April 25, 2005

sappy sappy sappy.


I just deleted what I just wrote. I decided there are SOME things you just shouldnt share with the world...especially when you wake up in the morning in a cold sweat thinking...no, I did NOT just share how sappy and romantic I am with EVERYONE! And then you realize that, yes, yes you DID share...and you feel silly....

So instead I deleted what I wrote. Infact, it was good...because even as i was writing it I was thinking...this is SO LAME. you are SUCH a girly girl who just wants a boyfriend? HA! I think not! A blog about such things would just draw attention to a part of me that takes up such a small percentage of the "Actual" me...and then you would only think of me as that small percentage and all the things that I would MUCH rather be used to discribe me would get NO attention... ( like my clever wit) and THEN where would we be???

Thats what I thought.

So, what brought that on? I mean...since this "romantic, sappy, needy" side of me is "so small" HOW did it come out in such FULL FORCE tonight?

I watched " A Lot Like Love" at the theatre with my sister ( at one point we both GASPED really loudly at the exact same time...we felt lame. it was really funny. so this is a note to everyone: if you ever go to a movie with Anna and I, prepare to be embarrassed with our unintentional outbursts)....
it was a really good movie. really romantic. really sweet. happily ever after and all that jazz......

yeah, I am glad I am not talking about it. Instead I decided to discuss something safe and boring.... the weather:

Its lightening outside...and I think possibly raining too. woo.

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