February 23, 2011


Ransom's teething again. It is hell upon the earth. Honestly. I haaaaaate not getting a good nights sleep. :-(
I'm such a weenie and I know my little dude is in pain and that is rough too-especially when nothing seems to make it better.
And, as much as I know that teething is exciting to ALL of you (ha!), its actually a little crazier than all that...unlike most babies-who get their bottom front two teeth and then their top front two teeth...NOT MY BABY! He got the bottom two like normal, and then he's now cut his little SIDE tooth...making him a half vampire baby.
And I'm pretty sure that pointy tooth on the side ( too lazy to look up what its called) is much harder to push through ones gums than the front teeth....that dude is SHARP!

Last night I perused some old journals from my college days in search of some verses that my friend Carmi and I had gotten for the city of Christchurch when we were praying for it one day ( ahhhh! College days! How I loved those long un-interrupted prayer sessions!) Anyway, can I just say that while I had a lot of cool verses and quotes mixed throughout my journals...most of it is just EMBARRASSING. Wow.

So this morning I'm thinking God for loving me. And not just the immature college-me, but also the immature late-twenties mommy-me as well...because as "smart" and "with it" as I think I am right now, I know I will cringe when I get to be 38 and then 48...and one day when I stand before Jesus, oh how I will cringe. To see how smutty and flimsy I am and to think that Jesus loved (s) me anyway...Wow.

February 18, 2011


So yesterday I posted some good things in the morning time- which its good I got that blog in before 10am hit because all of a sudden Ransom had a fever ( no doubt an after affect of those nasty vaccines) and we spent the rest of the day crying and sleeping in my lap. And by we I mean Ransom...and so I got very little done and there went that good mood!
Anyways....all those good things still stand the test of a bad-ish day and so we begin afresh today with a follow up to yesterday...

Monica asked about the sound tracks to our day, and so currently that would be....

For mornings/ baby feeding: I'm currently digging Brooke Fraser's Flags ( she's been a favorite of mine since college and she's still a lovely reminder of New Zealand days...) and just to keep with my "college music" theme I've also pulled out my old Hillsong United albums. If you do not have some Hillsong praise music to pull out in times of gloom you REALLY need to get your hands on some!!

For cooking: You should ALL go and listen to the Pandora Glee Cast Station... its all the music you are semi-embarrassed to like, plus a mix of show tunes that you SHOULD be embarrassed to like...but they are all mercilessly catchy and dance-around-the-kitchen-worthy. Also, as much as I am against EVERYTHING about her, including that AWFUL album cover, I really like Katy Perry's Firework. *sigh* And then this song, which I know is really random, but I like it for some reason- Ryan Star's Brand New Day

For evenings: A little Alexi Murdoch, a little Joshua Radin, a little old school Iron & Wine, a little Postal Service,  this song from Missy Higgins: Where I stood ( its so sad, but I can't help but love it.)...

I just went over that music selection and, hahaha! there should be something for everyone there...I have some random tastes.

Also, I was awarded a blog award from Misty Marie!  Super sweet! THANKS!!

Here is how it works:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award 8 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact the bloggers and let them know about the award.

So, here are 7 things about me:

1. I've always wanted to be a librarian. Or a bookstore owner. Just some excuse to have a  "story time"!! 
2. I would like to have a daughter one day ( NOT ANY TIME SOON!) , I've already picked out her name and her nickname, now its just a matter of convincing Brett. 
3. I really don't like fast-food. Unless its Chick fil a, and then I'm ALL OVER IT. 
4. I have freakishly small feet. 
5. I'm currently memorizing this verse: Ps 131:1
6. I would really like to rent a beach house with my family over the summer, but thanks to Army, that's just a dream. :-( 
7. I use to say I'd never let my children's stuff take over my living room..Here's the current state of our living room: 

I am passing my award to:
4. Mary

February 17, 2011

Good things

We haven't had a nice little 'good things' post in a while...and this morning as I lounge on the couch watching Ransom play on the floor I figure I should share my good mood.

Thus good things, in no particular order:
-Healthy babies.  Yesterday was Ransom's six month wellness visit, and while I admit I was in a bad mood most of the day because I hate, hate, hate when nap times are ruined, I am beyond grateful that Ransom is a healthy baby. We are truly blessed.

-A four day weekend. We've been running at a particularly fast pace around here lately. At dinner the other night it was mentioned that we try to have guests for dinner once a week...but after further thought I realized we have guests for dinner more like TWICE a week on average. Let me tell you I loooove playing hostess, and having people around-but that being said, I look forward to a weekend of PJ wearing and take-out ....and Harry Potter reading.

-Dark chocolate. I know I've said it before, but its the greatest.

- Our iHome stereo system. This was my birthday present from Brett this year, I had originally wanted such a thing so that I could play music in Ransom's room...but its ended up finding its home in the dinning room and I have loved having music while I cook, feed Ransom, have lunch dates with ladies, play with Ransom...you name it, we have a soundtrack. ( its awesome because its now the permanent home of my old 3G iphone...we just loaded it up with all our music and now it lives there. nice use for it!)

-nine hours of sleep. Now I admit I got up once at around 4am to put Ransom's paci back in, but usually this doesn't happen. And we've been enjoying this reprieve between teething episodes to say that being able to have a good nights sleep should never, ever be taken for granted.

-Ransom's ability to sit un-aided. The kid was definitely getting cranky before this ability took its full hold. And I could TELL that all he wanted was a little added independence. And boooy is he happy now to sit on the floor and play! ( And I'm happy too!)

- Things to look forward to....not only do we have a four day weekend to look forward to, but March is stock full of really fun things. A visit from our wonderful friends Mike and Katie, a night away for Brett and I, a visit from my parents, another four day weekend...

-Baby clothes. A few days ago I switched out Ransom's clothes from 3-6mo clothes to his 6mo clothes ( yes, oddly enough, there is a difference). Annnyway, I've been having fun with all his new outfits.
Baby clothes can be really, really cute. And also really really random:


I mean, what the heck is going on with the turtle sitting on top of the ducks head?!?! 

-Fantastic weather. We've been rockin' it with the amazing weather here in Georgia this week. Its times like these that I need to remember that Washington is dark and dreary right about now and I should be GLAD I live here. *sigh* Anyway, we've been so super busy this week that we haven't had the time to fully enjoy the amazing weather. But, gosh darn it, today we will!!! We're going to spend some significant time out of doors! YAY!

- And then there's this....need I say more?

Pure, unadulterated contentment. We should all take some lessons. 

February 14, 2011

Put your hands up

Happy Valentine's Day!

thanks to http://www.purlbee.com  for this adorable picture! 

I'm actually quite the fan of Valentine's Day overall! Even though I never had a boyfriend until I met Brett, the day was still always special because I had a really wonderful Papa who made my sister and I filled loved by always remembering to get us sweet little gifts ( personal favorites from over the years: Titanic Soundtrack CD, sour cherry candies, delicate gold hoop earrings, little notes written on brown paper...my father is  the best!)
And isn't THAT what this day should be about?! Making sure the people around you feel loved like they should?!
I spent most of yesterday making Valentine's Day cookies for friends ( and not just because my sugar cookie recipe is such an amazing mix of cream cheese and sugar that I CAN'T STOP MAKING ) THEM!) and this afternoon I spent some time going around delivering cookies. FUN!
So sugar-high, plus delivering cookies, plus Brett coming home for lunch ( he hardly ever gets to do this) plus a "day of love" I was all together happy till I came home to facebook statuses...



I am blessed with a lot of wonderful strong brilliant beautiful friends who are still single and I am so sad when I see them feeling that somehow their lives are not complete till they find themselves a man. And so I went back to the archives of Abigail's Day and I pulled out a doozy for you today. When I wrote this post I was decidedly single. I had not "met" Brett yet, and a married life was something I wanted but didn't see happening any time soon. And now, when re-reading this post I must say....I still  feel the same way. We are called my friends to be complete and WHOLE people in Christ Jesus. And so this is my Valentine's gift to you. I know that it seems that the world around us is bent upon making today about "coupledom" and "romance"...but I'd like to counter some of that with a little bucking up, a little reminder that if you are, in fact, single today...that doesn't mean you aren't still a FANTASTIC PERSON:

All the single ladies...

xoxo, Abigail

February 03, 2011


What a great word, asunder ( torn apart). I got a verse in my time with Jesus this week that was most definitely for a friend of mine and I've been praying it for her ever since....

He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death,
   and burst their bonds asunder. Ps 107:14

And then as the week progressed it seemed that there were more dear ones to pray this verse for, and the very Hardness and Imperfection of this Life became all too real. 

To be honest with you sometimes it takes my breath away, when I hear about the unfairness that seems to happen to really wonderful people. When you hear of hardships and grief and reaching the end of ropes and standing on the edges of cliffs all things that make me long for the Kingdom of Heaven. Its when we're all broken apart ( asunder) that my need for Jesus becomes all the clearer...

Brett began working in a part of Fort Benning called "Kelley Hill" soon after he finished Ranger School, and our prayer even before he started the job was that we would be able to start a Bible Study there on Kelley Hill to reach the soldiers that lived and worked there. And then months passed. It seemed that doors were not really just shut, they were just not even there. There were just walls with no doors. 
And then this past weekend things began to change in my times with Jesus. I would be reading along and I would just stop and write "Kelley Hill" really big in my journal. It was just ON MY MIND. 
I know that it was on Brett's mind too... one of the aspects of Brett's job is that he deals with "situations" that might arise with soldiers- and that has just shown us all the more clearly how MUCH the men and women there really need the Love of Christ. They need healing, they need bonds broken asunder. There are just so many people hurting. 
And then yesterday a door appeared. And before Brett could even text me about the "door" the door OPENED. And he got permission to begin Bible Studies. TODAY. 
It was oddly surprising to me that after so many months of nothing. God would have things move so quickly! I say "oddly" because I shouldn't be surprised. 
If there is anything I've learned about the Lord its that His movements are usually invisible. So invisible that sometimes all I see is the Darkness and the Shadow of Death ever looming, sometimes all I see is the bonds that seem to hold on so tightly. 
But, there is a promise. The promise from above. He will bring us out. He will break all these things asunder. He will Heal. He will stand True. He will show Himself to be Good. He will show Himself Faithful. 

Sometimes its easier to believe in the Lord's goodness when I take a look at those shoes...on those little fat legs...

February 01, 2011

Crafts at eye level

Last week in the midst of Ransom cutting two teeth and learning how to sit up all on his own...I also threw Brett a birthday party.

In preparation for this party, I made a banner out of felt. I was excited about this banner because with the added bonus of it being made out of felt, I could easily make letters for it that said, "Happy Birthday Brett" and then take those letters off and have it say, "Happy Birthday Ransom" or "Merry Christmas" or "Welcome Home"...or whatever I wanted it to say! So, I went to Hobby Lobby, I used scissors ( which is hard for me as a lefty!) and I spent a whole afternoon making my banner...

I then hung it up over the windows in the dinning room.

And then Brett came home. He was home for several hours. A whole evening in fact. And he had dinner in the dinning room and was later sitting on the couch, in the spot on the couch where you are looking DIRECTLY at the banner from the living room...and I finally said, "What do you think of your banner?"

"What banner?"


And thus proceeded a "lively" discussion of HOW in the WORLD(!!) could Brett have missed the beautiful banner. ( For the record, he says it was because it wasn't at "eye level" and that he never really "looks up")

So, a day passes. And the next day is Brett's actual birthday. And we're having dinner with Hayden ( the guy who is currently living in our attic) and somehow I bring up the banner again ( because, HELLO!?! I'm super proud of it!! I'm not a crafty person so the fact that I could make ANYTHING that turned out even half-way decent deserves some MAJOR PROPS!) and at this point Hayden looks up at the banner and does one of those little almost indistinguishable little jumps and says, "OH! I didn't notice it! Nice!"

At first I thought he was joking and I said, "Did you hear Brett and I talking about the banner yesterday and that's why you didn't say anything?!" 

Apparently not. 

And so that's when I really lost it! I was like, "DUDE! You ate Dinner and Breakfast and then lunch in this room and you are JUST NOW noticing the banner?!?" 

And once again the whole "eye level" concept came up. And I may have also said something about "never making anything nice ever again"...but whatever the case. Crafty things are completely LOST on the boys in my home. 

Lucky for me I have very nice girl friends who commented on the banner almost IMMEDIATELY upon entering my home. Because how could you NOT?!? Its a super cute banner.