January 31, 2011

A day of rest

I realized this weekend that I have not been doing my day of rest right.  Brett and I have supposedly been setting aside Saturdays as our "Sabbath" and yet, I still end up being tired and stressed by the end of the day! Why?!?!

Because we usually spend this "day of rest" at home with Ransom...and so, for all intents and purposes it looks very much like every other day...UNLESS I make it seem different.

And so on Saturday I threw caution to the wind and we all went out for Chick-fil-a. And then we came home and watched Star Trek...I left the house a mess. I did not do laundry even though it was over flowing out of the basket. I did not do dishes even though we had some leftover dishes that needed to be done for the party that we threw on Friday night. I was lazy. And it was REALLY IMPORTANT.

I STILL feel a bit refreshed two days later. And I am grateful.

Incidentally, as a bonus-the guy who's living with us-Hayden, offered to babysit Ransom and since he spends a lot of time watching me take care of him, and playing with him when he's home...I felt really comfortable leaving Ransom with him so that we could go see The King's Speech. * This was ALSO a huge treat since we're going to be having a babysitter tonight as well ( we're going to see Beauty and the Beast at the local theatre with a bunch of friends) and so I feel like I'm being hugely spoiled to be away from my child multiple times in a matter of days....

I really do think I'm a better parent to Ransom when I've had a break every so often though, and I'm currently praying about whether or not I can schedule a time once a week, during the week for me to be away from him for a few hours...so far I do not see a way for this to happen without me putting him in Hourly Care ( which I do not want to do). But I'm praying about it. At the moment I feel like I just HANG ON to the thought of Brett coming home every evening so that I can get a bit of help, but that attitude is really not the one I need to have. Poor Brett is working hard all day, and while he LOVES spending time with Ransom in the evening, and would never complain about helping me out whenever he can, I need to make sure that my attitude towards him is not Raggedy Housewife when he gets home...things need to change, some way, some how.

*SUCH a good movie! I totally recommend it!!! the soundtrack, the acting, the incredible true story...it was really a wonderful piece of storytelling!

January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Brett!!

Today is my wonderful husband's birthday. He's 28 years old. Which is really close to 30. 
I would like to take this moment to wish him a happy birthday-blog style since I have yet to talk to him face to face today. He left the house at o-dark-30 this morning and hasn't been home since. 
This is just a tiny example of what a hard worker he is, and yet when he gets home from his loooong day, he always plays with his son, loving on him to make up for lost time. 

I have always known how lucky I am to have Brett as my husband, but its cool to see the love he has focused on someone else. Watching it from the outside is truly wonderful. I am thankful for Brett's relationship with Christ, the fact that it drives him and motivates him in everything that he does. I am thankful for his giving and tender spirit that makes me a better person every day by providing me with a whole different ( usually better!) perspective on life. I am thankful for Brett's love of coffee and books and movies that makes our lazy afternoons together fun. I am thankful for Brett's sense of humor that makes our home more joyful....

And now his son just woke up from a too-short nap so I better go.

Happy Birthday Brett/Daddy!!

January 24, 2011

new social scene

So, there is DEFINITELY something sharp happening on Ransom's bottom gum line-which MAAAAAAY just explain last weeks HORRIBLENESS.

Which, you know, that'd be awesome if we could just move past that.

In other news this week one of my major goals is to only go to the grocery store ONCE. This is pretty much my goal every week-but last week I went three times and I usually average at least two...but NOT THIS WEEK. Oh no. Some how I will only go once.

And if I forget something or they don't have it, than gosh darn it we will JUST MAKE DUE without it.

That being said I've become a lot more "zen" about grocery shopping of late. I have several friends who hate it as much as I do ( and for the record, I didn't USE to hate it...there's just something about having a kid that makes it the LAST POSSIBLE THING you want to do...) and discussing our mutual hatred has motivated me over the last few weeks to try and change my attitude.

So, recently every time we go the store I take a moment to remind myself that we can take ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD to get our groceries ( this is actually a little white lie, because we really dont since usually Ransom will eventually get cranky and start to desolve into a little mushy pile of baby woes...but I tell myself the lie nonetheless) and that we are there to make OTHER PEOPLE happy if we can....and then I put Ransom in the Baby Bjorn facing outwards so he can see people and then we go into the store.

And that's where I've noticed something. Ever since I started showing in my pregnancy and was most definitely pregnant and not just fat ( not counting that one time when I WAS just fat...but lets not talk about that) complete strangers feel like I'm open for business when it comes to chatting.
WHO KNEW that as a Procreator that meant that I was going to become friendly with strangers?!?

Luckily its mostly elderly people that like to stop and chat and I am a HUGE fan of old people. And now that Ransom can smile at them and flirt with people with his awesome hair and slobbery grin, pretty much EVERY PERSON in the store wants to stop and talk to him.
Not me.
Which, begs the question....Ransom doesn't talk. Am I suppose to respond for him, or are we all suppose to stand their in a short-but-not-short-enough silence and pretend to wait for him to respond, or am I just suppose to awkwardly laugh to fill the silence? ( I usually go with the last one.) Anyway, up until a few weeks ago I was annoyed with all the people wanting to stop and chat, didn't they KNOW I just wanted to grab that can of beans that is just right there behind them and then GO?! I did not want to tell them how old Ransom is....I did not want to tell them his name...and I did not want them to ask him if he liked the grocery store.
But, now, with my brand new attitude adjustment I've come to see that babies bring people a bit of pleasure. And, hey, I'm ALL FOR people admiring Ransom and so if there is some way for he and I together to bring some happiness to someone ELSE'S shopping trip than that's what we're there to do.
The grocery store just became our new social scene.
( but we're only going once) -haha

January 21, 2011

The Village

It really DOES take a village to raise this particular mother! ( me). And that mother (me) is beyond thankful to all those who gave their support, solidarity and whatever good "s" word you can come up with for "advice"-personally I haven't had enough sleep to think if there is such a word, but that word would be perfect right there and so insert it at your leisure.
But seriously though, all of you who sent your lovin'-I appreciate it. And it got me through yesterday. That and the Diet Coke that my husband brought home for me. Oh and the pecan/chocolate pie that I mindlessly ate three pieces of while Ransom was crying at various points during the day... Not all at once. No, that would be a problem. Ha! ha. ha 

Oh and then I couldn't sleep last night. Which is because I was OVERLY tired. ( which is apparently called "sleep fatigue" ). Which, you know, is awesome. 

BUT this morning I read the perfect verse in my time with Jesus that I think is going to help me during future sleepless nights...

" When the cares of my heart are many, your consolations cheers my soul."-Ps 94:19

Isn't that lovely? I think it is. Especially when you have a mind that tends to collect all the cares of the day and then pulls them out and turns them over and over in its hands for hours. I have such a mind...but the Lord's consolations ( as in comfort) come in and soothe all those little cares of mine. 

I took this picture during the ONE time Ransom slept for longer than 30 min. yesterday....in my lap. For an hour and a half.  At least he's so adorable....

January 20, 2011


I got very little sleep last night. And I cried at around 5am.
I mean, I cried because of lack of sleep, but also because of feelings of complete powerlessness of NOT KNOWING WHAT TO DO.

I'm seriously angry about it to be honest. I mean, why won't someone just TELL ME how to help Ransom sleep. I mean, the little dude is miserable. And therefore so am I.

As far as I can tell he is not sick. Check that off the list.
As far as I can tell its not teething, because he's not drooling nearly as much, and doesn't seem to be biting on things or seem in pain. Check that off the list.
I thought it might have to do with TOO MUCH sleep, but then he woke up like 50 million times last night and wouldn't go back to sleep...so, well, I guess it could still have to do with too much sleep...but surely NOT ANY MORE?! Since the past three days he's hardly taken ANY naps at all and has had a minor meltdown around 4pm each day which says to me-not ENOUGH sleep not the other way around. So check that off the list.
Is he hungry? I thought possibly. So I started him in on rice cereal last night. And yet we had the WORST night we've had in AGES and I had to feed him TWICE during the night ( something that hasn't happened in months) just to calm him down. So I'd like to think that's not it either. Plus I've got the milk supply of a jersey cow ( yes, I know...good illustration. ha!) so how could he be hungry?!?
Is it the addition of being more active and self-aware to his life? Well, this one I think might be it. He can now fully get out of his swaddle and barely stays that way if I DO try and swaddle him. So, like I said in my last post I've been trying to just swaddle one arm down. And while this has made going to sleep a lot harder for him, its the staying asleep that I'm worried about. I mean, will he EVER get past the 45 sleep cycle-ending mark EVER again?!?!
Is it too much stimuli in the world around him and he's just not use to sleeping through it ?( incidentally I have the washer going and a dryer full of baby clothes with snaps on the ( aka the LOUDEST thing to dry in the WORLD) going right now and he's sleeping peacefully (FOR THE MOMENT ANYWAY).
So, I think I know the problem but how do we get passed it?! I've tried EVERYTHING to keep Ransom asleep and to put him back to sleep when he wakes up too early and nothing seems to be working.
Oh, and P.S. I've considered the fact that I was not supportive enough of my niece and her bad nap taking when I was in Texas for the holidays as a possible factor for the HELL that we are going through right now, and I've made a note of it. Thanks.

I would also like to take a moment now to say that I miss my friend Marie TERRIBLY right now because I could really use another mommy to commiserate with. :-(

January 18, 2011


The thing that's hardest about being a parent, other than lack of sleep and loosing your carefree free time, is the constant GUESS WORK that goes into the day in and day out of raising a kid. 

For instance, during the past week Ransom has been getting a lot more active and now so much so that its affecting his sleep. Ransom has been a HARDCORE swaddle fan up until now, and Brett and I can thank the swaddle for many nights of uninterrupted sleep and days of  2 hour naps.  But apparently those days are OVER. Because now, no matter how hard we try, we cannot keep Ransom swaddled. He gets out of it. And then he freaks out. 
And thus I am awaked a million and twenty times during the night to RE-swaddle him or to put his pacifier back in. AND we've been suffering through days of 30 minute naps. UMMM! Yeah, that throws a BIG OL' kink in our day time activities. 

And so, after another awful night and another 30 minute nap to start our day, I've decided we've reached another "sleep training" moment. I am now going to put Ransom down for his naps with one arm already outside the swaddle. This way he can learn NOT to knock the pacifier out, and what to do if he does.  This way he can learn how to stay asleep if he moves around. Afterall, he's just going to get more and more active. So I think long gone are the days of the little motionless burrito who could sleep all day. On to this new phase...

But, honestly, I keep thinking to myself...is this really what's wrong?!? Maybe there's something else going on that I'm missing?!?! 


And so I'm also organizing and updating my recipe box. Because at least that's ONE THING I know for sure how to do. 

Here is a picture I took of the baby monitor the other evening when he had YET AGAIN gotten his arm out of the swaddle. He stayed asleep this time...but what about the NEXT?!

( and raise your hand if you DIG the video monitor?!?! MEEEEE!!!!) 

January 13, 2011

Go ahead, cross it off!

So, once I had Ransom my days slowed waaay down.  And since I recently learned that my personality type is a ESTP: The Doer I have had to some how make do with feeling like I havent achieved something during my days-especially on days when I haven't put on "real person" clothes until 3pm.

And being the obsessive list person that I am, I have had to  find my comfort in crossing things off my list. Of course, now things like "packing up the Pack N Play" from our bedroom when we had Ransom in our room over the weekend because we had house guests ( whew! That was an intense runon sentence, even for me!) that becomes something that is actually an "achievement" that not only makes the list but is worthy of some sense of success when accomplished. Also, now that Ransom is a part of my life, things like "make cookies" which I needed to do for a friend who is moving, well, thats something that SHOULD only take a little while, but literally took me all day. I started the process at 9am and delivered them at 4:30. I use to think this was a sad state of affairs, but I've learned to except it. And be ok with it. And today Ransom and I drove the 20 minutes to Hallmark where I bought cards for the Birthdays coming up in the next few months-Which brings me to a sad observation. WHY ARE ALL THE GOOD STORES SO FAR AWAY!?!

  1. Target
  2. Marshalls
  3. The Frozen Yogurt place ( yes, this makes the list)
  4. Hallmark
  5. Starbucks
  6. Hobby Lobby
  7. Wal-Mart ( yes this makes the list, only because sometimes they have what I need....
They are ALL super far off.  This is annoying because I only have limited "travel time" available to me. Like today, Ransom fell asleep in the car on the way home from Hallmark...

Side note: IS HE NOT THE CUTEST THING EVER?!?! I nearly had a wreck when I glanced in my rearview mirror and saw him looking like this. I mean, REALLY!!!! GEEZ! CAN HE GET ANY CUTER?!?! I say no. 

Anyway, back to what I was saying. You would THINK that him falling asleep in the car would be good, but since the trip is only 20 minutes-that's long enough to fall asleep in, but not a long enough time to constitute a nap. BUT when we get home, and Ransom inevitably wakes up, his little body is all like, I'M RESTED AND READY TO PLAY when in reality his body is NEITHER of these things and he and I both have to put up with his grumpy pants until I can finally get him to take a REAL nap. BUT....I'm learning to be ok with this. I'm learning to say, "Look, world! I REALLY want to go buy cards!" 
...and so it will be worth the minimal pain and suffering that Ransom and I must go through to make it happen." 

Look how I've grown....look how adjusted I am!


January 10, 2011

Worst Snow Day Ever.

So, we woke up to the ground covered in snow this morning. And the Fort Benning Website saying that the post was closed except for "essential personnel"...so guess who's at work?!?! 


Essential personnel means that Brett is at work doing the work of EVERYONE who's at home chillin because it snowed a little. 

In other news, Ransom has a for REALS serious cold at the moment. That didn't stop him from sucking on my chin yesterday morning...

So is it any surprise that I have a cold too?!?

Try having a kid sneeze in your face. That's fun. And also affective at spreading germs. 

January 07, 2011


UMM!!! I'm thinking about using some swears right  now because that seems like the ONLY THING that can fully express what just happened...

I mean, NO SOONER had I posted the below blog post, and Ransom had finally slept for a whole 15 minutes and I was considering the Great Move towards his bed when the DOOR BELL RINGS.

This wakes up Ransom a little bit, but not totally.
So I say a silent prayer that they won't ring it again...and I WILL Ransom to not fully wake up.



I didn't come to the door with the ringing, is BANGING such a great idea?!?!

So, I get up, steam LITERALLY coming forth from my ears, leaving my now screaming child in his bed and proceed to the front door.

Typical Plumber Looking Dude ( and all that implies) is standing there. He's like, "So, I've tried to fix your leaky ceiling before, but, uh....I guess that didn't work. So, uh. I'm going to come back on Monday and hopefully fix it."


After NOT attending to my leaky roof for THREE MONTHS you decide this is the day to come tell me that you're going to come on MONDAY?! Is that SO?!?

I've entered the THIRD LEVEL of angry right now.
( this means that I called my friend Amy and vented to her and that was not enough, and so I called my sister Anna and vented to her and that was not enough either...and so NOW I'm venting to my blog...and I'll probably go ahead and promote this to a level FOUR when Brett gets home ( lucky him).


So, here we are... My left arm becoming more and more numb. Ransom has a cold and therefore this means. Sleep. Nonexistent.
This makes NO SENSE to me since shouldn't your body just shut down and let one sleep and sleep for hours so as to recover from ones sickness?! Nope. Which brings us back to my limp and dead arm that is currently supporting 15 some odd pounds on it.
APPARENTLY a sick baby is a needy baby.

But that means I'm stuck in this chair writing a blog post with my right thumb to keep myself entertained.

I wonder if I'm going to have to cut my arm off like that guy from that 127 Hours movie ( which I did NOT SEE.... who wants to watch a dude slowly go crazy and then chop his arm off just to survive as ENTERTAINMENT?!) ? Anyway, its not like I has big afternoon plans. I was going to eat some chocolate and clean the bathroom floors. The chocolate part is regrettable.

As long as Ransoms sleep total for the day is more than the current "45 min" that he's running on, it'll be well worth it. I mean SERIOUSLY, DUDE that's not enough as per your earlier break down that led us to our current Left Arm Sacrifice.

So check out the cute pic of R getting ready for his walk. That seat cover rocks. He can be rockin shorts and a Tshirt under there and be toasty warm. And then that face sticking out slays me everytime.


I'm torn.

On one hand I'm glad its Friday because I miss having Brett around this week ( going from half days at work, to no work at all and now back to 5am-5pm is for me too much to adjust to!) on the other hand this weekend is gonna be extra busy and that makes me tired just thinking about it! haha. 
Lots and lots of hostessing duties...

But check out my cute baby. The baby who woke up 40 minutes into his nap and has been lying there cooing to himself ever since. HOW DO I KNOW THIS?! Because of my TOTALLY AWESOME video monitor that my sister and I got each other for Christmas. 

Honestly, its awesome. Normally I would A. Not know he wasn't asleep. B. If I did here him I'd probably go in and check on him and then ruin these minutes when he's totally content looking up at his space mobile. 

Yes, I recommend one of these babies to ALL MOMMIES EVERYWHERE. 

January 05, 2011

You'll be getting a cookie....

So, remember a loooong time ago I wrote on my blog about this totally awesome cookie cutter that I wanted?!

Well, my Mom got it for me for Christmas! YAY! Perfect timing, really, because I JUST SO HAPPENED to have perfected my sugar cookie recipe and now my cookies can be not only tasty but personalized too....
Check out the cookies I made for the New Years Eve Retreat we went to:

New Years Resolutions

Ahhh New Years Resolutions! I love these! Mostly because one of them got me a husband that one time.*
But also because who doesn't like a nice clean slate start? Its very Biblical really! Jesus is constantly giving us to opportunity to "begin again". But there's nothing like getting a new calendar to make you feel like you'll have the strength to do things differently this time.

So here we go, yo:

 I feel like in 2010 I hardly read ANY BOOKS. But then I look back and see the giant stack of parenting books that I devoured and I remember that it wasn't that I wasn't reading its just I wasn't reading anything cool. ( Unless you think Child Training is cool. )  But this year I'm going to be a bit more specific. This year I will read 12 books and I will do my BEST to read books that do not revolve around my parenting plight.

This year I am going to update Brett and my Will. This is something we've been sadly lacking in doing before Ransom was born and its a high priority for 2011. I know its kind of a morbid Resolution. But I will definitely feel better when its taken care of.

This year I am going to do some research and make some decisions about investing. While Brett and I do our best to save every month, we do not really know what to do with our money besides stick it in the bank. Maybe that's what we need to keep doing, but I want to at least know that I have researched every possible option.

This year I am going do better about sending Birthday cards. I did pretty well this last year, but once Ransom was born my card buying went out the window. I now think I will have to take maybe just one or two MASSIVE trips to Hallmark, rather than go once a month ( it turns out a twenty minute drive is just toooooo long for my baby to do just for cards.) But I WILL get this done!

I am going to post more pictures on my blog. Be warned. They may not have to do with ANYTHING I'm blogging about, and they may all be of Ransom. But I realized that I just assumed my readers were my facebook friends too...but what if you're not?!? How sad that you'd be missing out on my adorable son! I'd hate that.

So I'm raising this giant glass of water to a new year! WOO!

* Basically on New Years Eve Brett and I reconnected at a party and it JUST SO HAPPENED ( winkwink) that one of my NY Resolutions that year was to be a better correspondent. Niiiiiice.

January 02, 2011

Goodbye 2010...

The last three days we've been chillin out Alabama way ( so only about thirty minutes from home) meaning I did not have ANY INTERNET ACCESS for three days. OR cell phone reception. Anyway, that is why this post is late-but since we're still in the single digits of 2011 I feel like we're not too late to recap Abigail's Day 2010. WOO!

So, 2010 started out in bed. Not in a cool sort of way, but in an "I have morning sickness at night" kind of a way. Thus Brett and I rung in the new year going to bed waaaay early. So, yes,  in January I announced I was preggers."The Big Reveal" As far as blog posts go...that's kind of a big one. Probably only topped by my 'I'm engaged' blog post...or...hey, maybe the BIRTH of my child, but that comes later....I also started a little part time job working for the Navigators, which helped considerably with filling up my time!

One of the big things that happened in February is that God worked a major Army Miracle and gave Brett a Job at Fort Benning -meaning we'd be sticking around for several more years, God also worked it so that Brett would be around for the birth of our "Hippopotamus"-which was, well, REALLY A BIG DEAL. While this was a hug relief I was still struggling quite a bit with our life in Georgia and still missed Washington terribly. It probably didn't help that I was still a sick little pregnant girl.

In March we found out that our "Hippopotamus" was going to be a boy! WOO! I also continued to struggle with the "new" life I was living and I wrote a couple of blog posts to help me through it. I think this "Life Lesson" is my particular favorite.

In April we were SO CLOSE to moving out of The Woods House and Finally getting our own belongings back and finally  not living in the middle of NO WHERE, that I could taste it.  And so God saw fit to make me wait longer and He put us on the waiting list for housing. Now that we live on post and I see people moving in and out almost daily, I know that it was DEFINITELY a God thing! There is NEVER a waiting list!! So, God used my impatience to teach me more lessons. My favorite was documented here: "Head on down to your nearest desert" . The other cool thing that happened in April was my niece Kilsyth was born...but I didn't announce it on my blog until...

 May. The End of April and into May was really a great time. In some ways it was the transition out of a very difficult time into a definite time of blessing. I reached my Third Trimester. We have moved into our new home which I looooooved. We were entering into the crazy-cool busy Summer Bible Study season and we were seeing a lot more Fruit from ministry. And I shared a hilarious story about the guy who was living with us at the time and the woes of moving into a new house: "Midnight in the house of Good and Evil"

At the end of May and into the first week of June, I shared about the AMAZING baby showers that were thrown for me in Texas, we got to see Family-including my new niece and Brett's oldest brothers family. It was wonderful spending time with all of them. I posted a mostly picture post all about it, "We are blessed." The trip to Texas just ran straight into a very crazy busy season of parties, VBS, outreach events, and one last trip for Brett and I to Atlanta before having Ransom.

In July my wonderful friend Tabitha came for a visit, Anna, Ryan and Kilsyth came for a visit, Brett and I celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary and somewhere in there I continued to get more and more giant ( our air conditioner was working OVER TIME) and started to freak out about having a baby. But even with the freak outs, God was faithful and I shared a little of His comfort to me here, "A little memory.."

And then there was August....The month when Ransom was born. And my life and my blog changed forever. You should probably just go read all the blog posts from August, most of them are pictures some of them are the account of Ransom's birth which are also linked in my "Favorites" Section. But August also brought Brett leaving for Ranger School which was also another very important event of 2010... From the beginning we felt the Lord's Help, which I wrote about in, "A Preemptive Reminder"

So by September we were really in throws of Ranger School and Baby Rearing. It was seriously a month of clinging to the Lord as I literally took a roller coaster of emotions from day to day. The month was FULL of examples of how He provided for both Brett and I, and looking back over this month's posts I am still AMAZED by His goodness to us! I guess one of the best examples of the month is this post: Perspective

 October can only be described as an ADJUSTMENT. Brett was still in Ranger School and I was still doing my best to raise Ransom by myself ( with the help of my many many house guests!). But I was still struggling with being a mom and also doing all the things that I USE TO DO before I became a mom. I think October and November where definitely the hardest months on Ransom and I both when it comes to how we lived our lives. But one example of me trying to sort it all out ( and usually failing) was this post: Units of Time. 

And then there was November...November I continued to slowly struggle out of my funk of trying to take Ransom out into public and it failing miserably, plus dealing with a crazy case of Acid Reflux ( on his part)...but even in the midst of another difficult month, my family blessed me with a wonderful "life line" birthday present. And my sister came to stay with Ransom so Brett and I could get away...Vitamins for Everyone! reflects maybe just HOW desperate I was for that break.

In December I didn't write many posts, but this time it wasn't because things were hard, but more because they were BUSY! We threw two holiday parties and took a two week trip to Texas during December and Ransom and I both seemed to slowly feel our way out into "public" and survive. What a relief as a parent! I guess it was fitting then that I wrote about God's perfect timing this month, in one of my favorite blog posts of the year: "On that very day"

And so we ended 2010. Overall, it was a hard year-at first it was hard because of a much longer transition into Fort Benning that was probably made harder because of pregnancy hormones and the added bonus of living in someone else's house for 5 months. And then it was hard yet again with the trials of Single Parent-dom and Ranger School combined which was followed by a weird adjustment to parenting that I had not really foreseen but that most definitely happened. Eh. I guess I probably have many more of those adjustments to look forward to, huh?! ;-)
Anyway, while it was hard Brett and I were tremendously blessed. We got to see a lot of growth Spiritually in our own lives ( nothing like having to take up your cross daily and live where you don't want to live to make you grow! hehe!) as well in the lives of those we were getting to ministry to as a part of the Navigators Single Soldiers Ministry. Brett was able to conquer the long time hurdle of Ranger School in one fell swoop that was made possible by the many prayers of the Saints. It was TRULY a Faith builder for us both! And then, of course, we became parents to Ransom this year. Something that is so mindblowing that its really hard to muster the appropriate words to describe what it has meant to us. So, I suppose this just goes to show that the things that are truly WORTH IT, there is mostly likely going to be some sharpening and refining that is going to hurt ( for example: 36 hours of birth labor) and  as the years go by I realize that some of the hardest years have brought the most joy.

May we Live Harder in 2011.