May 27, 2010


Lately I've had the most intense sweet tooth ever. I blame being pregnant...but whatever the case, I'm pretty sure that even if I wasn't pregnant I know that I would still love the Snicker's Bar Dark.

Dark chocolate Snickers Bars?!? Yes please.

Go get one. You can thank me later.

May 25, 2010

Facebook Favor...

So, do me a part of my campaign of getting my mom and my sister set up with their very own facebook accounts so that I can be in EVEN BETTER TOUCH with both of them...I would like my own facebook friends to head on over to my facebook page and make a comment on my current status ( or you can comment here if you're too lazy for that), all I need you to say/agree to is that you really wish YOU could be facebook friends with my mom and sister too!!!

( if you don't know them, that's ok..this doesn't apply to you-unless you WANT to be facebook friends with them anyway...)

May 24, 2010

the ten o'clock headlines

Fair warning people, this post has no central point except that its all things that I want to talk about...

First of all, and least important, I watched the last episode of Lost yesterday and while I appreciated it on several levels for bringing people back together, satisfying my need for happy endings, and making me cry several bucket loads while sitting alone in my house in the middle of the day....I still am not entirely sure what happened or what the last four years of shows have been about. I'm hoping one of my smart friends will explain it to me some day soon....but until then, I must give the show major props for keeping me entertained for MOST of its four seasons.

And speaking of good plot lines, I have been getting phone calls and emails from friends and family over the last day or so to exclaim about the recent engagement announcement of my friends Paul and Lydia. For those of you who do not know Paul or Lydia, the reason for the extra excitement has been because of the CRAZINESS of their romance. In fact, its so dramatic and incredible it probably deserves its own blog post....but for the moment let me just say that Paul is a friend of mine from Texas and Lydia was my very first friend in New Zealand-they met at Brett and my wedding and did not see each other again until Paul sold all his possessions ( ok, probably not, but this is my story so that's how I'm telling it) and moved to New Zealand...where, only a few weeks later he proposed. Seriously people. You can't make this kind of romantic gold up!!
Let me just say that the wedding toast is writing itself here...

Ok next, my wonderful friend Katie who I met in Washington and now, sadly, lives in Kentucky just started up her very own photography business!! You really should head over to her website and check out some of the first pictures she's posted!


So, Brett and I are sitting on the couch watching Flight of the Concords when we hear this horrible crash...and come to find out the Graduation Verse Plaque that my home church in Texas gave me when I graduated high school had fallen off the wall and broken into a million tiny pieces of glass....

This is ridiculous since the plaque had ALREADY suffered water damage when I moved from Texas to Washington several years ago, and yet I had hung it up on the wall anyway...I mean, what are a few water marks when you can look at all the verses that each family in the church had lovingly picked out for you, right?!?

Anyway, I'm pretty bummed about it. I had to replace it with my upside down map of the world for the time being so that the giant blank spot on the wall in front of our bed would not bum me out even further.


May 22, 2010

What's really important

Today I spent a long while working on Ransom's Baby has become VERY clear to me that I am not at all a crafty person, but lucky for me my baby book is quite cute and therefore can distract from my sad efforts, and I will also not loose sight of the fact that I'm having a son and I really doubt he'll care much about any cuteness scale in relations to this book...So, instead I'll focus on content-because I would like to think, whether boy or girl, people like to know where they came from and get a little "buried treasure" look at their life before they remember it...I have very fond memories of sitting with my parents reverently looking through my baby book, reading the stories my mom wrote about me, looking at pictures of Yeah. I was a TAD self-involved. hehe!
Annnyway, so in the hopes of making sure our child starts out on the right foot and stays grounded as he looks through his baby book, I will be including this picture:

Circa November 2009

May 21, 2010

A Fan Fan

And no I did not accidentally repeat a word just now. I'm actually a hug ol' fan of the box fan. That lulling sound of constant whirring?! TOTALLY puts me to sleep...which is a bad thing when you're trying to use the fan to just cool you down, NOT put you to sleep....
Which was me today.

Its currently 87 degrees outside and its about 68 degrees inside ( YESSSSS! THAT'S RIGHT! ARMY, YOU'RE PAYING FOR THIS ELECTRIC BILL, NOT ME!!) and yet I have still had two little melt downs today. Not of the physiological kind but the sweating kind.

I blame Ransom. He's like carrying an electric blanket around your middle. And yes, I DO realize its only going to get worse ( I'm not sure why people feel the need to remind me of this...)

And so I've plugged in the box fan and I am currently sitting directly in front of it on my swiss exercise ball ( also known as a "birthing ball" in hardcore maternity circles). And this is how I roll....( no pun intended) chillin in front of the fan.

May 20, 2010

Famous by Wilson standards

One thing I wasn't able to have at the Fancy Pants Apartment in Washington was my wall of pictures ( or wall of fame as I like to call it in my head), this was because the fancy pants people were against putting holes in the walls. ( laaaaame). But, now that we're here in a house that was built in the 1920s and has had many many holes put in its walls over the years, I was able to finally bring out the pictures once again.
I like having a mix of picture sizes and picture subjects-but for the most part I have tried to capture the people and places that make our life grand. Its a work in progress because so is our lives, and so new pictures are going up all the time. It never fails to make me happy to look up and see so many wonderful memories in one happy place.

Here's our dining room "Wall of Fame"

May 19, 2010

Bad fiction, life lessons

So, this was bound to happen. I blog for two days in a row and then the third day happens and I'm in a total funk. I personally like to blog when I'm in a GOOD mood ( either that or I like to blog when I'm in a self-righteous rage...because those rants are usually comic gold later on. But anyways). However, I am in in neither today.

But, since we're here and I made a "commitment" to writing and all...I figured I'd write something.

So, here's a little story for you. A little while ago I read some really ( seriously, really) bad Christian fiction that had been recommended to me by a dear friend. It was a series of books ( well, there were two, which I guess counts as a series these days) and I got through the first one only by shear will power. It was SO badly written and so cheesy that I felt continually insulted by the author. As though he was laughing at me as he wrote saying things like, "Mmmwwwhahha! Abigail will waste perfectly good hours of her perfectly good day in reading this particular book-I should make it EXTRA bad! I will add MORE superlatives and more cheesy predictable plot "twists"

Anyway, I finished that first book ( because I'm a FINISHER PEOPLE! THAT'S RIGHT!) and I was bemoaning to Brett about the second book that I was now going to have to read and he made the most amazing suggestion:

And I said, "But, what if our friend asks me what I think?!?! I mean, should I tell her that I hated the first one SO MUCH that I didn't read the second one?!?! What will she think of me?!?"

And to prove his point ( that I should NOT base any friendship on bad fiction), Brett read the back of the second book aloud to me.

Now, its been a little while since I've looked at these books and to be totally honest I "lost them" in a move several moves back so I sadly cannot give you an exact quote...but here's the gist of what the little synopsis on the back cover said:

We rejoin our heroine, Rachel in her first year of marriage to the dashing ( add some other insipid descriptors here) Robert-however their married bliss is cut short when Robert looses his professorship at the university because of his faith ( does that even HAPPEN?) just when Rachel realizes that they are expecting their first child....( it went on for a while talking about the different troubles they face) and then here comes the CRUNCHER: the last line, the line that's suppose to hook me into reading the book...the big question that we want the author to answer by writing this book is..."WILL God provide for Rachel and Robert?! Read this harrowing book to find out! was bad. And Brett and I sat on the couch for ages laughing at the line "WILL God provide?!" and whoever was the creative genius who thought THAT was a good cliff hanger! I mean, OBVIOUSLY God would provide and so...thankfully, I did not have to put myself through the torment of reading this bad piece of fiction-

But, one good thing came from all that....every so often when comic relief is needed Brett or I will bust out with a little "WILL God provide?!" in a good movie trailer voice. And then we laugh.

But you know what, sometimes, we as Christians DO seem to think that that is a legit cliffhanger for our lives! We start to actually wonder if, when we reach the final chapters, God will actually pull through. And yet, ultimately I should laugh. I should laugh when Brett and I both get furrowed brows in regards to our futures. And right now we're faced with a whole lot of whatifs and waitandsees. I feel like every day when Brett comes home from work he has more and more weight sitting on his shoulders as he gets closer to the end of his current course and faces a whole lot of uncertainty in the future. But, tonight as I sit here pondering it all I am reminded of that cheesy line and how I don't have to read the book to be certain of the answer for us. I know that at the end of the Brett and Abigail chapters there will be a big, "And God provided."

May 18, 2010

Button love

So, my totally talented and awesome friend Karissa designed a button for my blog! This way anyone who feel so inclined can have a cutiest link to my blog on their personal page or blog! YAY!

Here is Karissa's blog button:

Being a Better Wife

And feel free to grab one of my cute new buttons over on the side bar!!

Morning Props

I've got to give a little shout out to Ruby Love Designs where I got my totally adorable Modern Baby Book. I fell in love as soon as I saw it, and thanks to my WONDERFUL grandfather-who let me pick out any baby book I wanted! I was able to get it!!

I gotta tell you I was really relieved when I came across these minimalist, yet stylish baby books because I had started to wonder if such a thing existed! It seemed that there were TONS of cute girly baby books out there but once you got to the boys section they were either waaaay to babyish or just UGLY.
But, Ruby Love Designs had SO many great choices and colors it was actually difficult for me to pick one! But, pick I did and once it arrived in the mail I have been itching to get started on it...

And so I got out my "fancy pens" and began the process of filling in some of the "pregnancy pages", you know the whole "When did Mommy tell Daddy that she was pregnant with you?" type things. It was fun filling it all in, fun until I made a tiny little mistake on one of the pages. At first I tried to convinced myself that it was no big deal, my child would understand, that such things would only happen with more and more frequency as he got older and so he should learn right away that his mother is ditzy....but I was starting to obsess over it and so I emailed Ruby Love Designs and asked if there was anyway I could purchase a replacement page. Now, the other great thing is that Ruby Love Designs actually makes all sorts of insert pages that you can get along the way if you find you need them...even "My time in the NICU" pages if you baby has to spend some time there. Or extra Baby Shower pages if you're having multiple showers. Pretty cool!
But, anyway, back to my silly dilemma. I got a response right away, and they are sending me a FREE replacement page because of my silly mistake. So, at least for the time being Ransom's baby book can go back to being "perfect". Just like the kind of mother I least until he's born. ;-)

Check out this great little company if you get the chance....I'm totally sold!

A look on the inside ( sorry its blurry, my iphone didn't enjoy taking this picture...):

May 17, 2010

This week I've decided to blog every day. I use to do this all the time. I don't know what happened. Its not like I don't have the time! Sooooo, for lack of other feelings of productivity I will post something ( its value and content is not guaranteed) each day this week...or at least until Friday. Weekends I'm not so sure about...

This is mostly because the Bible study that we're involved with is for Airborne Students. Basically we get soldiers for three weeks-while they are in Airborne school and then they move on. It can be pretty exciting to see peoples lives change in a short amount of time, but its also challenging because you DO have such LIMITED time with these people! And you NEVER feel like you can take a week to slack off...because, its literally going to be one of your three chances with a person.
Annnyways, things are always a little fast paced but things are even MORE fast paced in the summer months because that's when we get TONS ( and i mean tons) of ROTC and Westpoint cadets who come to Airborne school during their summer break! This extra exciting for me because there are a lot more girls than we normally have...but it also means that when I normally am just supporting Brett in ministering to guys now we've got guys AND girls that we're trying to reach out to and love on! It got a little crazy at our house this weekend.

And of course, THIS would be the week that I'm suppose to share at Bible study! Why didn't I get to share on one of those weeks when we had like ten people total? Unlike last week when we had about forty. Meh. Scary! But, at the same time I've been excited to share what God has taught me over the last 6 months or so and I'm finally getting the opportunity so I should be happy I am getting to share it with so many....nope. I'm still a little nervous.

May 16, 2010

Midnight in the House of Good and Evil

There are some natural phenomenon that I have yet to understand or be able to explain even a little bit. And one such event is the "smoke detectors only run out of battery in the middle of the night."

Seriously, its a fact. I have yet to meet a smoke detector that went out in the middle of the day after a full nights sleep and maybe breakfast and some coffee...THEN the smoke detector starts doing its intermittent beeping routine to get your attention.

Nope, instead the smoke detector sits quietly in a yet to be discovered room and waits until you're settling into bed for the night. And juuuuuust when you're starting to drift off....BEEEEEP.....silence.
At first you think maybe you are crazy and you dreamed it, just go back to sleep Abigail it was noth-BEEEEEEEPPP!
OK, you definitely heard it this time. And so you sit up and you wait in the darkness for it to go off again.

And that's the other thing. There seems to be no pattern or rhyme or reason to the beeping. I mean, I understand the whole "program the smoke detector to beep when the battery runs down" business otherwise we'd all die in house fires ( or something), But I DO NOT understand the fact that the beeping will wait for many a long minute before beeping again. And then next time maybe it'll beep twice in the spain of two minutes ( just for the heck of it) and then be silent for 20 minutes. HONESTLY! WHY?!?!

So, this all happened last night, and Brett and I both got out of our ultra comfy bed and walked around the house trying to decern which smoke detector was the culprit. Finally it was decided that it must be the one in the hallway ( even though we hadn't caught it red handed just yet) since every time the beeping would go off while we were around one of the other detectors we KNEW it was coming from somewhere else.
So there was Brett...standing on a chair with a drill screwing the screws of out of our smoke detector, at midnight, me standing below him for moral support when Jaymon comes home.
Now, Jaymon is the Lieutenant who is living in our attic. He's a great guy who's desire to learn more about Jesus made him make the crazy decision to live with Brett and his crazy pregnant wife, in their attic. So yeah. Good guy.
And not to mention really funny. This guy has some serious comedic timing. In fact, Brett and I have decided that he is not unlike Kramar from Seinfeld because he has this habit of coming into the room with something random already coming out of his in point:
Brett's on the chair, in the hallway maiming a smoke detector. Its after midnight.
Jaymon comes in...surveys the scene and instead of asking any of those inquiring minds would like to know type questions he busts out with, "Check out my new awesome linen pants!!! Whadda ya think?!!"
And then sticks out a leg all model-like so we can see....

You would have thought that Brett and I had waited up for him for the specific purpose of seeing his new pants and were just "killing time" by murdering a smoke detector while we waited.

Anyway, you probably had to be there to see the humor. Or you at least need to be sleep deprived and assulted by a smoke detectors beeping for an hour to FULLY see the absurdity in the situation. But just take my word for it. Jaymon's an interesting dude. He makes our lives infinitely more fun.

OK, so back to the smoke detector. Brett sufficiently killed the smoke detector in the hallway and I had gotten back in bed, and Brett had gone to the bath room....we had not heard the beeping for a good twenty-five minutes so we felt like we were safe again....but nooooo..


For reals?!? The whole time we were destroying the hallway smoke detector ( which probably took a good 15 minutes to do) the TRUE culprit had waited patiently and in silence in the other bedroom. It then waited until we'd gotten down off the chair, admired Jaymon's linen pants, and put away the screw driver and drill, it then waited until I had climbed BACK into bed and Brett had gone into the bathroom...AND THEN IT GOES OFF.

Do not tell me that smoke detectors do not have brains and aren't vindictive for no reason, because I WILL NOT BELIEVE YOU.

May 13, 2010

The Big stuff

So this week has been super de-duper fast like in speed and I can hardly believe that tomorrow is Friday! Gah! And I totally planned on posting more this week! Who knows what happened?!

Anyways, on Monday I put all my "plans" for the day on hold and spent it with a friend who just had a baby two weeks ago. Lucky for me ( not so for her), she and her hubs are down to one car and she needed a ride to her two week baby doctors appointment. And then, because she's been literally trapped in her own home with a newborn for two weeks straight, we went out to lunch to celebrate her sons two pound weight gain ( yeah, I think he's thriving, all right! hehe). It was fun getting to hang out with her and wee little James, but also definitely mind blowing to think that I will be in her shoes in just three months! Whoooooa.

The rest of the week was filled with lots of little blessings like...we got a new chair for the living room ( and for those of you who love "the old chair" as much as I do, don't worry...we didn't get rid of it...its living in the baby's room now) that Brett and I randomly found at Target. I'll have to take a picture of the chair for you, but I really like it-mostly because Brett and I can both sit comfortably on it together. Albeit you have to really like the person you're sitting with, but my point is that its a BIG chair, and I like BIG chairs.
In fact, to make sure that the chair was big enough, Brett and I took it for a test run in the middle of the Target home section and a woman walked by and was like, "Wow, now THAT'S what I call a cheap date!" Which I gotta agree, it WAS sorta perfect...just sitting there....watching the shoppers go by....

After the arrival of the new chair things only got BETTER...when our BABY furniture arrived!! WOOO! My sweet sweet parents bought it for us, and I am SO excited about getting it all set up!! And by getting it all set up, I mean Brett getting it all set up...hahaha! His parental duties of putting together furniture and toys has only JUST begun...
Until we get OUR furniture set up, here's a picture of a fake baby room:

And put a little cherry on top, our Washer and Dryer that we bought three weeks ago finally arrived. I didn't know that I could love an appliance ( other than my red kitchenaid mixer), but I gotta admit...I have a serious crush on this washer and dryer. Here's a picture I took with my phone while they were quietly getting two weeks worth of dirty clothes all beautiful and clean....

May 10, 2010

by 3rds

So, woo HOO! Third Trimester! Here we are!!

I gotta tell you, when I saw the little count down switch over from "2nd" to "3rd" it was met with mixed emotions. On one hand I'm like "YES!!! One step closer!!"
but on the other hand there are moments when I'm majorly freaked out about this whole "having a baby" thing.

Whatever the mood though, the thought process is surely interrupted by Ransom kicking me. Which is his new favorite thing to do. That or doing cartwheels in my stomach. He's a fan. A big fan.

In fact, last night I had my iphone perched on my stomach as a laid in bed. ( its quite the handy little shelf) And my phone literally JUMPED off my stomach. Thus, Brett and I spent a good twenty minutes just sitting and watching my phone jump around.
Good times, good times.

I did make a few mistakes this weekend that I SERIOUSLY paid for....number one was having MEGA spicy Thai food for dinner on Friday night, and then waking up on Saturday morning with an urge for a Starbucks latte ( this is pretty odd since I haven't really had starbucks since becoming pregnant) and even though I had a decaf-I suffered the serious acid reflux results of those culinary delights. UGG!

And so pregnancy passes....I'm sure one day I will look back on these moments with great nostalgia so I might as well enjoy the waddling while I can....

May 07, 2010


I'm such a big fan of things being in their place...which is why, so far, in the unpacking process the moment that made me THE most happy was organizing all of our various computer accouterments into an old shoe organizer that I have long since outgrown ( too many shoes...)

Cameras, ipods, odd cords, external harddrives...they all have their spot.

Here is a picture

May 05, 2010

Comedy of Errors. Mostly the errors part

So, I haven't blogged in a while-this has a lot to do with the whole "no internet" in our new house situation-which, while we GOT internet yesterday my router isn't working properly making wireless nearly impossible except RIGHT NEXT TO THE INTERNET MODEM. ( ummm...we don't call that "wireless" where I'm from). So yeah, need to work on that... apparently my Apple Airport Extreme has an expiration date that I didn't know about?!?

Annnyways, this was not the purpose of this post to expound on my current annoyances. NO! Instead it was to tell you what's been happening the last...ooooh a WEEK! First of all, my cold that I'd had for two weeks decided to try something new and went for FULL BLOWN SINUS INFECTION. Of course, this was awesome, perfect timing since I had tonzo to do last week in preparation for our move on Friday...and so, I admit, I probably let the thing go on a little too long. *sigh* It wasn't until Thursday that I called the doctor and complained and they told me to take Tylenol Cold and Sinus until Monday ( to see if it didn't get better)....ummm...yeah, we both knew that wasn't going to work, but I played along with the triage nurse and waited until Monday to call back literally BEGGING for an appointment. Sickness 3, Healthcare Providers 0

So, we moved...and for the most part our things came through the two moves they've been through in their current boxes without too much damage. Of course, we have literally NO furniture left that doesn't have SOME sort of scuff or scratch on it...but, such is the life of furniture that moves almost every year...and, so far the only MAJOR damage is the glass from the coffee table was broken in two. Bummer. Add a new coffee table to the list of things we need....
But, other than THAT...things like my beautiful beautiful red and white dishes...all beautifully intact! That's success! And really let's not forget how HAPPY I AM TO BE HERE WITH ALL OUR THINGS!!!!
And then, the air conditioner froze up! And then when it was defrozen it leaked water through the floor of our entry way!! AWESOME!
And by Sunday my "cold/sinus infection" had gotten so nasty that despite my best efforts I couldn't get out of bed...and so that's where I stayed, watching Season 8 of Friends on DVD, surrounded by boxes...while Brett spent literally all day doing ministry related things. House 0, Life 10.

This brings us right on into Monday and the most GIANT thunderstorm ever. But, I was not to be deterred by rain, NO SIREE!! I had THINGS TO DO! Like, I had to get groceries so we'd stop eating out, and I had to go to the doctor, and I had to get a plaque ordered for a guy who's retiring ( long story)....and, you wanna know the amazing thing?!?! Living on post is AWESOME! I got ALL those things done ( while getting soaked with rain each time), but in the most TIMELY MANNER EVER! It make SUCH a difference not living 30 miles away from everything!!! House 1, Life 1

And the BEST PART about Monday was that God answered some SERIOUS PRAYERS on my part, and Brett got off work early so that HE could drive me to Atlanta Airport ( two hours away) in the pouring down rain, to pick up Bethany...instead of ME having to do it all white knuckled and snotty. Seriously. Huge Blessing. God 50, Army 1, Life 0

Now, for the best part about last week ( other than the fact that I really do love our new home...and can tell that once I get everything 'sorted', I will be expounding my love even, the VERY BEST part about last week was that my sister had her baby girl! That's right!!! I'm an aunt again! And I gotta tell you, I'm totally in love with her even though she's all the way over in stupid Texas ( stupid because its not next door)....and I'm SO GLAD my sister had to go through this whole "giving birth" and "living through the first week" thing before me. Honestly, there's a reason why I was the second born and not the first born and GOD KNEW I needed Anna to go first in all these life changing things. ;-)

So, I'll leave this post of messiness with something truly great:
Kilsyth ( pronounce "Kil-syth ( like the Syth Lord from Starwars), Jane ( after my grandmother), Middlebrook....who's iphone pictures have gotten me through the messiest parts of this past this one, HOW AWESOME!