May 17, 2005

Girl Talk

So, when I want to talk to my friends in NZ I usually go and sit in the back of my mother's parents go to bed very early and I am usually able to talk to people from around 9PM to around 10PM. So sitting in the back of a car allows me to laugh and talk as loud as I want- BUT, its getting hot out there, people! Seriously, sad to say...the texas heat is starting to hit hard. I almost broke out in a sweat and had to open the car door to let a little air in. consequently I got bug bits. BOO!

All for a worthy cause.

I have a busy mind people. I know you may not think it...and when I look over some of my blog posts I start to doubt my mental capablities too....but its true, I think a lot. And sometimes I have to cut back on all those "what if" conversations I have with myself. I think they are getting a little out of hand: So, I am not getting married anytime soon. I dont see any great job possiblities in the near future. I dont have any new hobbies I want to take up. I dont think I a will be moving from this particular dot on the map any time now.
So why worry about ANY of the above things ( or lack of)? *sigh*

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