May 06, 2005

Do YOU have any to add?

Red: the best tasting lollies, ladybugs, lipstick in old movies,
raspberries, rubies, velvet curtains at the theatre, shoes in wizard of
oz, stop part of traffic light iceblocks, red wine at candlelight dinners,
roses and poppies, ribbon, wax seals on letters, nail polish, chaise lounges,
elmo, red carpets, evening dresses, apples, pencils, autumn leaves, candy
canes, flashing message light,strawberries, red mini coopers, valentines, red apples, tomato sauce

Blue: the sky, water of every kind, ink pens, baby boy clothes,
bluebells, paint, sapphires, tinted sunglasses, stained glass windows, hot flames,
pjs, colour of my wall, house coats, nemo fish, eye-shadow, hotmail account, bubbles,

Green: grass, Go, holly leaves at Christmas, kermit the frog, numbers
on clocks, emeralds, granny smith apples, leaves, shoots of plants, trees, grapes, avacodos, four leaf clovers,

Yelllow: the sun, daffodils and buttercups, fields of wheat, smilely
face stickers, dry summer grass, yellow brick road, post-it notes, flame,
gold, highlighters, lemons, sepia tone pictures, rubber duckies

Orange: jack o lanterns, oranges, autumn leaves, corn, harvest moon

Purple: capes, lavender, purple pokka-dotted monster, grapes, violets, theatre chairs

White: wedding dresses, daisies, snow, shirts, lace, clean empty sheets of
paper, clouds, candles, lightening, table cloths, sheets, blossom,
pearls, popcorn

Black: tuxes, little black dressses, mascara, strappy sandals, writing
on page, sheet music, black and white pictures/movies, top hats, All
Blacks, Pianos

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