May 12, 2005

I'm cold...

Now, this I think will be a bit odd for my NZ readers, where they live in a country where central air and heat is not as common...or as powerful ;-)
HOWEVER, I KNOW at least Jordan will understand my moaning when i say....WHY do they have to make the air conditioner SOOOO cooooollllldddddd? Yes, I realize this is a hospital and they have to make it cold so there will be less infection and all that jazz, I also realize that is it hot outside and I should be happy its cold...but SERIOUSLY! I'm dying...

I realized as I was hanging up a Mammogram ( yeah, I know...odd) that there are several semi-interesting ( interesting to ME that is!) things coming up:

Steph is coming to visit 24-31st of May!!!! I am soooo excited, and a little scared....I am going to count on people to "entertain" her whilest I am at work ;-)
Luckily she is one of those people I feel confident about throwing into a random situation and knowing that she will find a way to enjoy it...
I feel blessed that I have had THREE visits from friends this year!

I am "teaching" my mother's class tomorrow and monday...since I work half days I am doing it in two installments...her 6th and 7th period classes are "lucky" enough to have me tomorrow, what am I going to teach? Well.....Something about Shakespeare. I dont know what...I have just "thought" about it when I was trying to sleep, so looks like I am going to have to spend some quality time at Java Jacks this afternoon on my laptop doing some research....OOOOooooOOOOOooo

PS. I am a bit nervous about getting up in front of my mom's classes...especially with my expert mother being there...watching me....seeing if I can cut it!
Buuuut, I think it'll be good for me, I've always wanted to know if I could teach a class...and while this is just a small taste...its a start.

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