May 31, 2006

One, of HUNDREDS of reasons I like summer...

Having this bowl in my yuuuummmmmy!


A happy birthday post

Ok, so its not going to be an "Ode"...

But, it is Sam's Birthday (well, in New Zealand it is...) and so, I felt this was the appropriate time to bring back up my own Birthday theme and continue with my "People that have influenced me greatly" posts. This one is about Sam. ( coincidence? No.)

When I met Sam I hated him. Well, hate is a strong word. But I didnt like him, and ever since I've DELIGHTED in telling him so ( keeps him humble and all that.).
We met when Lydia took me to her life group-then, "cell group"ha! ( which quickly became MY life group...) and actually that first night is a bit fuzzy in my mind, so many people, so much going on....but I DO remember Sam and his monologue of "why America is stupid"...yes, Sam is memorable in just about any social circle....and while that first meeting hit me the wrong way ( hehehe), it would quickly turned into one of my favorite things about him-go figure.

So, to make a long story short, it didnt take me long to realize that my FIRST impression of Sam was wrong....and by my second year at Uni-when he lived with two of my best friends...we were well on our way to being fast friends.

Sam and I have tons of really great inside jokes, mostly because he's got a crazy memory for such things...he cant remember huge events from the past, but he CAN remember random inside jokes. Weird. But funny.
We also shared a similar delight in movies and popular culture-most particularly Lord of the Rings...and he and I both know how to "work a room" at a party and we were co-master of ceremonies at many an event ( and I notsosecretly believe that there has not been a better team of Mcees since we left Dunedin).

But, those are just the superficial things that made Sam and I friends. But, I think its the nonsuperficial things that set him apart from the group of "they were my friends once" category. Most importantly, Sam is faithful. I've met few people that care for their friends as much as Sam. Its really a gift, and I know that there are a LOT of people that would agree with me on this one-he sticks by you through thick and thin...and thousands of miles.
Sam is a "locked box"...Carmi and I were talking about Sam not long ago, and she brought up a very good point about Sam. He can keep a secret.
If I was in the habit of revealing deep dark secrets, I would very much consider telling Sam all of them. He wouldnt tell a soul.
He wouldnt even HINT that he knew. Maybe its because he's a lawyer...and an actor...but, really I think its more than that.. more than the gift of a really good straight face....whatever the case, is a wonderful gift. He is truly a trustworthy friend.
Over the years I think I've talked through just about every single subject I can think of, with Sam, he's definitely a conversationalists and a fellow "dweller" and therefore he's probably laid awake at night thinking about JUST THAT he's great to mull ideas over this way I've learned a lot about myself from talking subjects to death with Sam-or reading his blog...
As always, these posts about people that influence me are mostly about how they've impacted MY life (this is MY blog afterall), and when looking at my friendship with Sam I think one of the MOST important things about our friendship is that...he's a guy ( ok, that sounds weird, but bare with me...)
I've hinted many a time on this blog that I have "issues" when it comes to guys...and even in the past few months I've realized more and more how those "issues" are not just simple little things...but real Problems. And, so I'm trying to deal with them one by one...However, friendships like Sam's have helped me deal with such issues slowly over the years so that they arent REALLY overwhelming me now...
God knew what He was doing when He gave me a friend like Sam who I was able to really trust and love without worrying about him hurting me in any form or fashion. Its just NOT in his nature. And even a cynical girl like myself was able to figure that out rather quickly. So, all those people that say you cant really be just friends with a guy...or at least not GOOD friends...I feel sorry for you, because, you're missing out...

Happy Birthday, Sam. I wish you ALL the very best!

May 30, 2006

too much, too little, just right...

So, I was sitting here pondering what to post...if anything. I wanted to share the particular revelation that I'm slowly dealing with at the moment...but I dont really know how yet...and at the same time, I definitely dont think I've fully dealt with it yet...and secretly I think I feel like someone might come up to me and be like, "waaaiiiit, you havent gotten this yet, have you?! So how can you begin to write about it?! What kind of gall is that?! "

no one would do that. But still...

Anyway, I was pondering...and I read a post a dear blog friend wrote a few days ago that just spoke PERFECTLY to my life. It discribed exactly what I am lacking, it put it in much better words than I ever could...
A lack of faith, a lack of hope...these things are SERIOUS.

But, the Lord Restores. He has shown me the wounds of my heart that I have stubbornly kept from healing...I have kept them all scabby and gross. I hid behind all kinds of smiles and prayers and words. I spoke truth...but little by little as the months went by it went from speaking from my heart to JUST my lips speaking the did this happen?!
Not sure exactly, but I desparately dont want this to happen again!

The Spirit helps in our weaknesses. Rom. 8:26

"what I did on my vacation" essay

I actually never remember writing one of those essays in school. Sad really, because it would have been totally cool to write about my trips to the City Pool...or my book list, where I got stickers for reading a book ( and we WONDER why I was an English Major! I always secretly hoped my professors would give me a sticker!)...yeah cool.

Seriously, those days of Koolaid stained mustaches and the like are behind me, but that didnt keep me from having a Memorial Day Vacation. Woo.
The Run Down...

I woke up relatively early ( strange how sleeping in doesnt come as easily to me anymore!) to a full on email from a friend...which warrented a full on response from me...which opened up a Spiritual Can of Worms...only they were GOOD yeah, it was really hardout for so early in the morning, but good nonetheless.

I then forced myself to clean, taking very long breaks to read Rilla of Ingleside.

I was in the very midst of my book before I realized how very appropriate it was for me to be reading such a book on Memorial Day. If you havent read it, I'll give you a basic rundown. The story follows a young girl for the four years of the war impacts herself, her family and friends, on P.E.I. Canada....really very well done for a childrens book! I totally cried..and was really struck again by the horrors of war, and yet, also the basic NEED for war. Strange. And really, that sentence really doesnt get all my feelings across. But, I cried. And I prayed for all those fighting today. And yes, we are in a war here..people are dying. Families are being changed forever.

Anyway, I'm going to be a coward and shy away from that subject...let's just say, I really enjoyed reading an Old Friend again, seeing how reading it with new eyes changed it just a bit from previous readings...

Yesterday, I also went and saw X-Men:The Last Stand, realized I hadn't been to a movie since...oooh....months...which is kind of strange for me. But, anyway, I really enjoyed it to its fullest...even though I had to chase down my sister , who had gone into the wrong theatre. ;-) hahaha! She's a silly goose sometimes. I'm glad I read Sam's blog so that I knew to stay until after the credits...OOOOoooOOOooo...that really added to the movie! Of course, I was thorougly confused since the key part of the movie that explained that scene was the part that I missed running through the theatres and halls trying to find my sister who had ended up in the 2:30 showing of X-men and NOT the 3:25 showing ( I think she was relieve that she was in the wrong place, because she had "no idea" what was going on in HER movie! hehehe) silly girl-cough*blonde-*cough*...So, luckily, my parents had gone to see the movie yesterday, as well, and were able to fill me in!

In other news, went for a run yesterday. Nearly died.
Ate fish at Red Lobster...only fish ( and cheesy biscuits...YUM!) because their idea of "mixed veggies" is Celery and carrots. Ummm....there are MILLIONS of veggie options in the world and they only have the TWO that I hate?! That's just WRONG.

I'm having serious allergy issues and had to take TWO Benedryl last night to sleep...I dont think I've EVER had allergies like this there some NEW plant I should know about?!

Now, I am back to work, drinking my coffee ( oh sweet caffinated nector! I love thee!) and eatting my PBJ for is decidely back to normal...or IIIIISSSSSS IIIIIIITTTTTT?

( what a wonderful ending to my Vacation Essay! If I was grading this I'd definitely give me a sticker!)

May 27, 2006

old friends, long weekends

I have three days off...God Bless Memorial Day! :-)
And because of this delightful fact, I am able to spread out my long list of "must dos" at least until tomorrow....or later....

Instead, I have settled down on my bed with an Old old friend Rilla of Ingleside By: L.M.Montgomery ( of Anne of Green Gables fame)...I've had to stop reading because I'd been grinning for a solid 10 minutes just by reading the first few pages...

I have a high school graduation to go to this afternoon...and a "drive-in" movie this evening**....THIS is what Summer's all about!

** If you're in Nacogdoches at 8:30pm,you can come watch the movie Finding Neverland for free at Festival Plaza downtown...bring your lawnchairs and your blankets( and tissues, it'll make you cry)!

May 25, 2006

The battle wages on...

"LORD, there is no one like you to help the powerless against the mighty. Help us, O LORD our God, for we rely on you, and in your name we have come against this vast army. O LORD, you are our God; do not let man prevail against you."

Sometimes I feel "this big"....and then I realize, that's ok....all the better to fit into the palm of the Lord's hand.



Oh....I didnt think I'd fit either...


I decided I wouldnt put my head in, I didnt want an embarrassing 9-1-1 phone call...

Bonus Question: What is DIFFERENT about meeee?!

May 24, 2006

Songs of the day

"Lay myself at your feet, asking you, wont you lead me.
Cannot do it on my own. cannot do it all alone.
Here I am tonight, with my arms open wide,
wont you come inside?
Lay myself at your feet, asking you, wont you lead me.
Cannot do it on my own, cannot do it all alone.
Wont you come inside?
Come fill this heart of mine, I'm in need of your touch, of your life, of your love.
I need you. "


"I wake in the morning with a song in my heart
I look out the window and though its dark
I know the light of the day is just coming my way
and its all because of you
I open my bible and what do I see
Words of life amided right at me
they give me strength for the day
and I just have to say that its all because of you
And as I read the ads on the cereal box,
I know you're with me as I put on my socks
So as I go out the door I'll praise you some more because
I know you'll go with me, my dear Lord.
And if the day starts to get me things going bad,
I know what to do, I dont have to be sad
I just talk to the one who turns fear into fun,
the darkness departs and all I see is the sun
and its all because of you.
Its all because of you, my dear Lord.
As my head hits the pillow, I dont have a fear,
I know you are with me, I know you are near
Its been a wonderful day, and I just have to say,
its all because of you, its all because of you."

Holy, worthy, is the Lord.
Heaven, declares your righteousness.
God of all creation, I worship you.
I come to you in quiet adoration, I fall before your feet, you are my king,
I'm living for the beauty of your presence, to behold the glory of your face."

I've been lying in bed for about 25 minutes just listening to songs on shuffle....what a great start to the day, even when the sleepy hasnt fully worn out of your eyes and you still cant quite manage to sit up, the Songs of others can life your spirits right out of your very room....

May 23, 2006

this is interesting...

So, I was hurting pretty bad by 11:45 and so I finally made the decision to take HALF of my recommended dosage of my Living with a Kidney Stone medicine (Tramadole). I mean, I'm technically suppose to be able to drive and do just about anything minus operating heavy machinery ( but, it could be argued I've NEVER been able to operate heavy machinery) on this medicine so I felt like I could DEFINITELY go to work with half...Back when I had my fullon kidney stone episode last August I pretty much lived with this stuff in my system and besides sleeping all the time I thought I dealt well with it...

Boy. I dont know WHERE I went wrong, but I feel like I just drank two glasses of wine... one right after the other...on an empty stomache.

Suuuure, I feel quite...content. But its not particularly condusive to multitasking , or talking articulately...apparently earlier I said "there are no FILMS in that room.." when I should have said "there are no PHONES in that room..."
which created full on confusion with doctor for, like, three minutes....ummm.....yeah.

Its going to be an interesting work day.


Dont worry, I havent forgotten about my Poll Question...I just havent come up with a NEW question...and that's why we've had this last one for so long...hehehe...any suggestions?! I'll probably blog about this last question at work today...

Man, there is really something marvelous about sun streaming through the cracks in curtains! Its fantastic.
I've been lying in bed admiring this fact for about an hour now...

Hehehe...Not going into work until late this morning, a blessing because I've been having a kidney-stone-like pain in my side since late last night. BOO. And while it is definitely liveable, it is also nice to just lie in the fetal position. ;-)

Remember how last week I was bemoaning the fact that I was LONELY...and BORED...and pitiful because I'd just sat at home for several nights in a row?!
Well, I'd like to state for the record that such seasons DO pass...and they can pass in ONE WEEKS TIME. hehehe...
I have something on every single night this week...what's up with that?! It just proves the importance of really milking the season you're in for all its worth. It was really really important that I was left alone with my thoughts last week ( as uncomfortable as that was) that I wouldnt loose sight of what I learned during the hustle and bustle of THIS week.
I'm writing this "for the record" here...because its something I struggle with like NOBODIES business! I, sadly, get bogged down so easily.
No one can ever say that I didnt admit my weaknesses!

May 22, 2006

To my readers...

I took you from the ends fo the earth.
from its furthest corners I called you.
I said, "You are my servant;
I have chosen you and have not rejected you.
So do not fear, for I am with you;
do not be dismayed, for I am your God
I will strengthen you and help you;
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

All who rage against you will surely be ashamed and disgraced;
those who oppose you will be as nothing and perish.
Though you search for your enemies,
you will not find them.
Those who wage war against you will be as nothing at all.
For I am the Lord, your God,
who takes hold of your right hand
and says to you,
Do not fear; I will help you."

Hope you have a good week, readers!

May 20, 2006


Since it came to my attention that all of the Seasons of various shows ( Lost, Grey's Anatomy, The O.C. etc etc) are not coming out on DVD until SEPTEMBER it leaves my summer WIDE OPEN plan wise.

( that last sentence was only so much tongue and cheek...and only so much truth...its up to you to decide how much of each...)

Annnyway, the past few days I've taken stock of my life and I've made a few lists on a few napkins and I am off on a grand adventure of doing meaningful things like:
"drink less caffine"
"do some sit ups every so often"

and other things like...

"read a book."

Oh yes, SUUUURE you could argue that I do some of these things already ( well, the reading books one...) but I like to make lists...and I feel better about doing grand and honorable things that are on lists rather than just grand and honorable things that are floating out in the void. So yeah....
this summer is going to be busy and by the end of it...I will be hotter, smarter, skinner, and the world will be a better place...there will be less books to be read ( by me)...and all in all prepared for September when I will be totall out of commission for several weeks.

Editors note: By hotter I mean " tempature" not "attractiveness"....because, after looking at pictures of me since I was 9 years of age....I've looked EXACTLY the same with varying levels of height and dress style, being the only thing to distinguish the it could be conjectured that I will probably never change for the better when it comes to attactiveness...but that is neither here nor there....the POINT is also that when I say "skinner" I mean, I will have ABS under my fat...because, like I said, I will be doing a sit up here and there...and so I have a feeling it will awaken my long dormant abdominal muscles but not enough for anyone but me to basically what I am saying, as the editor, is that you shouldnt really expect any VISIBLE changes....just in case you were wondering.

So, yes...

We've got time... is 25 minutes late for work at this point. And since I'm a fantastic person deep down inside ( hehe) I am going to NOT think about the extra sleep I could have gotten, but instead give you a grand rundown of my nightaway....

First, it must be mentioned that there is seriously something to be said for having been stuck in a town for COUNTLESS months, so that when you go out of town for ONE feel like you've been away for a nice sized vac-ay. woo. Seriously.

Now, let me just gush for a second: 1. I think my family is possibly the funniest family ever. We were in a very public place for about three hours on Friday afternoon talking rather loudly with my brother-in-law about this and that...and later my mother mentioned that in a room full of people, we were DEFINITELY having the most fun. Definitely. So, yes, my family is hilarious. 2. Everybody should go to an outdoor concert of the Houston Symphony at some point...or, hey, you dont have to go to the "Houston" Symphony...but make it a really good one, ok? Because its WORTH IT! And I felt like I could have been in a movie or something equally "happily ever after" enducing:
Escape to the magic and romance of an evening in old Vienna in this delightful program of music by the Waltz King, Johann Strauss Jr., led by your Symphony’s own Austrian Maestro, Hans Graf. Enjoy favorites such as Strauss’
Overture to Die Fledermaus, Emperor Waltzes, and Roses from the South.

Yeah....I stole that from the Houston Symphony website...but....they said it pretty well...3. There is NOTHING like getting to go to a 'special' lounge where they serve you Hors' Dourves and drinks...and then later, after you come back from your marvelous concert, Dessert...and then the next morning, after unearthing yourself out from under the hundreds of pillows they piled on your bed, Breakfast....and you can sit and look out over the tops of the trees, since you're on the Top Story of the Hotel...and you think, wow, I could really and truly get use to this.Luxury hotels are nice.

ANNNND...39 minutes late my doctor has arrived...I'm "back" from my vacay ( not a full vacation)...and I AM refreshed...though still very very lacking in the sleep department....ah well, you cant have everything ;-)

May 18, 2006

It's ALL good!

So, last night I had dinner with my parents and then I rushed home to have a shower in the ten minutes I had before church...Yet, I found that you can actually fit a LOT of happiness into ten minutes,
first of all, I got the mail...and a suprise "just because" card from Aunt Donnave, and can I just was PERFECT! She wrote a post on her blog a while ago talking about the delight of the perfect card...well, she KNOWS what she's talking about ( PS. I was going to link that particular post...but I looked ALL through her blog and couldnt find it! meeeh! I didnt make it up, did I?!)

So, I went into my apartment feeling pretty happy and loved, and as I put my keys on their hook by the door I noticed there was something different about the house...and sure enough as I moved into the living room I knew it for sure! So, I said out LOUD into the empty room:


Oh suuuure, she wasnt there to hear me...but I was happy and thankful just the same...Seriously, though...made my NIGHT.

I have this thing, maybe not to the degree that my sister and my father have it but I digress, that you should leave your house all in order when you go out of town...and so I was doing laundry at 11:30 last night....I KNOW that I'm only going to be gone for a night...but STILL...It needed to be done, I was running out of undies!!

So, to make myself feel better ( the being up at 12 putting clothes away-something I hate to do at even a NORMAL hour)I decided to go to Java Jacks this morning...which I DID...and yes, I'm feeling not any less tired but a TAD wired...which is almost as good. ;-0

In other news, I am very VERY happy to be getting out of Nacogdoches today....I was starting to get seriously stir crazy....did you know that the end of June marks ONE YEAR since I've been out of the COUNTRY?! I havent gone that long in....well....four years or yeah, stir crazy...not that going to Houston is really going to cure me...but I digress.

May 17, 2006

a little bit rock in roll, a little bit country

Now that I have my fantastic-computer-of-love, with harddrive space GALORE, I was able to do something reeeally fun.

Upload my sisters CDs....well...some of them anyway. And as we sprawled on my bed, listening to the beginnings of songs trying to decide which ones were worthy of being part of my itunes, I realized something:

1995-1997 I totally loved Country music...and WHY? Because, my sister did...and getting to ride in her car-the times she picked me up from school, or drove me home for swim practice....well, you just didnt get much cooler than that. So, for ever will I love Brooks & Dunn, Trisha Yearwood, Faith Hill and the rest, their songs bringing back such memories-and of those memories my favorite are getting to ride around in my sister's ghetto sled ( aptly named car). I mean, sure I've got other country music memories, but I bet my sister doesnt know that it started with her..

So, while I wouldnt say I'll ever be a country music fan, I now have about 30 odd songs that bring back memories at the very first note....reason 531: why I love music.

In other news, work is INSANELY SLOW today, and adding insult to injury...I just took the billing out to be mailed and its a gorgeous day outside. meh. Someone drink in some sunshine for me, please?

May 16, 2006

Never alone...

"And you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free..."
John 8:32

"Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage." Gal. 5:1

"You will guide me with Your counsel, and afterward recieve me to glory." Ps 73:24

The verses above are really just a reminder to me about some things I needed to sort out...and they were given to me tonight during my "lonely" time...which brings me to this:

Ok, so how lonely can I be when I actually have someone to talk when I'm by myself in my car...or when I'm later crying the shower?

Yes, Jesus is truly a Wonderful Counselor. With some retrospect ( of an hour or so) and prayer, I'd have to say I should only be so lucky as to have this time in my life when I have no social life isnt that social, my work life isnt that much work, my romantic life just ISNT...Looking into the future ( being the great future-reader that I am) I'd have to say there arent going to BE that many more periods in my life that are this....empty.

And Empty isnt always bad. Empty has the very tendency to get Filled.
And well, I have a loving Father that is ALL about filling up.


I'm most likely going to rent a movie and watch it by myself for the second day in a row...One starts to wonder how a totally social person such as myself ends up like this?!

Hopefully its just a phase.

hyper hero!

So hyper, infact, that I typed "hpyer" and deleted it...and then typed "hpyer" yeah, that's where my brain is this morning...

The question IS...will I use my hyper-esqueness for good or for ill?!

I have a dirty house and I really SHOULD clean it...but I dont feel like it. I feel like doing something fun.

Unfortunately, I have no one to do something fun with...Hey, is Amy back in town yet?! There's a question...

In other news, my two cups of coffee and a green tea are really arent doing a lot for me at this point... my stomache is finally starting to feel hungry. Maybe I'll finally delve into the "emergency" baggie of cheerios in my purse. ( I really dont know how guys live without purses...if only for this one fact of NOT having a constant food supply. Really, How DOO you do it?! )

May 15, 2006


So, after searching high and low...turns out Wal Mart DOESNT have Firefly....but to make myself feel better I bought myself flowers.....and then I rented Nanny McPhee...I really doubt its going to make up for my sad sad loss. boo

dont judge...

As soon as I take a shower I'm going to Wal Mart to buy Firefly on DVD. Its only 24.95!!! What a steal!

In other news, I drove home from working out in little to NO traffic... ahhh....all the University students gone...I cant say i'll miss them. :-) I bet Wal Mart's gonna be empty too! woooooo!

( I'm still not hungry...but I figure a whole Wal Mart full of food will probably cure that...)

Crackers? no thanks

Today, I've been UN-hungry. I dont know what the deal is...but if I keep this up, I'll be skinny! wooo....

Oh, whatever, who am I kidding? I bet I'll get my appetite back right about the time I get off work and have HOURS to sit at home and eat. ;-)
O, Israel, hope in the Lord;
For with the Lord there is lovingkindness.
And with Him is abundant redemption.
And He will redeem Israel
From all his inquities.
~ Ps 130:7

Good morning, Monday.
Java Jacks for breakfast, coffee and company....
Prayer time before work....

Whispered behind everything:
Be lifted up on Ancient Doors that the King of Glory may come in...Who is this King of Glory?
The Lord, Strong and Mighty. The Lord, Mighty in Battle...

May 14, 2006

Not ashamed to say...

...I'm having a totally enjoyable evening watching Firefly on good friends Trinity and James let me borrow the first disk...and I couldnt have BEEN more excited.

This show is great by the way. I loose faith in the viewing public more and more- Arrested Development...and then this show too?!

Well, I'm back to more nerdy fun...

that should Thai me over!

I just had a goooood nap....wooo.
All this lack of sleep has been really wearing on my nerves! but hopefully, I've put myself on the PLUS side of sleep to start out the week! :-)

Today is Mother's Day. I made Thai food for my her house....because she has a better kitchen....but the food was ever so yummy ( if I DO say so myself) . In other Mother's Day news, my sister and I got tickets to the Houston Symphony at the Cynthia Woods Pavilion for my family to celebrate mothersday....I'm really excited about this concert...its on Thursday evening which means we're all taking Friday off from work...I can NOT wait to get out of town.

I just read my last paragraph. My writing skillz are suffering. I really shouldnt try to write the MOMENT I wake up....

May 13, 2006

What I'm needing..

Sometimes I think that if I dont get just a Glimpse I'm going to wilt away....

And when I have no other words, there are always hymns to turn to:

We would see Jesus, for the Shadows lengthen, Across the little landscape of our life;
we would see Jesus, our weak faith to stengthen. For the last weariness, the final strife.

We would see Jesus, the great rock foundation, Whereon our feet were set by sovereign grace;
Not life nor death, with all their agitation, can thence remove us if we see His face.

We would see Jesus, other lights are paling, which for long years we have rejoiced to see;
The blessings of our pilgramage are failing; we would not mourn them, for we go to Thee.

We would see Jesus, this is all we're needing: Strength, Joy and Willingness, come with the sight
We would see Jesus, dying, risen, pleading: Then welcome day! and Farewell mortal night!

~ Anna Warner

And this one:

I need Thee every hour, Most gracious Lord! No tender voice like Thine can peace afford.
I need Thee every hour, O I need Thee Every hour I need Thee O bless me now, my Saviour-I come to Thee.
I need Thee every hour, Stay Thou near by, Temptations lose their power when Thou art nigh.
I need Thee every hour, In joy or pain, Come quickly and abide, Or life is vain.
I need Thee every hour, Most Holy One, O make me Thine indeed, Thou blessed Son!

~Annie Hawks

sitting minds a world away....

Excuse me while I post for the sake of posting...nothing to say really...
I'm in a talkative mood and no ones home to talk to.
I've decided I'm going to be a cat person. Oh yes, that's girl allergic to cats. I mean, I'm ALREADY a cat person, but I actually want to be a cat OWNING's hopin whereever Katie and I move ( or whatever) we can have pets...

Went to Java Jacks this morning ( well, it was actually afternoon when I got there...but barely). And had a latte, a piece of cake, and the news....

I read the The Daily Sentinel in about five minutes...and so I had to move on to The Financial Times which is my personal newspaper of choice because its pink ( who can compete with that?! ;-)
I'm home now, in the heat of the half-closed curtains letting in an afternoon sheets giving off the last bit of hair is still drying from my morning shower...sometimes its nice to have thick hair just so its cooler longer...its going to be a long summer.
itunes just picked out "Aint No Sunshine" for my listening pleasure. Whenever I pick "random play" I feel like the computer has a life of its own little mechanical DJ dictating my mood with each song
..having all my music together brings me no end of joy...ahhhhhh...thousands of songs at my fingertips! Overwhelming to say the least. I'm a music lover that's for sure.

The gas prices have pushed the prices up on EVERYTHING...groceries cost more....I feel like I'm moving backwards in the money-makes-the-world-go-round world....I get angry and then I tell my bankaccount "You will not dictate how I live!" and then I go back to spending...ooooo...not really what I had in mind.
Painted my toenails midnightblue....dont know why...turned out really really dark....but when I look down at my goth-toes I just have to giggle.
Watched the opening scene of Beauty and the Beast while I ate my cereal this morning..."Bon Jour! Bon Jour!"
yes WILL be a good day! I find a lot of similarites between myself and Belle....I kinda dig the bad boys too! HAHAHAH! But, the same time, I dont. So...well, yeah...that's why I'm single. Reason #576 on the long list of reasons. "I cant make up my mind."
Thanks to Vogue Magazine's Samples I smell like London....once I'm finished with my CURRENT scent and, more importantly, I've saved my pennies I am TOTALLY going to smell like this EVERYDAY ( or at least on special occasions)...I seriously can't get enough of this stuff!!


Whooooa. So yeah, I've been hyped up on meds, trying to say ciao to this cold...and can I just say, the dreams have been CRAZY.

May 12, 2006

the plan.

So, turns out the TWO benedryl did NOT in fact take way the grossness that had lodged itself between my throat and my nose ( veeery annoy by the way). When I woke up this morning, a turn of events not so pleasant had taken the "lodgings" place, as we speak the grossness is slowly DRIPPING down into my throat.

I mean, SUUUURE...that's gross and I shouldnt have shared. But, whatever. I dont care.
What I DO care about is the fact that now I'm ultra sleepy, kinda achy and I'm pretty positive that a NAP would help this whole situation get better.
SO, as soon as my time here is up:

I'm going to leave work, take off these scrubs, put on a T-shirt, take a benedryl, two advil, fill up my water bottle and get back into bed.

I'll talk to you when I wake up.

May 11, 2006

Poll Results: Equality for all...

wooo, Sorry, I just got around to the poll results. But here I am, my coffee WORKED this morning which is good, since I've been sleeping SO POORLY lately. Meh.

Anyway, here we go, poll results with commentary:

"Politically speaking, I tend to lean towards..."
OK, so I've already apologized for this poll once, but I'll go ahead and do it again...I realize that its HARD to put ones self in a box such as "I'm a libral, I'm a convervative..."
But for the sake of polling I asked you to do it anyway...hahaha. All the things I learned in Sociology Theory are telling me that we cant take the results of this poll for ANYTHING, that they basically mean nothing since I made you pick extremes...but we're gonna do it anyway, because that class was totally boring.

43% of you picked the Political Left
57 % of you picked the Political Right

First, I am really glad that it was almost equal. Once again, it makes me feel good that I have some sort of middle ground happening on this blog...and that I havent, at this point, alienated least politically speaking ( we'll keep going on these kind of poll questions for a while...). And, I'm also not really suprised that the Right was ahead of the Left...mostly because I live in the Southern United States where Republicans rule ( and, consequently, that's where most of my readers are from). Sooo, I guess it was only to be expected.

Second, I answered this poll myself...but I'm NOT going to tell you what I picked. Mostly because I'd rather tell you in person if at all...I dont like to talk politics unless I'm agreeing with you...because I dont like conflict. But, also, if you look political views probably sneak out every now and then.

Interesting thing though, did you know that I did a complete 180 on my political views in less than a year?! All because of personal experience! Its amazing how you can change so drastically! It just proves its all kinda stupid and meaningless, and its all about a less of two evils...and ultimately it makes me happy that This Kingdom is only Temporary.

New Poll coming up! woo

May 10, 2006

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Self!

Yes, its been three years...can you believe it? I've been sharing waaaay too much about my innermost thoughts on the internet for THREE YEARS!
So, in honor of the occasion I've compiled a little 'review' of this past year for my own...I mean....YOUR enjoyment. But, first how can we not first read my very very first post?
Yeah, its slightly boring..yet it reminds me how very different my life was in 2003. For one thing...I was 19.
For another thing...I was still in school and didnt see much of an end to that particular lifestyle in sight.
For another thing I lived in another country.
For another nother thing I had different friends.
So yeah, life was different.

And since then I've gone through a heck of a lot, all of which is reflected in my writing...woo. Thanks for reading it, because at times it got boring, at times it got extra whiny, at times it was just plain stupid.

But...among the day to day plodding that is typed out for your day to hour enjoyment...there are a few posts that I'm particularly proud, if I DO say so myself.
Soooo, for my own...I mean...YOUR enjoyment, I quickly glanced through the past year's worth of blog posts and picked out my for each month, expect for March when I was OBVIOUSLY on fire and wrote MULTIPLE favorite posts. HA!
So, here it is, Abigail's Day: A Year in Review

Back in May of 2005 I was a "bag lady" alternating my living arrangments between my parents and my was totally awful for a person such as myself ( who likes her own space) but on the brighter side I got a lot of good blogging material out of it...
Controversy is just part of the world of blogging, but sometimes I'm SUPRISED at what gets a stir out of my readers, this particular post, in June 2005, created QUITE the sensation among my male readers...they hated it, they thought it was stupid...they OBVIOUSLY missed the point about it being FICTION.
There is nothing like a blog for giving your personal opinion about just about anything, OR giving the impression that you are an expert in a particular field and therefore people should read your blog with a pen and paper so as to take notes, in July 2005 I shared my genius with my readers as though everyone cared. Ah! Blogging its so good for the self-esteem!
My blog is also my outlit for perfecting my story-telling skillz, that I then dish out in ackward party-settings when conversation is lacking and people need to August 2005 I shared one of the FUNNIEST events ever...the great thing, was that this story was totally and completely true and I didnt have to exaggerate was THAT bad...actually, very rarely do I have to exaggerate what happens to me, its USUALLY.. THAT BAD. ;-)
Every so often, cool things happen to me during my day to day life..and I love blogging about such things, mostly so that I'll remember them...a good example of that was in September 2005
I am constantly doing embarrassing things ( like turning off the lights in the hospital cafeteria) and the only joy that comes out of such events, is the knowledge that it'll make a good of my FAVORITE embarrassing events was the beginning of a long standing feud between me and Evil Neighbor and it happened in October 2005.
Having a blog is TOTALLY dangerous, especially when you feel really strongly about something and you'll write about it immediately without taking the time to calm down, over the years you'd THINK I'd learn my lesson and not do it as much, buuuut deep down inside I just dont care. So, most of the time I stand by my rants no matter how dramatic they may is one that I wrote in November of 2005, that I DEFINITELY still agree with, and I find I have to give this particular lecture to people (myself included) all the its good I wrote it all out at least once ;-)
One of the sad things about Haloscan Comments is that they are deleted after so long, or after I acumulate so of the comments I reeeeally wish I still had was one on this post made in December of 2005, when I made reference to a blog I found, and nary a few hours when by before the author of said blog was SHOCKING...and HILARIOUS...and I see this guy sometimes, walking down the road...and it STILL makes me laugh. So, yes, my blog brings GREAT JOY into my life.
Every now and then I get reeeally proud of myself ( hahaha! because I'll write some "really totally awesome" sentence...this doesnt happen often, since my blog isnt really something I think hard about. If the words dont come to me immediately than I dont write them...that's why there are so many typos! But, far and few between I write something I'm actually proud of in a literary sense.. in this post in Jan.'06, my last sentence was PERFECT and it just CAME to me as I was writing the post. Yeah, I'm still really proud of that whole day, what I said at the time, and what I wrote in the post about it later.
This year marks the first time that I've ever written any "fiction" on my blog...I dont even know what brought me to do it, but the inspiration struck as I was struggling to express something, and so the words came...without any explanation...and it was probably the "no explanation" part that upset people so much...and why people thought I was actually TALKING ABOUT REALITY or something...I gotta say, it wasnt a good start for me writing 'fiction' on my blog...but, no matter what the readers thought ( granted I did get SOME good responses) I kinda liked it, and here it is, from Feb. '06.
In the month of March, for whatever reason, I was dealing with a lot of different issues in my life...this came out in the form of several blog posts that really meant a lot to me, two of which I felt like when I read them over that I could SEE myself getting Light on the subject through the writing process...this post and this one helped me more to write them than anything else I could have done at the time...also during this month I had another ( rare) burst of Fiction and I have to say, even though it was now not the first time, I was still kinda suprised that it happened... so here's my Princess Story
It wouldnt be right for me not to include an example of one of my most common blog post types, it seems that more often than I realize I steal from other sources of literature to get my moods, feelings and experiences across...hehehe...I guess my own writing fails me more than I realize! But, anywho, more often than not I will quote from the Bible, not only to remind myself of its Truth..but hopefully to encourage anyone who might read it...for, I realize more and more how "Just Like Everyone Else" I really is an example of how the Right Words and the Right Time helped me out in a big way in April of 2006

So...there you go...a whole year full of posts...Here's to all my Readers who make writing this worthwhile! thanks for coming along for the ride!

May 09, 2006


I dont know why I complain! I mean REALLY NOW....I am SOOOO lucky and spoiled. Its not even funny. And it doesnt mean I wont complain in the future, either. It just means I really DO really realize how great I have it ( just for the record).

With that said here's an example of how I've got it so good:

I DID get to work out really hard to the point of sweating more than you want to know...
I HAD brilliant short but sweet conversation with Lydia that helped me connect the dots with some serious God issues I've been having the past few weeks...what's that about where two or more are gathered? Well, it obviously counted the phone!
I AM addicted to bubble baths all of a the past week I've had TWO....its all about the music you listen to whilest having the bubble bath...tonight I was all about The Fray. woo. They rock. literally.
I ATE pizza instead of leftover chinese..either way I was a winner....I still get to eat chinese! just not twice in one day! woo....
I also had a delightful time watching the Finale of GG with Anna and Emily...we was like the end of Season Four...only worse.

Anyway...I am feeling mostly restored...not quite there, but I have HOPE of a full recovery from this particular Funk. Yes, God is Faithful.
It was never really a question of if...more of WHEN. ;-)

crazy like fox

So, after reading the post before THIS one, you'll have deduced that somewhere along the way I had my FILL of life. It doesnt really make TOO much sense, since its not like things are really THAT bad...but thus it is...who knows why.

In the process of me trying to stay a little itty bit sane for the day, without crying again ( once you let the flood gates go, the tears sit at the vurge of falling out again for quite sometime)...I started reading a particular blog I came across yesterday, starting from 2002 and reading straight on through...I found myself rooting for the "main character" and wanting her to get out of the bad relationship, and to find someone better...I was rooting for her family and her parents divorce to not hurt everyone too much....and then it hit me! WHOA...this is NOT NONFICTION. Things might NOT turn out! I'm now well into 2003...almost to 2004 ( yes, its fun to read archives of blogs! woo) So yeah, I'm lame...but I figure its like reading the autobiography of a nonfamous "nobody"...which, is really kinda comforting.

In other news, things I wish for:
I want to go to the gym today, I want to work out HARD to that point where you arms and legs are really weak. Maybe get out some of this pent up angst I've got going on...
I want a looong shower...and comfy PJs.
I want my leftover Chinese Food eaten on the couch.
I want a conversation with someone who will make me feel better.
I want a hug.

I'm pretty sure I can get 3 out of the four of those accomplished.

When it hits the fan..

So, I'd totally resolved myself to being here ( at work) for ten hours again since my esteemed co-worker was once again too sick to stand...In fact, I felt that my attitude was far from bad. Good even.
But, the lack of sleep, the impending headache ( the weather's changing, friends) AND the task of having to do MATH ( seems my esteemed co-worker didnt do her job before she got now I'm doing the paytimesheets) was TOO MUCH.

Which is Why when the evil Neuro Surgeon semi-yelled at me for not addressing his PRESENCE IN THE ROOM and not asking him if HE NEEDED ANYTHING...instead of being focused on said Math...I cried.

well, I didnt cry in front of ENS ( of course, since he's as close to being GOD as any human can be...he probably SENSED MY CRYING...omnipresence being one of the many neurosurgery skillz you must learn...) , but I DID cry for a good ten minutes after. I looked blotchy and my eyes were all red and puffy and I had to put my glasses on to cover it all up...which also helps with the headache problem too. So, yeeeeeah, on a positive note, my eyes really ARE blue-er after I cry, too bad the puffiness takes away from it making me gorgeous and irresistible or I'd seriously cry before all social gatherings...

In all seriousness, I think I cried because I'm TIRED. Yes, TIRED. I couldnt sleep again last night...and while I DID have a really lovely catchup with one of my all time favorite cousins on MSN at like 12:30...I laid awake for HOURS after that...feeling "uggy".

I just want to run away....I want to be pretty...and go to one of those really fancy balls that you see in the movies where you get to wear fancy dresses and you get to drink champagne and get asked to waltz or something. So, basically I want to run away to an old movie from the 40s...yup.

But, at this point I'd settle for just a cozy blanket and my PJs.... oooh...But, I'll take the champagne.

May 08, 2006

back to that marathon

"God, my prayers just arent answered:
No one else seems to care.....
No one else seems to be listening to you....
God are YOU even listening to me?
All these people hurting....
All these people living only halfway....
Why would you show me the Truth if I cant even share it?
Why would you give me your Heart if it was only going to Break? "

Tonight my heart just broke into a few hundred pieces....Honestly, it had probably been breaking for months and this isnt the first fullon breaking point..
....but that doesnt make it better.

My journal looked like this...

"I feel worthless, powerless. And I KNOW I shouldnt feel this way. But, I DO."

( several hours past when I just walked around and "did stuff"...I'd laugh and talk and then, in waves, I'd remember my feeling of overwhelmedness....

Finally, back to the journal....

"Restore my faith. My hope."

( For I realized it had been pretty much erased from my "Things I have" list. )

And then it was like my Daily Light was just written for me...

"Now my soul is troubled, and what shall I say? Father; save me from this hour?...Father glorify your name." John 12:28

"I did not say to the seed of Jacob, "Seek me in vain." Is. 45:19

"The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears are open to their cry." Ps 34:15

"Pray for one another. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much." James 5:6

"Do not delay, O my God." Ps. 40:17


Update on my day ( because you were dying to know)

So, turns out I had PLENTY to eat ( or I just wasnt hungry)...One Doctor offered me a piece of chicken from the Doctor's Lounge...nothing like a free piece of chicken...

the Other Doctor went and got himself and me a coffee from Hastings. I was very much appreciative since I'd just gotten off the phone with my sister telling her, "nope, dont bring me anything to eat."
which I immediately regretted when I got off the phone and craved chocolate.

Have you ever noticed how a chocolate craving can sneak up on you?

But, as much as I appreciated it...its OFFICAL. I am a COFFEE SNOB. I mean, I'll drink this stuff...but...ewww....its not very good. makes me want Java Jacks even more...maybe I'll go there tonight...mmmm.

So, where was I? Right, the bad coffee...which it turned out ok, because I really only have five more minutes till my cut off point of drinking cafine ( its 4pm)...and reeeeally, considering I reacted to one chocolate CHIP last should probably be TWO yeah, me not finishing this sad-excuse-for-coffee isnt so sad.

The one thing I was majorly bummed about not getting to go home from work early, was that I really want to sit down and THINK ( read: pray) about Girl's Bible Study before tonight....Seems we need some Re-vamping for the month of May...probably going into the Summer....the girls are busy ( especially the ones about to graduate from HighSchool...) and so GB isnt high on agenda. That's all well and good..and I've been expecting it. Yet, I feel like just "not having it" when half the girls can, well, not working out I need to pray about it and come up with an alternative. I feel like this time should not be lost just because everyones busy....but so far I'm at a blank...I've got some HINTS but nothing substantial...hopefully the hour or so I have between work and GB will be full of revelation ;-)

In other news, I've been reading some really well done blogs today, makes me feel inferior. :-( meh

Standing on mountains or something...

Edit: If you havent taken the poll you best...I'll be taking it down soon just because I'm bored and want something to do.

I have this very annoying Josh Groban song in my head...something about raising up and standing on mountains is running over and over in my head....

This is one of the things I hate about being "on hold" so very often...bad hold music.

So, anyway, what were we talking about? Nothing yet? Well, I'll fix that...
I had super big plans for today, plans I made last night at, like, 2 in the morning...I hate it when I can't sleep. There was really no reason for the sleeplessness except for maybe a teeny tiny bite of chocolate at, like, 9 oclock
-does that have THAT much caffine in it?! geeez! My body is getting more and more sensitive!
So, my plans for today consisted of me going to work for 6 or so hours and then leaving .... taking a nap....going Hallmark card shopping....going present house, taking out the know....really good stuff. Especially that nap.

But, sadly, no a call from my esteemed co-worker who has a stomache bug. Eww. Yes, I want her to stay home so I dont get it. Stomache bugs are of the devil. Even so, I am kinda sad I am going to miss out on my nap. BOO!

Thank goodness I brought a book to work today, didnt think I'd need it...but now I definitely do, my link to civilized society. What I AM a bit bummed about is my sad lack of lunch...i only packed some random crackers and cheese and some sad looking grapes...that is NOT going to get me through 10 hours of work. Blast

May 07, 2006

Happy Abbey

ooooh haaappppy daaaaaay!

Papa gave me one of his PowerBook now I'm ROLLIN in the harddrive space and the DVD player....and...the great know what THIS means don't you?

I'm back on MSN...
and better YET, I can put ALL my music on my computer. Everything all in one spot, together forever. My dreams come true.
This also means I dont ever have to leave my bed again...ahhh.....movies in bed! yessssss.

Off to church now.. We're having a PICNIC after church tonight, the weather is cooler...which is good.....I made New Zealand Rasberry Bars ( makes me miss Jared and his ability to win friends and influence people with his baking)....should be good. :-)

May 06, 2006

"Feed the Hungry"

On Wednesday night while at the prayer meeting at church I got this picture in my mind of a man...God told the man to "feed the hungry" and so the man found a really poor family that lived in the ghetto near his home and set out to feed this family everyday. He was quite proud of his good work, and could see that God had been right ( of course!) in sending him to "feed the hungry" they definitely appreciated his help!
...but then in this picture I saw that things inevitibly got in the way of feeding this poor family and the man got more and more discouraged as his path to the poor families house was thworted time and time again. However, I smiled to myself as I saw in the picture that as the man was being stopped with all kinds of road blocks and crazy circumstances on the way to the poor families home he was, in the process blindly stepping over lame beggers in the street, children crying for crumbs on the street corner, he was dodging women searching for work so they could feed their children....
I laughed at how very SILLY the man was, he was SO OBVIOUSLY missing God's REAL call for him to "feed the hungry"...God had not asked him to feed just one, this man was putting the Call of God in a box....he saw it as a very small "managable request" by God, and how often is that really the case? The call of God is a very big and scary thing...when you let it be what it truly is, without any defining of your own you will realize that it is limitless, the possiblities stretch out and the adventure has only just begun! How the man was missing all the blessing that would TRULY come if he really followed God's call for his life!

and then I realized the Silly Man was me...

From the moment I was given a direction from the Lord, I began to put restrictions, definitions and all sorts of other "tions" on the things that God has called me to do! Oh that I would lay all the "tions" at His feet and let the REAL work begin!
For every call of God starts the very minute He gives it...whether you are to be a missionary, a teacher, a doctor, a pastor, a wife, a counselor, an intercessor, a business person, a parent, a writer....Sure you may have to go to school first, have a "real job" first..things may not go as quickly or in the way that you first thought during that really great "defining moment" when it was just you and God...but no matter how differently things have happened from that moment on it doesnt take away from the doesnt take away from the Task at hand...what are you missing by being practical? What are you missing by being scared? What are you missing by being a "perfectionist"? What are you missing by waiting for some new Sign?

Do not you say, There are yet four months, and then comes the harvest? Behold I say to you lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, that they are white for harvest." John 4:35

Saturday morning..

This morning my alarm woke me up to go to work...and I was like,
"wha? Where am I? Why am I waking up? What DAY is it?!"

THATS how hard I was sleeping...

Which is why I went to Java Jacks for some coffee....yeah, I think its become a pretty unbreakable tradition for me to go to Java Jacks before work when I work definitely makes it bareable at a whole new level of bareable.

So, last night I came home got into bed...turned on
Pandora and just went to sleep...that was it. I should have done a quiet time...or written in my journal....written a one of the like, five, letters I need to write...but nope. Nothing. Nada.

I was sooo tired. But, can I just say that I LOVE this website?! Everyone needs to go check it out! I dont know WHO the little magic wizards they have behind my computer screen picking out songs but they are a GENIUS! ;-)

Its kinda rainy outside this morning and I was worried that the Fredoina Five Miler ( the race my sister has been planning for MONTHS now) would have been cancelled, buuuut, I nearly clipped a couple of runners on my way to I think everything turned out. Hopefully.
The weather, of course, has given me a mother of a headache. Woo. Of course. I mean, its like I'm 90 years old or something...being able to sense the weather without going outside...

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo...I forgot to tell everyone to have a happy celebration...but, luckily I DIDNT forget to celebrate myself. The Scotts and the Middlebrooks and I ( sweeeet...unmarried meeeeee!) ate Sushi in honor of the day...oooooh say that's not very Mexican of me, but you're WRONG! I have a VERY dear friend who is a Mexican Senorita and she totally digs good sushi...AND on top of THAT...I ate Mexican food the day before and..well...the effects were STILL wearing off yesterday ;-) So, yeah....

May 04, 2006

So, confession...

Last night, I was in this totally weird mood and I wrote this little story...and I posted the first part of the story...which i liked...and then I realized I DIDNT like the rest of the story, and so i deleted the first part off of my blog. But, thinking about it today....I kinda liked the first part-and since I'm always one for starting stories and not finishing them ( adult ADD) maybe I'll put it back up...

In other news, my tummy is REEEEEALLLY angry at me at the moment. I totally spent the whole day eating foods that my stomache has issues bacon egg and cheese biscuit, mexican food ( in any form), chocolate cake, and an insanely good cheesy casserole that was like enchiladas in the macho yeah, me and the fetal position- RIGHT NOW. uggg.

Had a good day off, almost makes the idea of working for the next five days look totally liveable.

Once upon a time there was a noble land, ruled by an equally noble King.
It was said that the reason for all the nobility was, once a year the King would pick one of his subjects and after observing their lifestyle ( how he did this was anyones-and everyones-guess...) He would give them a special task fitting to that specific person...It seemed that, magically, the carrying out of the task would not only transform the lucky chosen subject into a far happier and more productive subject, but also everyone else in the land seemed to feel the benefits. It was a great mystery to how the King was able bring such goodness upon the land through one menial act, but the subjects of the land found no small amount of delight discussing the matter.

The discussing always reached its frenzied pinnacle in May, when, every year the King picked the lucky subject who was then called forth to his mighty hall where he would give them their task on a hot pink post-it note ( some said this was kind of girly of the king, but the king felt that a hot pink post-it was easier to keep track of than the other colored variety, and ultimately no one argued with the king).
This particular May was no different and the frenzy seemed just as frazzled, if not more so than in past years. But, finally the day came, and the announcement was made by heralds running through the land....and everyone took a collective sigh as the anticipation came to an end.

Frank Bigwig was shocked when he heard his name being yelled through the streets. He had always felt, secretly of course, that the King most probably chose people that "needed helping" and he definitely didn’t need helping! No, Frank, would definitely be considered a Noble man among noble men...He had riches beyond comprehension, his wife was possible the most beautiful wife for miles around, and more importantly she hardly said anything...ever. Yes, Frank was truly blessed, his children ( he had five...and another on the way!) were abnormally smart, and were just about ALWAYS picked first for kickball teams and on top of that they were, without a doubt, the most handsome and beautiful, well accomplished children in the land. Best of all, besides Christmas and other national holidays Frank didn’t really have to have much to do with them at all, for his mostly-silent wife was very good at keeping them from being underfoot! Yes, Frank was definitely not in any need of Help! Surely the king had made some sort of mistake! But, then again, it was quite an HONOR to be chosen by the king! And everyone ALWAYS came out of their homes and cheered when the selected subject made passage through the streets on their way up to the King’s palace, and well, Frank really felt like he was probably past his due when it came to getting some serious acclaim from his fellow man. So, bright and early the next morning Frank headed off to the King’s Palace with the glow of whispering townsfolk enveloping his already healthy ego. It was truly a good day for Frank…

May 03, 2006

hahahaha: edited

You have to read this!

Dear _____

I dont think you know that you're beautiful.
I dont think you know how loved you are. Do you realize you've been given such special gifts!? Why arent you using them!?
Why are you sitting at home reading romance novels and dreaming away your nights, wasting away your days? Oh my dear girl, wake up! For this is your life! Live it now! There is not a friend or a romance or a career or a dream or a good deed that can fill up that hole. Oh you've tried. You've wondered that you're still not wonder why you lust for more.
What you are doing right now isnt going to fill it....I promise.
But I know what will.

Won't You come and fill
I want You to come and make me more real
Take this life, won't You change this life
Come and make me whole
Won't You take this life, won't You change this life
Come and make me whole
In my pursuit of what is real
My heart is longing with a need to feel my soul come alive...
~ Shawn McDonald, Chris Stevens

Taking hydration to a new level

So, my greatest goal for this summer is "drink lots of water."
I like to set my goals LOW so that I can be sure to accomplish them ;-)
But, seriously though, its really tiring to constantly drink...and in my case constantly run to the bathroom....
Luckily the bathroom is, like, three steps away from my office...but there are times when the phone wont stop ringing and my doctors wont stop asking me to do menial tasks...and I just want to yell, " I have to PEEEEEEEEE."


Is this too much information?

hahaha.. annnnyway, I realized my excessive drinking ( if I was a celebrity, the media would take that out of context and there would be a headline reading "Abigail admits Alcoholism!" and while I would agree that it was a beautiful headline of alliteration, it would be wrong....and I would have to sue...and it would get ugly. )

where were we? excessive drinking. I realized it had gotten out of control when I looked up and every avalible spot on my desk held a drink...three bottles of water, one coffee mug ( empty), a green tea, a coke....its outta control.
In a good way.


Can anyone tell that I'm bored? Work has crawled by at an impressively slow speed today...and I left my cell phone at home which means I can't call people and annoy them with factoids I find on the internet. Boo.

If I can think of something else of slightly less than boring to write about, you can rest assured that I WILL post again today...
Someone email me or something! Come on people!

Coming Soon: the spawn of satan

Just when things seem to be getting quiet around Apartment 420, you realize things are too quiet and that something bad is inevitible bound to happen....

yesterday the ball dropped.

Evil Neighbor's Evil Dog is Preggers.

Ooooh yesssss....there are SO MANY THINGS wrong with this I dont even KNOW where to start.

First, I think its illigal to have a dog that isnt fixed unless you have a permit as a breeder, which I DOUBT Evil Neighbor has...

Secondly, you can only have a pet at our apartment complex if you have a note from your Doctor saying you need one for health reasons...and while I could believe that Evil Neighbor needs Evil Dog for company since she rarely leaves the house...but I will NOT believe that she needs PUPPIES too!

Thirdly, the fact that E.D. is preggers makes some earlier events clearer, if not MORE insane...a few weeks ago, a mysterious pug dog showed up at Evil Neighbor's apartment for several days, I assumed that it was a friend's dog or something...but while it was there my eyes were molested several times when, coming home I found E.D and Pugs doing the nasty outside Evil Neighbor's the time I sorta felt sorry for E.D since I assumed E.D. ( because of E.D's name...and also because I didnt care) that E.D. was a boy...and that he was fixed-because only stupid irresponsible people don't fix their animals ( assuming is never a good idea when it comes to Evil Neighbor) I felt like not only were MY EYES being RAPED but so was Evil Dog.

Turns out not only was E.D. rapped but it seems that it was PURPOSEFUL on the part of E.D's master! Was Ugly Pug brought in for the purpose of making gross Pug/Dachshund puppies?! I can only believe so...

Katie and I saw Evil Dog last night and she is very very preggers. I dont know who I feel more sorry for...Evil Dog or Katie and I.

I'm going to go with Katie and I....Since I looked it up and these dogs will not only be annoying but HIDEOUS!

May 02, 2006

In the future...

Katie and I are "house hunting". You see, we are clever and have decided to take advantage of the fact that many SFA students are graduating in May and therefore HOPEFULLY there will be some places opening up to live...While our lease runs out in August looking NOW makes for LESS STRESS in the future...or so we think.

But, ACTUALLY its caused the opposite within me...all sorts of "life questions" have popped up because of this:
FIRST OF ALL...katie is planning on doing a foreign exchange programme during the Spring Semester next year...meaning she really only wants a 6 month lease. That's cool...but also hard to find. PLUS when she DOES decide to leave, what then? I really dont have any other roommate options..and really living by myself has its serious charms...
Yet...this also brings up the fact that Katie will be leaving Feb.07 and March 07 marks some serious life changes for my family so...well....I've always thought when that time came around, I'd go do something "different" somewhere else in the country/world...But, as much as I love adventure it also freaks me out to NO END.
When thinking about such "unknowns" ,its hard for me not to break out in a sweat and wish for it to either HURRY UP AND GET HERE SO I CAN DEAL WITH IT...oooor...I WANT EVERYTHING TO STAY THE SAME.

Sadly, this is not the case, and so instead I just ask for Guidance, so that while WE have no idea what the future holds, that everything will work out to accomadate the future when it happens.

May 01, 2006

general madness

Work is ssssssssssssslow...
Drank a lot of green tea this afternoon.....
Watched Rosemary's Baby last night. Totally freaky, but well worth the time...
Started the morning off right with a vanilla latte and a quiet time at Java Jacks...
I'm hungry, I'm planning on making Indian food for dinner if I have time....

Help with the poll question...

So, I REALIZE this is a hard question to put as a POLL QUESTION...because its very difficult ( at least for me) to put oneself in a box politically speaking...but, I think its important to at least CONSIDER where you stand politically even if it IS somewhere near the middle of the go do a little research on the definitions of Left Wing and Right Wing
and then figure out where you would most LIKELY sympathize and choose that answer...I'm interested to see what the results are...

Poll Results: Girls rule

Soooo, I finally get to last weeks poll results.
This one was really kinda fun to watch happen, more so than past polls just because it was SO CLOSE...until the end when one side took the lead and stayed there...

The gender of my readers:

43% of you are boys
57% of you are girls

What I felt I learned from this was that:
A. Using my comments to judge the makeup of my readership didnt steer me that wrong...which is kinda cool.
B. But, in the end I have more girl readers...which makes totally sense, since I am, infact, a girl myself. So, it seems only RIGHT that my writing style and the things I choose to write about probably attract ( and keep) more girl readers.
C. But, in the end I also have a fair share of boy readers...which totally makes sense, since I am like the PERFECT example ( not really) of the girl mind...and as a guy wouldnt you WANT some clues to how that might work ( or not work...depending)?! So yeah. good for you, I hope it helps you get lots of dates...or keep the girl you have...or just confuse you even more, whatever your personal situation may deem appropriate ;-)

My next poll is reeeeally exciting...and TOTALLY controversal so GET READY to respond Woo! thanks for your continued support ;-)