May 30, 2009

Let this be summer...

Basically this is my favorite spot at the moment. For one thing it is officially warm enough to have both of my windows open and since they span the side of my bed, there is always a crisp, cool feeling on that side of the bed. Its so great in fact, ( especially when you turn the box fan on at night...*sigh* the only thing that could make it better is if Brett was here to enjoy it, the box fan reminds me of him more than most things since he loves them so much....) this morning after I got up early, went and ran a 5k that was being held literally a quarter of a mile from my house, I came home and got right back in bed. And that's where I've pretty much been ever since.

I mean, sure, I'll have to get out bed eventually, Bethany is on her way as I write this and I'm sure she'll want to do something other than lie here...but for the time being I'm basking.

This is in stark contrast with yesterday, yesterday I was go, go, go all day. You can ask Linds for proof, since she pretty much spent all day yesterday lying on the livingroom floor. And every couple of hours I'd rush into the apartment, pick up something or drop something off, or quickly throw some brownies into the oven, and the rush back out again. It was kinda nice, though, having her lying in that same spot everytime I came back in-it made me feel like I hadn't been gone long at all....

May 28, 2009

Under the Sun

I have walked under this awning and into the sunny park next to my home for the past two days so that I can read for hours and get a tan on only the top part of my legs ( super sexy, let me tell you, its like having two pairs of is tan, one is white)...and let me tell you, these flowers smell divine.

The first time I walked under them, I was walking fast because I was carrying a lawn chair, my phone, and my books ( bible, journal, recreational reading)...but the smell was enough to make me stop and back track, standing still under the blooms taking deep breathes. The last few days I have honestly felt like I was living in some sort of vacation resort. The weather has been THAT beautiful.

May 27, 2009

A Need to Breathe

Today was my day off....I have honestly not had a day when I went leisurely about activities without anyone to see or anything to do at a specific time in a month. And I realized yesterday that I have not been in my own home on a weekend in over a month. A month.

So, yes things have been a bit hectic and I needed a deep breath. Thus today. I had a longer quiet time then normal, I had some time to say longer prayers for people who deserve longer prayers more often, I cleaned and I listened to More Time by Needtobreathe ( For some reason I keep thinking of my friends Amy and Luke all the other military couples having to say goodbye here at Fort Lewis over the next month or two every time I listen to it and it makes me this one's for you, Amy), I threw together a little greek salad and ate it on my balcony and then I took a walk with a Diet Coke to the library and ordered several books on interlibrary loan ( I've got exotic book tastes apparently), I walked home and then dragged two camping chairs ( one to sit in, one to prop my feet on) over to the park across the street and sat reading "Travelling Mercies", by Annie Lamott, until my legs started to look a little dangerously reddish and I needed a drink of water....

All in all I'm feeling decompressed.

May 26, 2009

Pink is the new Purple

So, I took Tabitha's comment into consideration and made another color change....


For those of you who read my blog in google reader or in some other RSS feed you should take the time to visit my actual blog today since I changed the design... what can I say, I started out wanting to change it to more "summer" colors...but then I got distracted by the purple...I'm not sure if I FULLY like it just yet, may need to tweak it a bit more, but I bet I can trust all of you to tell me just what you think without sparing my itty bitty feelings. ha!

Today, I had a few meetings in the morning and then I headed over for my friend Amy's husband's deployment ceremony. It was quite moving and I most DEFINITELY had the feeling of tears. I'm actually kind of glad that Brett did not HAVE a deployment ceremony, saying goodbye is hard enough without having to hear stirring speeches and singing the national anthem ( which ALWAYS makes me cry!). But, I'm really glad I could go and support Amy and Luke. I honestly, find it much harder to have OTHER people go through deployments now, I suppose its because I know what they are about to experience, and while the past six months have pasted, by the grace of God, without too much difficulty I would rather not have ANYONE experience the No Husband Scenario.

May 25, 2009

What I think...

I'm sitting on my balcony, trying to decide which color on my toes looks better ( each foot has a different polish on it)....

Across the street the neighbor kids are trying decide whether they want to play Freeze Tag or What Time Is it Mr. Fox, a game I have not thought about since grade school....

I can smell numerous cookouts from all up and down the block as Memorial Day is memorialized in barbecue form...

And just below me I watched a soldier in his uniform get in his car to drive into work...probably on staff duty or something...

I know its hard to take these few moments and time and equate it to some soldier fighting in a war in either some far off time or far off place, and yet...I know that in very incomprehensible ways all of this was made possible by men and women who have sacrificed much.

I'm Thankful.

May 22, 2009


So, I promised I'd blog more when we got here I am!

Of course, irony strikes since two hours after getting internet in the home, Linds and I are headed off for a girls weekend with Cindy down at Seaside/Cannon Beach OR....I suppose its just nice knowing it'll be waiting for us when we get back! hehehe!

This will be especially fun since this is Cindy's FIRST night away without her four kids in four or so years!!! While I cannot even imagine what that must be like, I plan to live it up large just for her sake!

Hopefully I'll take pictures and have a more interactive post to come!

May 21, 2009

Pinkie swear

I know I've been a terrible blogger of late, but I have a feeling that next week when I have Internet ( the paid for kind!!) in the apartment again, you'll hear more from me....

Last few days I've been getting back into the swing of Washington, enjoying having L move in with me, preparing for a new bible study for my Tuesday girls ( I've never prepared an entire study from the beginning before and it's a challenge!) , loving washingon's nice weather ( for the most part), doing favors for friends, and trying hard not to look forward to July too much.

Me in a nut shell... And hopefully, I'll be giving you more versions of me soon!

Oh, I read the book "Losing Mum and Pup" by Christopher Buckley on the plane ride back to WA, and it was the most enjoyable four hour read I've had in ages... Put this little memoir on your summer reading list, you won't regret it!

May 16, 2009

Any excuse for cake

little girls

Today I went to my oldest, dearest friend Amy's little sister's wedding.. Honestly, I did not expect to be so emotional, but I seriously grew up with Amy and Emily ( the bride) and to see Emily between her parents looking all beautiful and walking down the aisle, I could not help but cry.

It is also wonderful to see a groom who is obviously so in love that he cries at the sight of his bride. EVERY girl should experience that, and it is the biggest, most horrible waste when you see girls settling for guys that do not show their absolute adoration for them. As Christians we often hear of the church being referred to as the Bride of Christ, this is a wonderful illustration because so often I have learned more of Christ's love through watching weddings ( and being a part of my own!) than anything else...the adoration of the Groom as he looks upon his bride, he thinks she's perfect...and the things that he knows AREN'T perfect, he overlooks. And the Bride, basking in that love, basking in the security of a life filled with expectance and support that is laid before her. I bet you could ask such a bride and she would say that she feels as though she could do just about ANYTHING on her wedding day, because of that sense of security that her Love brings...

And yet....

How often do we settle for a lesser love, a love of this world, lusts of the flesh...things that do not truly bring the True and Lasting love of the Father!?!

Today I am struck once again and the beauty of the Love of Christ and His love for His Bride. I am also struck by the joy of seeing a couple devoted to Him and now seeking Him hand in hand...they are a reflection of Him today!

To the little girl, Emily, I say job well done! And many prayers for her future life of happiness!

And, dear readers, may all your relationships be a reflection of His Love.

May 12, 2009

You ever did see...

Sorry I've been away from the computer for a week or so...but that's what happens when you make the decision to NOT lug your computer to Texas with you....while I can check my emails on my phone, responding is a whole another story...but in the spirit of visiting my family, here's a little present. My sister and I...circa the 80s.

May 04, 2009

A day for praise

The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup. You hold my lot...
I bless the Lord who gives me counsel; in the night also my heart instructs me.
I have set the Lord always before me; because he is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken...
You make known to me the path of life in the presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore...
Ps 16:5-8,9

I found myself without anything planned to do today since the babysitting I was suppose to do for a friend fell through because of a sick kid ( swine flu?! Probably not! hahaha!). And I great part of me is relieved. I have a headache ( hellooooo neck tension!) and I slept poorly... probably not the optimal 3 year-old Entertainer at this instead, here I am at Starbucks ( I lifted the coffee ban....*sigh*), listening to Hillsong....

On Friday night I went to a minor league baseball game with some friends ( as you can see from my picture post from the game) and I got a ride from a friend who lives in the same apartment complex that I do ( at least for the moment! He's deploying soon...) anyway, he was jammin to Hillsong and Hillsong United in his car and I was struck by how LONG it has been since I listened to these praise songs! It brought back days past in great detail and force....

I was reminded of times when hope and optimism reined ( ahhhh Dunedin Days!) when I first sang these songs in church and I was also reminded of times when those praise songs where about the only praising going on in my life, times when the darkness seemed to have no end ( ahhh! 2005). I pretty much retired Hillsong after that, and yet this week as I revisit some of these great songs of truth, I am glad that I can say with certainty that there is never a time when Praise to the Lord most high is not due Him....and as we all continue on in whatever the Day brings...remember that: There is fullness of joy in His Presence...

May 02, 2009

Looking up from the bottom

So, there are times when your actual height becomes very clear....I'm currently about 3 inches tall. At least that's what I'm going to say, approximately, considering the past month has cut me down a couple of feet per week....

First I came face to face with all sorts of fears and all sorts of realities that I've been chillin in denial about for, OOOOH, six months or so. Then to add to that I've seemed to hit a brick wall ministry wise. At every turn it seems to get HARDER. Dealing with people is SO COMPLICATED and, P.S. They never ever react or do things they way you WANT them to. ;-)
So, to say the least, I have been humbled my inabilities to deal and my great and undying need for Christ...So, right when I'm sitting on the bottom rung of all this, looking up at what I slipped down from-I am granted yet another great big surprise:

That husband of mine delivered a shocker about what he wants to do....or should I say HOW he wants to do what he's always wanted to do ( which is reach the military for Christ)....yeah. HUGE CHANGE.

So, because I just got this information last night, and I'm still in relative shock about it-I'm going to leave you to ponder my vague you can suffer like I did all night. ;-)

Let's just say, I don't think life is EVER going to be comfortable!!! ( and somehow, realizing that is surprisingly comforting!)