January 29, 2010

Like pulling teeth

That particular idiom has a WHOLE NEW meaning to me now that I've had a tooth pulled from my scull. It was intense. And apparently that tooth did NOT WANT TO GO. Sure, it didn't hurt thanks to that tooth numbing needle that they injected me with first, but who really needs pain when you've got this lovely thing called "pressure"?!? If pressure means literally pulling someone up from their chair by their very tooth...well than, wow, I've never felt pressure until now....

Which, incidentally, I was reminded with perfectly clarity after reading my comments after my last post-WHY I had waited so long to have my wisdom teeth removed-thanks to my friendship with Amy and remembering how she seriously ALMOST BLEED TO DEATH after her wisdom teeth were removed, I did not relish the thought of going into the chair myself. So thanks, Amy. Thanks for being one of the reasons behind my procrastination!

But, now that it's all said in done, it really wasn't so bad...my "hole" doesn't even hurt that bad, I mean, sure, I can't open my mouth very wide, but other than that I'm pretty much back to normal. So that's done. We can check "remove one wisdom tooth" from my to do list. Now on to bigger and better things.

I have a deadline looming at work, plus two parties to throw next weekend ( a baby shower and a super bowl party)...busy, busy, busy!

January 27, 2010

The loss of wisdom

So, after much procrastination ( read: 6 years)...I am finally getting my wisdom teeth taken out. Well, I'm getting one taken out tomorrow, because it literally cant wait. That's right! I procrastinated so long that its actually risking my other teeth!! oops.
And then I'll have the other three out after I deliver a child. And after delivering a child, pulling teeth should be comparatively easy.
Anyway, I'm now celebrating the fact that I finally went to the dentist ( I hate the dentist), I'm eating sour skittles. Awesome, because there is nothing like coating your freshly cleaned teeth with an extra layer of sugar. haha!!
Seriously though, I found a really cool dentist who actually spends a lot of his time donating his dentistry services to mission organizations, traveling to third world countries to donate his skills! Pretty cool!

In other news, I just watched the video for the new ipad, I gotta admit it looks cool...but NOT cool enough to get one, the whole time I was watching the informational video I just kept thinking that with my laptop and my iphone I have all those features. It seems down right frivolous. I guess our economy isn't doing THAT badly if we can have something like this on the market.

January 25, 2010

Costco and too much fluff.

That's right, Karissa and I are braving it out in the "real world" and heading to Costco in "the big city" tomorrow. Yes, we're gonna drive two hours to get there. And yes, that's a long freakin way to go for bulk goods...but sometimes you have to take your adventures where you can get them and mine is coming in the form of a needless roadtrip ( for me, anyway...I think karissa ACTUALLY needs dog food..) trip.

On the flip side today I didn't get much further than the mail box, when I went out to post some letters...so yes. Life. It's pretty exciting.

But, luckily I do have a reason to put on non-elastic pants, today. I've got a "wives get to know you" dinner for the other Captain's wives who are currently here for the Career Course ( FYI: that's what Brett is currently doing all day, every day.), and I'm generally excited about that. I mean, I'm all about mingling and getting to know new people...its just I don't feel particularly "cute" these days. My shirts fit all weird and my pants fit all weird too. Life is not looking cute. Being pregnant is NOT cute. The worst part is that no one would possibly know that I am preggers by looking at me...they would just think I'm "fluffy around the edges" which...I AM. I TOTALLY AM.


I wish I could just skip to being a hot mother of a three year old. ;-)
( that's the age that I predict I'll get my figure back.)

January 20, 2010


So, BOY-all those days when I didn't leave the house or talk to anyone but Brett-well, I completely made up for them today!

We currently have three guys staying in the bunk house, not to mention the guy who's staying the guest bedroom, plus we got a surprise evening with three guys who just graduated one of the schools here at Benning and had an evening pass and wanted to spend their time chilling in our living room -and this was all after I spent the day with a brand-new army wife and then rushed to the grocery store for extra food ( see above guests) and then rushed home to have a work meeting. This was followed by three conversations on Skype with great friends, followed by three conversations on ichat with three other great friends.

And now I'm POOPED.


Luckily I only felt mildly queasy while all of that was happening so YAY for Hiphopopotamus letting me GET THINGS ACCOMPLISHED for the second day in a row.
That's right, the SECOND DAY. Yesterday I had a chiropractor's appointment ( which means I had to put on real person clothes at a decent hour), a lunch date, grocery shopping and then spent the evening playing cards with the Woods. POSITIVELY A WHIRL OF ACTIVITY.
I mean, normally pick just ONE of those actions and that would be IT for a WHOLE entire DAY, but no....no, I have been doing them ONE right after the OTHER...without even taking a nap in between.

I know.


And now its 9:30, which means its bed time. ( we can't change EVERYTHING about me!! they call them "baby" steps for a reason) haha!

January 18, 2010

You are what you eat

So, the last week I have been experience what I would call my first cravings. I say that because up until now I have hated all foods and the thought of all foods. For me, someone who loves food, this was very distressing. So its nice to at least have my appreciation back, even if my stomach has not commiserated completely as of yet.

ANYWAY. So I will now tell you the things that I have craved and see if you can see any sort of pattern:

Cinnamon Rolls
Homemade Biscuits
Bacon, Egg, Cheese Biscuits from MacDonalds
Frozen Waffles ( i.e. Eggos)

So, if this list is at ALL telling, I can already foresee what type of baby I'm going to have: A Breakfast Baby.

P.S. The only things I've actually GOTTEN on my list are the cinnamon rolls ( because I was at the store when I thought of them the first time.) and PopTarts ( because the stupid ghetto store that is near us did NOT sell Frozen Waffles-which is what I wanted more than ANYTHING IN THE WORLD). It is very hard to be pregnant and live in the middle of nowhere. I feel as though I know EXACTLY how Laura Ingles felt on Little House on the Prairie. hehe

January 14, 2010

Dress for success

So, kids, I don't know if you know this-but working from home is THE BEST. I don't know what you do for a living, but you should really see if you can finagle a way to do whatever that is at home, because there is nothing like working in your PJs. But, I must tell you-be careful, otherwise you'll end up in the spot I did a few days ago:

Imagine its 11:15 in the morning and imagine that Abigail is lounging on her bed ( in her PJs) checking her emails-because that's the norm for most days ( I know, you're jealous of my life...tell me about it later). Now, imagine that she starts getting emails from the higher-ups saying they're trying to put together a video meeting so that Abigail can meet some other people that she'll be working with at "headquarters" ( that sounds fancy doesn't it?)-and even if it doesn't sound fancy, Abigail had the knowledge and knowhow to realize that MOST people who have jobs on a weekday at 11:15 are NOT wearing their PJs....But NO BIGGIE, the meeting wasn't going to be until tomorrow so she was safe!

Safe until 5 minutes later when the meeting was quickly moved to 11:30. It was now 11:25.

But, don't you worry your little head, Abigail is a smarty, she knows that her computer camera can see only "this much" of her....so she assesses the situation. She was at that moment was wearing an ( incredibly soft) t-shirt from Old Navy that had a giant ( not very classy) peace sign on it-in red, white and blue star spangled glory. This number was paired with some pink cropped paints with lace around the bottoms. But hey! No one was going to see THOSE! So, Abigail threw her hair in a pony-tail and THEN in PURE GENIUS she threw on a green scarf ( to cover up the peace sign)...and so, if she angled her computer camera just right no one would ever know that she was not meeting business casual standards....

And I really think this would have worked. I really think I would have gotten away with this plan, if there hadn't been technical difficulty....which I'll now tell you about, but first I must remind you that I actually live with my main boss...he and his wife have an apartment off of the main house, and he was the one setting up this meeting.
So when technical difficulties happened, and they couldn't support three cameras he quickly invited me over to his office to sit in front of his computer and use that camera.

And that would have been fine-but I had to walk in and sit down at the computer with people looking on. Meaning, everyone got to watch me walk in, in all my mismatched PJ glory...with an added green scarf for extra flair.


red robin knows

Somehow Red Robin Gourmet Burgers knew that I was feeling better and they sent me a coupon for a free appetizer in honor of my new found interest in food. How sweet of them.

Its for real

So, today I went to my first "exciting" OB appointment...But, first I would like to discuss the rain on my parade:

Stop asking me if I'm getting an ultrasound! I knooooow that most people, out in the real world, have fancy doctors where they get to see their baby every visit. But, I'm dealing with the military here! I will probably only get ONE ultrasound at around 20 weeks, and other than that I probably won't get any unless there are any problems or abnormalities. Now, it shouldn't really upset me-but I guess every time someone asks me for pictures I have to get myself back to being ok with the system I've been given. And for the most part I am ok with it! I mean, hey! This baby is gonna be free! And now days babies are EXPENSIVE. So I will count my blessings and be happy with what I get...

which is a heartbeat! YAY!

So, Hiphopopotamus, ( as he or she is currently named) is real...and the heartbeat was super easy to spot! She just dropped that little thing on my tummy and Bump-de-bump, we were in business. SUPER COOL! An super serial!
I still think I'm in a bit of shock about having a baby....nice that you have nine months to wrap your brain around it.
I think it was cool for Brett too...Poor guy, he's only been dealing with the NEGATIVE affects of pregnancy the last few months, so I think it was a nice change of pace for him to finally have something good happen! hahaha!

January 13, 2010

The nice things

Here is a not so great picture I'd like us to consider for the purpose of today's blog post....

I snapped this this morning when trying to get a good shot of Hunter ( the cat)-but this cat is hard to photograph because where ever you are, Hunter wants to be righthereontopofyou.

So, today we will look at two things about this picture that actually make me happy about living in Alabama/Georgia.
First, this cat.

This cat is my favorite kind of cat. I'm pretty sure he thinks he's a dog. For one thing he looooves people. And he wants to be with you as much as possible, so he's really good for a snuggle and some unconditional loving.
And two, if you go for a walk, and I'm not even kidding, this cat will GO WITH YOU.
And not just a short distance but a long ramble through the woods, and this cat will walk right along side you, no running off exploring, maybe just a few bounds ahead-but then he's back, waiting for you to catch up the pace.
Its pretty much the greatest.

And then there is the second thing that I'm loving about AL/GA....notice the SUN in this picture?! That's right, friends! As much as I bemoan the lack of coffee shops and the lack of my favorite restaurants or mountains and ocean ( ok, maybe I should stop now)....this place has sun...and in the winter time! How fabulous is that? AND speaking of the sun, it doesn't go down at 4 in the afternoon either! Which is also a plus.

So, there you have it. Some nice things about where I'm living.

January 09, 2010

Here are some not so interesting thoughts I'm going to share with you since I've banned myself from Twitter/Facebook and would normally do so there....

Tums taste SO much better than they use to. I mean, they are practically like candy. And BONUS they help me to not belch like a 300 pound man who's just eaten a dozen chili cheese dogs. SERIOUSLY. I have never been a burper. I mean, I couldn't burp if I tried. But, NOW, now I am a champion. I mean, WHO KNEW?! But, I'm pretty sure at this point I could win contests with my abilities.

Lost, what a great TV show! You can currently watch all 5 seasons that are out ( the 6th starts at the beginning of Feb) on Hulu...and I don't know what kind of TV you watch, but let me just say that this show is going to BLOW YOUR MIND. Every single season is going to seriously make your brain explode. Which, is actually nicer than it sounds. Anyway. I finished the 5th season this week in the most embarrassingly fast amount of time possible. Seriously. I don't think I did anything else.

Glee sound track, here's something that I will put on my list of things that are embarrassing and yet I am not really embarrassed about loving. Kinda like US Weekly. I mean, that's QUALITY journalism, people. QUALITY. Anyway, the glee sound track is delightful. It makes me smile every time I listen to it, and normally I'm not a person who "sings along"...but you cannot HELP but belt it out. And I have probably never wanted to be able to sing well until this music...*sigh* now I wish I could. I think it would be so satisfying. Case in point:

Target Practice

Remember how last year I had to buy Brett two guns while he was in Afghanistan? And remember how supportive and wonderful I was? And how I didn't complain about it at all?

Yeah. Me too.

Anyway, we now live out in the country where he can shoot his guns whenever he wants ( which there is no end to his delight)...and today he unwrapped one of his Golden Birthday Presents to find the PERFECT TARGET PRACTICE companion ever.

I got him a poster of Edward from Twilight with some insipid quote underneath. Brett was very excited.

I think its going to help relieve him of a lot of stress.

January 07, 2010

In a day

Thanks Hulu, Thanks so much for giving me ALL FIVE SEASONS of Lost at one time. I mean, honestly, I don't know what else I would have done today.

Well, I take that back, I did do ONE other thing. I went for a long walk with a new friend. This was nice on two levels. One, I talked to another person other than Brett-which is nice, just for varieties sake and two, I was scowled yesterday for not exercising. Which, COME ON! I do NOT feel like exercising right now! But, today, today when tempted by real live conversation with another girl I was willing to put my nausea aside and go for it! And it was good...and I only felt slightly sickish once in the thirty minutes. So score.

In other news, it could possibly snow here tonight. I'm not holding my breath, but its in the forecast....is it seriously cold everywhere in the USA right now? Amazing!

Oh, and thanks for all the lovely comments from all you lovely people! I really appreciate it-I knew I should have shared this sooner ;-)

January 06, 2010

The Big Reveal: Live it with me

So, I sorta kinda snapped out of it today-when I leaned over to pick up my bible off my bedside table and threw up instead. Well, not right then but I pretty much barely made it to the toilet.

And that's what you've been missing for the past month and a half.

I'm not entirely sure why I decided to keep it from my blog for so long, I mean, at first it was so I could tell our parents in more personal forms of communication other than an internet post ( I think everyone appreciated this. ha.) ....but then, once that was taken care of...along with a lot of other wonderful people who celebrated/were shocked, right along with us...I dont know. I don't know why I held back from blogging about it.

Until today. Today, I'm blogging about being pregnant/knocked up/with child/preggars/on the nest/expecting/ a bun in the oven/ riding the baby train.

Its kind of crazy that after blogging about college and about being out in the real world, getting a job, getting married, and countless other big changes I would now come to this-something that I hesitated to blog about.
When I was pondering it, I think the only other thing that I haven't blogged about in a very timely manner would have to be when I first started having feelings for Brett, but that was mostly because I knew he was reading my blog at the time and I didn't want to give anything away. So, that brings us to this little piece of news. I have been keeping this "little" secret from my blog for...oooooh....8 weeks.

That's right kids. I'm 10 weeks pregnant. Sooo mark your calendars ( in pencil) for the first week of August and get ready for some major changes in the Wilson household.

So, I kept it a secret a long time. And I was basically waiting to tell my blog that I was pregnant after I had my first ultra sound, you know...the one where they prove to you in no uncertain terms that you've got a little person in your tummy. But, that's not until next week, so why the early reveal after all this time? Well, that takes us back to me throwing up over my bible this afternoon...

You guys have been missing out. You've missed the Christmas where I spent MOST of my time not moving...and the other half of my time hunched over the toilet. You've missed my new bed time: 8pm. You've missed the New Years that Brett and I spent in bed...reading. And you've missed my discovery of peppermints as the best quick fix for nausea, and my wonderful ex-roommate/nurse Lindsay sending me contraband hospital remedies, and you've missed my darling husband being SO INCREDIBLY USEFUL and THOUGHTFUL you'd probably start calling him Prince Charming if you saw it, you've missed my new inability to do pretty much ANYTHING during a given day, and you've missed my new found hatred for having to stand up during a church service. You've missed my current love of PB&Js and how for a two week span all I wanted was apples ( I don't like apples normally)....

And to be honest, if next week, something goes horribly wrong and there is no little heart beat in my tummy I'd want to tell you about it. And I'd want you to know about this past month and a half so you'd know just what a journey this has already been...AND if next week I'm more excited about this pregnancy then I have been thus far...well, then-you'll know why!

So there you go. The big reveal. Now lets all count down the days until next Thursday together. ;-)

January 05, 2010

Up in the air

So, said goodbye to Tina and Wes today....they are headed back to Washington today. Bummer. I tried not to be super sad, but its hard! It was so lovely having them around. BUT! I've decided to be uplifting about life so I will not let it get me down!!

Like today, I went to the Columbus mall for the first time, and it was not half bad! I bought these totally fantastical yoga pants ( I don't do yoga, but I DO do elastic waist bands) that I am currently sporting in all their greatness. So that was good.

And now I'm home! And I got like FOUR emails today!! As in, real live, informational emails!! Apparently its a GOOD IDEA to take a break from facebook for a month ( which I am currently doing, except for the minor breakage of rules when I went on for FIVE MINUTES to look at pictures of my friend Katie's adorable son Morris...it was TOTALLY worth it, because he's the cutest thing.) because then it pushes people to ACTUALLY contact me. Or maybe its just because everyones feeling sorry for me here in Alabama....EITHER WAY, its a wonderful thing to receive some lovin' in the inbox!

In other news, we are in full swing on Brett's golden Birthday* and I'd say its going pretty well! I think the excitement of picking out a present from a mount of presents every day is pretty exciting in itself. And I must admit its driving ME a little crazy because I can hardly wait for him to get to some of the particularly GOOD presents I have mixed in there! Ahhh! I'm so bad at keeping secrets.

*Basically the idea is that your golden birthday is the year you turn the age of the date that you were born. i.e. Brett turned 26 on the 26th last year. Golden Birthday. Bam. However, he was in silly afghanistan and so we postpone the celebrating until this year. And by celebrating I mean, that, the year of your golden birthday you, traditionally, get a present a day-starting at the first of the month-until your birthday. That's 26 presents for Brett!! Talk about hitting the mother load!

January 02, 2010

an active member of society. again.

So, with this new year, I bring you new news regarding my life. TA-DA!

I got myself a job title! WOOO!

So, here's the story, hopefully answering all those pesky little questions like, "HOW?! Abigail HOW!?!"

As you know Brett and I are involved with the Army Navigators Ministry, which is part of this bigger thing called the Military Navigators Ministry, which is involved with this bigger thing called the Navigators Ministry. Anyways, since that's super clear, I'll continue by saying that recently the Military ministry did a little revamping and now our old leader from Washington, Andrew is heading up the Navy ministry ( this is super exciting and should make you want to join the navy. haha) and-more to the point of this story-Chuck ( who's house we're living in, remember?) who is the leader of the Army ministry ( keep up, I'm almost done), has put together this Army Leadership Team to help streamline to Army side of things. Annnnyway, one of the positions on this team is called, " Staff Services Liaison" and since we all know I have the proclivity for things like spreadsheets and email writing and phonecalls and organizational type things-Chuck offered me the position!

I am pretty honored to help out in the practical aspects of a ministry that believe in so much and I hope that I can be helpful to them.

And of course, one of the perks of this whole thing, is that now when people ask me what I DO all day, I can totally throw out my new handy dandy job title. Excellent.

January 01, 2010

Happy 2010

We give thanks to you O God,
we give thanks for your name is near.
We recount your wondrous deeds.
~ Ps 75

As I enter 2010, I can only thankfully look back upon 2009. A year that, for all intents and purposes, should have been pretty horrible and yet it was the year that brought my husband home, that taught me how to live alone ( all over again), it taught me about faith and about friendship and it taught me about heartache and disappointment, in 2009 I moved twice and I lived in three states ( barely, but still), and it was the year I saw miracles happen both big and little. Truly there are some wonderous deeds to be thankful for from 2009!

And I would be remiss if I did not thank my faithful blog readers for reading my 222 posts from this past year. ;-) Thanks for putting up with me! :-) All your comments and emails of encouragement, solidarity and even reprimand and annoyance were greatly appreciated.

So without further ado, here's to 2010!