May 16, 2005

high school reunion...

So, I finished up my stunt as a high school english teacher today...I taught four classes in a row-I found it more fun than I did on Friday, go figure. Anyway, it was definitely an experience and I thank my mother for letting me do it, she's a trooper!

You might ask if it made me want to be a teacher, and well, it WAS fun...but I had to keep in mind that it was an honors class which meant they were all really "good" students who even slightly wanted to learn-which is very rare in this day in age....buuuut, I DID love researching and coming up with my "lesson plan". THAT is something i had really missed. And I enjoyed the challenge of trying to keep them awake and learning... *sigh* Anyway....

So, today I've been in a pretty good mood, I think it was the chocolate covered coffee beans. I bought them on Saturday when I was hanging out with katie. I havent had coffee beans since HS. In fact, I am pretty sure they got me THROUGH highschool in a state of awakeness...but, whatever the case, I have been in a pretty happy mood. Caffine, my friend.

Tonight I am going to see that Kingdom of Heaven movie...looking forward to it.woo.

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