April 13, 2005

The Episode that Shocked a Nation.

Have you ever heard that for a preview for a TV show? it always makes me laugh...I always get a mental picture of the entirity of the USA taking a collective gasp over an episode of CSI ( i DOUBT it!)

my day....I actually dont want to tell you about it because I am so embarrassed about what happened-but then on the other hand...I couldnt NOT tell you....

The morning started crazy enough-I got to work early because we have a new doctor and he keeps showing up well before 8AM ( when the doctors usually arrive) and I wanted to be ready for him...so I get the hospital to find him stand outside the reading room door saying that he needs to get a key! I am like, WHOOOOA, dude! its not even 7:20 yet!!!! what the hey???
Anyway, so I was rushed trying to keep my doctor busy AND do my normal morning duties....to make matter more crazy we had two FULL carts full of films from the night before to read ( usually only one...I think I mentioned this already)

So, all of the radiology department was busy and crazy pills were abounding...and then the moment came....

Dr. Davis asked me to get some films that were read yesterday and the ones from today for Dr. Randel who would be coming in anymoment to look at them...so I did the logical thing to do which was call up front to see if they had them up there...
phone conversation:
Me: Hi this is Abbey in the reading room, do you have a Henry James ( name changed for privacy reasons) up there? Dr. Randel needs to look at them.
Girl up front: Whats the patient number?
Me: I wasnt given a record number, all I was given is the patients name...
Evil girl: Can you hold on for a second?
Me: Sure.
Evil, mean girl: ( in a muffled voice) I cant BELIEVE those girls back there! They just call up here with NO information and just expect me to find it...like I dont have work to do or something!!! She is so incredibly stupid and lazy.......
Evil, evil, mean horrible girl: Do you have the date of birth.
Me: No, I am sorry I wasnt given that information, I am asked to find the patient's film.
EEMHG: We'll try to find them.

I hung up, and Demetrius went up to the front to look for the films, I was totally upset and hearing all that said about me, after all...if she wanted to talk about me than she could have at least put me on HOLD.
I told demetrius what she said, and demetrius asked, the next time they called if they had been talking about us up front...I only heard Demetrius's end of the conversation and she was said, "Oh, Ok." and hung up...I then asked what they said and she said they said they had been talking about Abbey.

*sigh* this really upset me and I tried to control myself as Demetrius went on and on about how they werent very nice up front and that they talked behind EVERYONES back...but when she finally left the room I started to cry...I just couldnt help it! I have been trying so hard to be on everyones good side, and now they all think I am lazy!! Even though I knew it wasnt true it was upsetting to actually HEAR people talk badly about me...

in the end Demetrius gave me this big peptalk about how I had to get over things like this and that the only people I needed to please were her and the doctors and I was doing that etc. etc.
and then she went and told the girls up front that they had made me cry and not to do it again! Can you believe it??? how horrible! I am sooo embarrassed they know that I cried! No one cries at a WORK PLACE!!!! I think the thing that gets me now is how emotionally badly I acted!!! I mean, I am suppose to be a grown up, with a grown up job and I cried the first time I had any kind of conflict...I just want to SINK through the floor..............I am soooo embarrassed.

So, now you know....call me a cry baby....I know its true. I wish I could just WILL myself to grow up and be a big girl....what does it take???

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