May 31, 2005

fancy meeting you here!


At the moment I have so many things I should catch my blog up on-but first let me just say...I have that song from Phantom of the Opera "All I ask of you" ( i think thats the name) in my head. You know, there is something about the songs from Phantom that require one to SING AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE. Unfortunately I am at work...and there is some annoying computer guy in the room with me-I wonder what he would do if I just busted out with:

Um no.

So, Steph is gone. I feel sorta numb without her! Actually it was so awesome having her visit, and while Nacogdoches IS the most noneventful place on earth she was a great guest and seemed to have fun doing the "everyday stuff" I was special sharing my Nac friends and my church with her too!

Some things happened in the past week on top of Steph visiting that I didnt really have time to think about, minus the passing pleading with know, its really amazing when that happens-when you are physically TOO BUSY to worry-so you just pray in passing and things just seem to work out! WITHOUT MY HELP ( imagine that, God just placing his hand in there...and doing it. )
However, I admit to you that I am now busy "dwelling" over everything that has gone down, so to speak, and I probably wont really be happy until I've totally obsessed about it all! *sigh* its true.

This weekend I bought the cutest bag EVER.... and I bought some shoes that are "so ugly they are cute"...I also saw Madagascar (meh, not that great) and ate lots of reeeeally good food.

In other news, Amy is back in town and that makes me happy...I am also excited that it is summer because it means that Katie will probably have a "little" bit more free time...right??
hahaha...anyway, I AM happy its Mommy is at home too-makes me want to be a teacher so *i* can have two months break too!!

I have to go write some emails....especially one to Sam because today is his BIRTHDAY ( or should I say wednesday...but with time changes and everything I THINK its today)

Happy birthday, Samwise.

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