April 28, 2005

stuck in the middle...with you.

Surely there is SOME story that I have been saving up to tell you about when I had the time! Well, here I am with the time...and no story.


I will tell you how totally cool last night was. I think it is really awesome that the kids ( sic) at church have decided to get together after church on Wednesday nights...last night it was once again a wide range of ages and people...I think it was a good 8 year gap from the 24 to 16- yet I have to say it was really amazing and totally humbling to listen to these "younger less experienced" people rip out some amazing thoughts and an incredible knowledge of their bibles...I dont know about Thomas, but *i* was totally impressed...

A teeny tiny secret on my part is that I have really been praying that I would be able to get to know the high schoolers at my church better, I have always had a soft spot for most of them...having spent a good bit of time with many of them when they were really little. I think there is this tendency to then keep them as a two year old in your head for a reeeally long time. So, I wanted to get to know them again...but its hard to presume that THEY will want to talk to YOU..and besides I didnt really know what I would have to share with them once they DO talk to me..
I gotta say, after last night...it looks like THEY will probably teach ME more...i can only hope they will keep letting me hang out with them sometimes.

Boy, I have such a weird social setting...on one side I sometimes hang out with the "older kids" meaning my sister and the mid-twenties crowd...and then, now, I want to hang out with the teenagers. *sigh*
I feel sorta out of place in both.
i guess that's what happens when there are no kids your own age to play with ;-)

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