January 31, 2008


So, I set my alarm, got up and made one phonecall and two texts and went right back to bed. I basically cancelled on everyone that I had plans with today- in one fell swoop. But, it was totally called for since I was pretty much up until 3 last night and then awaked again at 5 ( which is the actual time when Brett walked through the door. poor boy)...and when I awoke this morning I had a nasty feeling in my throat I just feel uggy.

BUT, it was all made totally bareable ( if not grand) by the fact that I got to hang out with Brett this morning!!! YAY!!! He got to open his birthday presents, eat lunch and then played with his birthday presents all before having to go back to work at 2pm...the fact that HE had such a nice morning pretty much made my whole day. I'm SO GLAD he's home!!!!

The point however, is that now I'm left with nothing really to do...sooooOOooo...what now?! Today should be SORTA productive, right? ;-)


Well, its a blessing I refuse to watch T.V. and that I realized a long time ago that its not good for me to watch the news... it seems that there was a big avalanche on the pass that Brett's company was driving through on their way back to Fort Lewis this evening... fortunately it missed them ( by a very close margin apparently.)... but there were some seriously scared wives. I was not one of them. I was happily ( well that's a bit of an overstatement) passing my waiting time talking on the phone with Carmi and making Brett's birthday strawberry cake truffles... totally oblivious to any danger.
I was glad that I have been able to talk to Brett several times over these last nine hours that he's been trying to get home-mostly because I have been able to calm the fears of other wives who couldn't get ahold of their husbands for whatever reason.... and this is why we have FRG! ( for those nonmilitary people, FRG stands for Family Readiness Group... and its basically made up of the wives of the service men-meeting together once a month...I confess I have a pretty bad attitude about the group because their meetings take up my valuable time with Brett...and when the guys aren't deployed I could see no reason for us meeting at all... but I take it ALL BACK...I see now the importance of such connections.

Annnnyway, I should have KNOWN something bad was going on-because I've been praying a lot harder this time around then I did the last time brett was out on the field. And it looks like prayers have been answered, while its already midnight and they are still far from being home they ARE still safe...thank goodness.

So, since I've got this time waiting for Brett...and since I definitely can't sleep ( among other things-I have had a considerable amount of sugar this evening...) I will account some of the words of wisdom that I've been given over the past few days so that I wont forget and so you can share them with me...

Someone recently sent me an email talking about how easy it is misunderstand, to be hurt and hurt forever by people around you....this particularly struck me:

If we could just see beneath, we could work to mend the wounds, to rebuild relationships, to set people free, or at the very least, to understand and extend them some grace. Instead we stumble around, unintentionally sparking off people, annoying them, hurting them, misunderstanding them, missing them. Give me eyes that can see and give other people eyes so that they can see me.

I loved that. I'm adding that to my prayers...to have eyes to see people and for people to see me....

I was also given this really good analogy of God working in our Spiritual lives...it is like building muscle. When you do weight training you are suppose to wait a day or so between training sessions for your muscles to rest and rebuild. In fact, it is during that restoring stage that the muscles rebuild themselves bigger and stronger than they were before-thus how one builds muscle in the first place...the point being the "muscle growing" happens during the rest period.... Sometimes when things seem to slow down, trials seem to be in the past and the present day doesnt seem particularly difficult ( or at least something we handle) we start to doubt whether God is still working in our lives-we start to think maybe we're getting lazy or something. No, these are just times of muscle building...times when God reinforces the lessons of yesterday, writes the words of the past pain upon our hearts so that it cannot be erased. It is the days of rest that are actually be filled with the most growing....

Eh. Unfortunately that analogy was told to me a lot better at the time...I should have written it down earlier...or at least when my brain was more awake. ( Hope Carmi will forgive me for butchering her words so badly.)

January 30, 2008

lost in a bad mood

I want a GPS for my car soooo bad. I get lost all the time. Today it was when my google maps directions failed me YET AGAIN trying to find some ladies house to drop off cookies for Brett's company. Now, I have cookies in my car and no soldiers to give them to, PLUS I just found out that the pass is closed so Brett is YET AGAIN delayed in coming home-apparently now it could be as late as 6pm before they get back to post ( and then it'll be several more hours before they can leave) and that's assuming that they're able to leave by 1pm.

I'm sad. And now I have to go to work and be "perky" for five hours.

January 29, 2008

a "wintry mix"

Every time I hear that phrase I feel like its some sort of trail mix that you make with chex cereal. Someone should really get on that.
Anyway, it is currently alternating between rain and snow outside. Its nasty. But my apartment is all toasty warm. mmmmm.

I just finished wrapping Brett's birthday presents. I mean, I realize he doesnt get home till tomorrow night, but I COULDNT WAIT ANY LONGER! I love birthdays so much! I just killed me that Brett was out on the field for his birthday...meeeh. But, he'll be home soon and then he can open up his presents and the cards that he's received. :-) Yay! And I'm making his strawberry truffles that he requested this evening/tomorrow.

I'm also making cookies for the soldiers for when they get home tomorrow...

In other news, one of my little ladies who usually comes in on Tuesdays for coffee has been really sick and has had to miss her coffee dates for the past month or so-but she was finally able to make it today. As I was leaning over the counter to hug her and tell her how happy I was that she was doing better-I had to remember just how lucky I am. My job has given me the opportunity to meet some of the most lovely people.

Today, I was also able to see my coffee house connections work for the good of someone else-Amy is going to start working there too! Yay! I think she'll be a good fit, and hopefully it'll mean I get to hang out with her even more. :-) unfortunately ( for her and me) we share similar life trials since Brett and her boyfriend Luke are both Platoon Leaders in the same unit ( different companies) and I feel for her as she starts to face some of the very same horrible-nesses that *I've* been facing for the past six months...at least she can now drown her sorrows in coffee like I do. ;-)

January 28, 2008

no sleep and snow.

This morning I rolled out of bed after only a few hours sleep-since sleep has decided to be my not-so-nice friend of late and has alluded me at all turns...

...and I found myself outside in a little mini winter wonderland. of course, here in washington everyone freaked out and were like, "whooooa its snowing...shut down everything!"-except for coffee houses of course. Which is how I ended up watching the snow come down at work and wishing I was in bed.

Today's been kinda...blah. I think its the sleep thing. Its been about a solid week now that I haven't been able to get to sleep properly. I would say it was because the side of the bed that usually hosts Brett is currently hosting his laptop ( with Felicity season 1) ...but the lack of sleep started before he left, so he's not to blame.
Of course, that doesnt mean that I'm not REALLY REALLY wishing he'd come home, like, right now. I want my person back. Brett is definitely my person.

I did, however, fall asleep at 4pm this afternoon and just woke up at 5pm feeling all discombobulated and guilty ( now I really wont be able to sleep tonight!)

Today I bought Brett's birthday present. It was fun. The guy at GameStop was so nerdy and excited about my purchase that *I* got excited too. I told him he didnt need to put the box in a bag and he was like, "No! What if you got mugged!?!"
I told him I figured that I'd make it the 3 feet to my car. Anyway, I like nerdy/geeky guys a lot. Probably why I married one. Even though I make fun of him for it-it makes my life a lot more interesting. :-) Incidentally, I think Brett's going to like his present....

January 27, 2008

I'm so tired.

I just got home from Bible Study and its 9:30....I think the major reason for my tiredness, however, is that I am fairly use to having time to myself throughout the day to "recharge" and, ummm, in the last twenty-four hours minus the 8 hours I slept I have had one and a half hours by myself. hahahaha! Yeah, I'm tired.
But, it was fun and totally worth it...and it once again proves that I loooove people and I looooove being around them.

Tonight's bible study was the second in a two-parter on the Spiritual Gifts...at the end everyone went around and named the spiritual gifts that they thought everyone had. I learned that apparently I am an enigma. I had the MOST spiritual gifts listed for me and I'm pretty sure its not that its because I'm gifted-its more that people just DONT know what to think of me.
Here's what they said:
serving, leading, knowledge, pastor, giving, prophecy, mercy, teaching, kindness, mercy

I think I was most surprised about the pastor...and...the kindness. I do not consider myself particularly kind. If anything I'm the opposite. Don't get me wrong, I think I'm nice but probably only in the most typical sense and definitely not "spiritually" speaking. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed that I had so many listed-it makes it hard for me to focus on any one of them and hopefully become more knowledgeable and grow with in them. Anyway, feel free to let me know what YOU think. I mean, hey, you're my blog readers-you know me pretty well. ;-)

Anyway, I'm going to bed. Now.

the good way.

So, I've been all busy the past two days. And its been extra girlie which adds an element that I just havent been use to as of late, and its definitely been a nice change.

Not long ago Brett and I had a really good chat about why I didnt really have many ( if any) girl friends here in Washington ( awwwww...) and i realized that it was going to require a mental change for me to make the "switch" from having a constant household full of guys to a constant household full of girls. Now, granted its easier when brett's out on the field to have a house full of girls-but ultimately, I just need to start realizing that I'm not JUST called to a life of feeding and counseling boys.. but that I can ALSO feed and hang out with girls too!! imagine that! ;-) Which means, that sometimes I cant always worry about whether Brett's tired, and whether he'll mind having girls ( because girls tend to be loud and giggly) around.... because, he can DEFINITELY handle it. I mean, he can handle the army...why not a bunch of girls?! hehehe.

Anyway, so until he gets back I've just gone ahead with my plan of being friends with girls full force. And so, for the past two days its be all girls, all the time...accept for Chuck who was also there...but Chuck is always, always there so thats ok....and its been fun! Last night it was long talks and more cupcakes ( in the form of homemade chai cupcakes...mmmm!) and the first season of Gilmore Girls...and today it consisted of an ENTIRE row of girls at church ( that's right...even MORE of my friends are coming to our church now! Its wonderful!) and then a lunch of pasta and then...of course....more Gilmore Girls. It turns out-it doesnt take much for me to get back into the swing of girl time. :-)

However, I have realized in the busy-ness of this weekend that I must also remember to take the time to listen to God, listen to His leading...in church today I was just sitting there and all of a sudden I was bombarded with all SORTS of things that I felt like I needed to bring up in conversations, people I needed to be praying for more specifically...it was like God was like, "YES! She's finally sitting still and being quiet-QUICK! Let me talk to her!!!"

I dont want to be like that. I do want to be a Sunday Listener. I want to be a God Listener all week long. Because, these new girl friends...and hey, even the old boy friends ( because I dont plan on getting rid of them.) deserve for me to be a friend that listens to what God's saying...especially since I know that's the kind of friends that I desire to have...friends that will call me on things that i need to work on/watch out for, friends that will encourage me when I need some praise...and friends that know exactly which I need ( that can be difficult to gauge sometimes).
So, here's to me listening more...

January 25, 2008

obsessive ( not compulsive).

Basically I'm like a small child in many ways. For instance, I'm pretty much as equally obsessed withDavid Sederis as many tweens are with High School Musical. Today, I googled him and then watched all sorts of youtube interviews with him.... yesterday I downloaded his book "Me talk Pretty One Day" and have been listening to it while running on the treadmill ( this basically came after I'd exhausted all my "This American Life" free archives. He's really funny. In a dry sort of way. I totally secretly wish I could be that funny.

Also, for much of this week I have been craving cupcakes like they were going out of style ( which they are SO not) in fact, I talked up cupcakes so much that my new-friend-Amy pretty much shut me up by agreeing to go to Hello Cupcake with me this evening. I bought four cupcakes. I ate two. It was glorious.

Anyway, this week is FINALLY over. Its been a weird week. I've felt really really busy, but I've hardly gone anywhere except work. So who knows what I've actually been "accomplishing". I do know that my toilets and bathtubs are in great need of cleaning. Side note: What is WITH the mold?! I can NOT seem to control the mold issue in our bathtubs! And do not comment and tell me I need to start cleaning them everyday or something..because, that's not an option...instead I'd like for you to give me a PRACTICAL solution. I'm pretty much obsessed with how horrible it is....I think about it all the time...I saw an advertisement for "bathroom refurbishing" on TV and I actually thought about it for a second, as though ripping out the bathtub is our only option left ( that's how I feel )....Anyway, I'll probably end up killing myself with bathroom cleaning products ( the fumes)...Brett will come back from the field next week to find my lifeless body sprawled in the bathtub, hand raised with scrub brush in hand....

I havent been able to sleep lately. I lay in bed and think of all the things that need to be done. Things I havent done...things like cleaning the bathtubs.
Anyway, last night was the WORST ( probably because Brett wasnt there)...2:30...its an evil, evil time when no one should be awake. ever. Hopefully, tonight will be a better because tomorrow I'm getting up "early" because Katie and I are going to Dream Dinners...and I know I'm being lazy by just linking that-I should go into detail about how COOL of a business idea this is...but I'm tired. ( lack of sleep, remember?) so check it out-and hopefully I'll actually be a better blogger and tell you about it tomorrow after I've actually experiences it first hand...no promises.

January 23, 2008

And that's just how I roll...

Yesterday I ran ( 2 miles...) on the treadmill whilest listening to This American Life on my ipod. I wonder if I'm the first person to find an NPR talk show as good workout sound?!

I then went and had icecream ( that's what you do after working out. duh.) with Amy who I met last week at Thurs. Bible Study and who is a really cool chick who also has a blog, likes to swim, wrote letters to a guy in ranger school and now plans on marrying him....these are just a few of the things we have in common. Another would be sarcasm. So, I think I'll keep her around. hahaha.

I took a "back way" to get home from the icecream only to find myself in the middle of nowhere...I almost freaked out but I just followed my "direction heart" and it lead me home. Sense of direction is a Spiritual gift...it should be added to the list.

I found Brett asleep on the couch when I got home. I woke him up and told him all about my day while he was still in the discombobulated state that naps never fail to put you in....so since I told him about the tragedy of our wedding video while he was still in discombobulated land I was able to discuss it in full without interruption for like ten minutes.........this is not to say that even when Brett is completely non-discombobulated he doesnt let me go all monologue-esque every so often. ;-) Its calming. I then informed him that "Indian food would be a very good idea right now" ( which is exactly the truth when you've worked out and followed that up with a chaser of icecream....indian food is the obvious ending.) and so off we went to Gateway to India..and MMMmmMmMmmm was it goooooooood.

We arrived home to Chuck who was in desperate need of "Wilson consoling" and so Brett made him a sandwich and I listened and so hopefully we ended up calming someone else down too.

And now we're here. At Wednesday. This week is going by soooo fast! Monday was pretty much a non-day ( thanks Martin Luther King! ) and its really set me back! Hopefully, I will accomplish all that needs to be done. As for right now....a quiet time is calling my name....

January 22, 2008

moving on...

Sooo, I just deleted a post. Sorry about that. Minor ranting....and I've blown my nose and dried my tears and we're moving on to....THIS PAST WEEKEND!!!
That's right, Brett and I had a fabulous time in Long Beach Washington...."home of the longest beach" and "kites"... we pretty much did NOTHING. Our hotel room was on the side of awesomeness....and the beach was cold but gorgeous. All in all a wonderful time was had by all. As in both of us.

So, we're home again and my next major task is to prepare for Brett's Birthday!!! YAAAAY! Brett turns 25 on Saturday. But, before you start freaking out about how that's not time enough to put your bank account in his name in honor of his birth....dont worry, Brett is leaving for "the field" on Thursday and will actually be out of town for his b-day. SOoooOOO, we'll be celebrating the NEXT weekend. I've got Best-Wife-Ever gifts coming his way....ooOOOoooo ;-)

Of course, until then I'll also be all by myself-which has become almost "normal"....however, I'm hoping that now that I'm an "official" bible study leader that my girls will feel obligated to hang out with me-we'll call it "extra credit in Holiness" or something.

January 17, 2008

your ( washington) resident blogger

So, today I went and got my Washington drivers license. I feel like I've become a traitor to my wonderful state of Texas...until I think of the many good reasons to become a washington resident:
My Texas license is expired and I cant get a new one because I'm out of state ( duh.)
In washington they have a law that if you're in the military or a military spouse you dont have to get your license renewed ( sweet.)
I can now vote for President in a state that doesn't vote republican EVER. SINGLE. TIME.
Oh, and being a texan is a state of MIND, and I dont have to be a resident for that. ;-)

Anyway, I'll be getting my license in the mail in a few short days. I will spare you the story of how I had to drive to the DMV twice in one day...and then leave a third time to hit up an ATM. Believe me it sounds a lot more exciting when I leave out all the details. ;-)

So, I havent blogged in a while, you're right. And I have no really good excuse, except that I've been SO boring of late that even *i* your resident Queen of Boring couldnt make it funny or exciting. I know, amazing.

I *have* watched almost an entire second season of Veronica Mars-so you can remember to ask me about that later. ;-) I have also managed to make a 16 yr-old not like me ( actually it was a long time ago-but apparently 16 year-olds hold grudges. go figure). And I've made a batch of cookies and a batch of Holiday Truffles-both of which I only ate "a few of" in the hopes of loosing a few pounds...this of course hasnt happened yet, but I'm still hopeful. I have drunk massive amounts of water-which, you know, is good for "something"...and "something" being going to the bathroom four times an hour. I have sent said batches of sweets to Brett's co-workers who pretty much needed any sugar rush I could give them since Brett's average working hours this week have been....about 13.5 hours a day....And, other than that, not much has gone on.
Tonight, I'm officially taking over as leader of the girls of the Navigators Thursday night bible study. My first order of business will be to find a nice short concise name for that. ;-)

In other news in case I cant think of anything exciting to tell you tomorrow...here's more exciting Wilson News: Brett has a four day weekend starting tomorrow-and I have a three day weekend starting Saturday. So, we'll be breaking out of town on Saturday to head down to "Long Beach" washington home of the "Windless Kite Festival: Longest running indoor festival in the country"...I know, I know, you're jealous.

January 12, 2008

hold on

the prius has something wrong with its breaks, our DVD player doesnt work with any universal remotes, we need to sell the truck still, I have a pile of dishes that need to be washed and an even bigger pile of laundry that needs to be put away, I need to go workout before Brett wakes up....

these are the things that I'd like to just put on hold for, like, twwwwwoooo seconds. Because, I mean, Brett took me out on a DATE last night! Like one that I didnt plan! And it was great. We went to this French restaurant I've been dying to go to for forevers. ( and BOY was it gooood) and then he took me on a scavenger hunt in target. I ended up with ice-trays, the sound track to Once ( if you havent seen this movie, go rent it RIGHT NOW.) and a pair of yonga pants. Yup, you could never guess in a million years what they all have in common-but I promise there is something. ;-) Anyway, I just hate how after all that we cant just STAY in happy-go-lucky land. Sometimes I hate being an adult who continually has a list of things that need fixing. Why can't I just go with the flow like sleeping-husband does?! ( speaking of which he's working on some sort of sleep-record, bless his heart-he average sleep for last week was like three hours....and I'm PRAYING he'll stay asleep long enough to put a little dent in his deficit.)

January 10, 2008


So, Brett's out on the field again...but that's not much different from "normal" days so....It hardly seems worth mentioning. Instead, lets focus on positives:

My boss has started teaching me how to do coffee art! You know, the fun little pictures in foam on the top of your latte! That's right!!! I've been able to accomplish a leaf on more than one occasion. This is actually more exciting not just on the "learning new life skills" front but on the "my boss things I'm worth teaching tricks of the trade"-Its practically his idea of a promotion. Or something. Hahaha...anyway. I was excited.

Today was my day off and I had coffee with Cindy and then I went to the mall ( woo.) and followed that up with a few hours of watching Veronica Mars. Ooooh maaaaan, I just gotta love myself some teen drama! *sigh* and now I am off to my monthly Officers Wives Coffee ( aka. mixer)...which, is handy to have on a Thursday night when your husband is freezing out in the field somewhere all night long.

Wow. I thought I would have had more to say since I havent spoken to anyone since this morning. Apparently solitude grows on you ( like some sort of disease).

January 09, 2008

the new snoring

So, I lay in bed for about twenty minutes...and every couple of seconds Brett would twitch. I finally got so worried I got up and googled it to make sure he wasnt having some weird slow-motion seizure. The internet told me he was probably just over-tired. Which, after taking about a mili-second to go over how the fact that its only tuesday and this week has already lasted a life time-I agreed with the internet and decided Brett was not in danger. except from maybe keeping me awake with the twitching. ( "twitching, the new snoring")

Today/tonight was hard. But I've learned a lesson. Of sorts. I need to be BETTER about my days...so that I can be more prepared for whatever the NIGHTS might throw at me. case in point: after getting off work today my emails told me that I had the first season of Veronica Mars waiting for me at the library. ( yessss!) so off I went and then off to the store to do some "baking supplies for soldier-friends heading off to ranger school" shopping and then home again to do a little baking and a LOT of tv watching. I got sooooo lazy that I didnt even work out like I said I was going to ( in my head, I talk to myself...)-which made me rather lazy-cranky feeling by the time Brett got home at 7:30. Then things got all bad. One of the least bad things that happened was that I tripped in a hole in the parking lot outside our apartment and fell. on both my knees. and my hand. and my elbow. ( do not ask how I could have fallen on ALL these body parts at once, I am a modern day marvel.) And this was the thing that sent me over the edge. I was sooo unhappy and sad for the rest of the evening. I mean, SURE a lot of other badish things happened this evening...but it was this silly one that really sent me it the depths of dispair as Anne of Green Gables would say.
My point is, I feel like if I had been a bit more "spiritually awake" for most of my day...than I think I would have handled this evening better. In fact, I know I would have.
And this is where you can use me as an example of why "spiritual armor" is so very very necessary.

Well, I think I'll go try to push in next to my twitching husband who has taken over an entire queensized bed...the army has taught him how to take territory well. ;-)

January 07, 2008

the new year....

Last night at Bible Study I was a tad overwhelmed that everyone else seemed to have some big lifechanging plans for the new year-and Brett and I pretty much dont have any. But, now that I think about it-I'm cool with that. In fact, it would be kind of nice just to continue on with the changes that took place in 2007...I mean, I'm pretty sure we did enough big stuff in that year to at least last us for a few months into this year, right?! riiiiight???

It does look like I've all of a sudden inherited the leadership of the girls Biblestudy on Thursday night. I really really wasnt expecting that. And for some reason the "catching me off guard" thing has made me super apprehensive about it. I've never just jumped into leading a group like that without some prayer and contemplation going into it first. meeeh....

Oh, Brett just called and he's on his way home from work-I havent even started dinner and I'm still gross from working out. Nothing like a sweaty wife that offers no food. ( actually, come to think of it-Brett probably wouldnt be that bothered by that-only *I* would)...however, I'm going to cut this short to go remedy this now.

January 05, 2008

Fumes and Films

I'm currently taking a break from cleaning the bathrooms....ummm....I'm one step away from jumping on the organic/no chemical cleaning product bandwagon-because I get sickish feeling pretty much every time I clean. ;-)

So, I'll take a few minutes between toliets and the floors to give you my thoughts on things. haha.

First of all, I am now the owner of a Dilbert Wall Calendar. Not as good as FarSide. But, I was getting down right shaky without having my "dates up on the wall"...so it'll do. It'll do.

Second of all, the other night Brett and I watched Paris, je t'aime....and while we just stumbled upon it at the video store ( if I'd heard of it before then, I promptly forgot.) I totally enjoyed it. Basically it is twenty, five minute short films-each taking place in each of the different sections of Paris, each centered around the theme "love in paris", each directed by a different well-known director-it was a lovely mix of surprising, heart-warming, funny and interesting. It was a surprisingly cleanish movie and I totally recommend if if you'd like something a bit off the beaten trek.

Third of all, National Treasure: Book of Secrets-the secret is...who did Nicolas Cage's hair plugs, and why havent they been fired?! Honestly, there were times during the movie where I would take a break from the ridiculous plot to just sit and ponder the horribleness of his hair. geez! Doesnt he have enough money and clot to just GO BALD already!? The color, the texture...all of it was just as unbelievable as the movies idea of a script.
But, in saying that...the movie was still really fun, and Brett and I laughed quite a bit and Brett waited until after the movie to go on a rant about how movies made with millions of dollars should get someone to show them how to correctly wear an army baret....so that was nice. ;-)

January 04, 2008

central time

two hours.
It makes alllll the difference in the world. It was two hours that made Brett take a nap in the middle of the day yesterday...and sent us to bed at ten pm totally exhausted. And its two hours difference that has me awake right now at 6am. ugg.
Anyway, Brett's back to work-I sent him off with a kiss. At the time I was forcing myself to go back to sleep but thirty minutes later when my phone buzzed with a text from my mother I was still wide awake, so why force sleep, right?! ( I'm going to be cursing this decision later today).
I go back to work today. I'm actually excited/happy about it. I really do love my job. If only coffee house work was considered a lifelong career...you never know, maybe it can be. ;-)

So, very sad/frustrating news: I went everywhere yesterday looking for my yearly FarSide wall calendar and found that in the three days that have come and gone in 2008 ALL calendar stock has been depleated down to a dozen cat calendars, a hand full of Grey's Anatomy Calendars and a few muscle car calendars thrown in for good measure. That is all that is left. This horrible. I havent gone without my FarSide Calendar since....at least high school. I dont know what it would do to the universe if I didnt get it. And I really dont know what its going to do to the universe if I dont get a calendar up on the wall SOON.
In fact, I joked with Anna on the phone yesterday that the end of the world may be nigh-and while I was kidding at the time, I'm starting to feel really unstable.
Not having birthdays ( Stacy's was going to be added...but who knows how long I can keep that information in my brain-before I'll forget)...important Army-schedules, events I have to attend, my work schedule....all of this....I cant just keep it in my brain....no, no, no, my brain is being used for all sorts of other things. Things like song lyrics and Friends quotes.

Anyway, last chance today. I'm going to try to get to the Tacoma Mall and back ( it opens at 10...I start work at 11am) before work-and if they dont have my calendar than I'm going to have to order it on Amazon, rush deliver it and hope that I can hold up until it arrives.

January 03, 2008

135 pounds

Thats how much all of our luggage weighted on the way back from "the holidays" in Texas.
Ha! You didn't think I'd go telling you my post-holiday weight did you?! Ha-ha-HA!!! Silly.
Anyway, our luggage weighed a lot and now we're back in our little apartment next to the Puget Sound where all the dreary rain and coldness and the darkess come down once again upon our heads.
However, I'm feeling relatively good at the moment ( of course, I've only been up a few short hours), having already made my to-do list for the next week ( its looooonnng).

I must admit I was down right SHOCKED yesterday when I realized that it was, indeed, our last day in Texas!!! I had only seen my friends from "the old days" once...and I hadnt hugged enough people that I'd planned on hugging...and I hadnt finished the book I was reading ( lets just say that the first two chapters that I read on the plane COMING where really good!) ...and I hadnt had nearly enough time to blog about all the excitment....time, quite literally, got away from me. *sigh*

But, I keep saying to myself that "next time we'll be great"....and I mean it. I'm pretty proud at how Brett and I got through our holidays and by "got through" I mean, had a great time. We have the best families in the world. period.

I really must now head off to start doing the things on my to-do list....Brett is "at court"...since one of his soldiers is "in trouble" and Brett's the highest commanding officer and apparently that is code for "give up one of my days off to spend it with soldier at court"...and therefore I should TRY to be productive while he's gone....( he did, however, look really hot in his Class A uniform when I got up to make him coffee this morning...so there's that.)

I just scanned my to-do list and the only thing on there that looks remotely fun is to go and buy my 2008 calendar so I can put in all the birthdays and holidays for the year....so do you think leaving the bags still packed, the house still dirty and all the christmas decorations still up to run off to target is a good idea??!!!!!

We shall see.

** Oh and also: I'm dedicating this post to Emily who I probably had some of my favorite chats with during the last two weeks, and who I am happy to say will start commenting more often on this blog since she apparently reads it so faithfully.*hint*hint ;-)