kill Bill Vol.1: This is another movie from 2003 that I somehow missed...actually at the time, I remember not wanting to see it...I just didnt want to see all that blood....buuuut, like I said I was in the mood for some action this weekend ( that sounds bad!) and so I rented it. I have to say, I actually got BORED...during several of the fighting scenes, but I had to appreciate, from a Film students perspective, all the great nodes to different film styles etc. in that respect the movie was very clever and funny.

The Transporter: Ok, so last week I went and saw The Fantastic Four...and there was a preview before the movie that looked like SO much fun! and then it came to the part where it says the name of the movie and it was "The Transporter 2" and I was like "Whoooa, there is a one?! where was *i*?" So I went out and rented was such a great ride! I have been a big fan of Jason Statham ever since he played Handsome Rob in the Italian I totally enjoyed this movie, and I am not ashamed to say that I am looking forward to The Transporter 2.

MI2: This was the only movie I watched this weekend that I had actually seen before, but I couldnt remember anything about it....which is why Anna and I rented it. Anna mentioned that she had noticed that Jordan had mentioned on his blog that his favorite movie was M:I2, so we decided to watch it again, since we couldnt remember ANYTHING about it besides these two facts, Abigail: "I remember something with motorcycles." Anna: " There was a cave in it." In the end we were both right...there was a cave and a huge motorcycle chase...and it was a fun movie and we came up with several good reasons for it to be Jordan's favorite movie, although I wouldnt say I would add it to MY top 10 list.

Thus ended my action packed weekend.