May 10, 2005

the phone call...

Have you ever felt someone so near and yet them be physically so far away?
Have you ever felt someones fears? Felt someones pain? Felt it as though it was your own?

I hold the phone up to my ear wondering who will be on the other end.
Immediately I know the voice. I smile without realizing it.
My voice rises to a higher pitch as I say their name with glee.
But even as I say it, my heart is feeling heavier....I am worrying about them....I dont ask what is wrong right away, it just doesnt seem right. Besides. I already know.

Sometimes it helps me to remember that that love I feel for those the Lord puts on my heart first comes from Him. It is only a tiny drop in the bucket of His love for them....

You lead me through each day, your love it covers me.
When I feel afraid, your love it covers me
Restorer of my soul, your love it covers me.
Your presences makes me whole, your love it covers me
You are the King of Glory, you're the Lord strong and mighty
King of Glory enter in.

The above phone conversation has happened more than once this week....and it has happened figuratively with even more dear ones.
I am blessed to have such dear friends....I am blessed that the Lord love covers all....

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