June 24, 2005

the last day...

So, I am heading out to Italy tomorrow..WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I really wish I could make that bigger font because even all-caps just isnt cutting it for the emotion I am feeling. Anyway, I am stuck here at work all day just building up my excitement.
Dont get me wrong, today is going pretty well...I mean, its already 10...which means I've been here 2.5 hours already...here's a rundown of all that I've done so far

And I better get this out of the way first:
I've worked solid for, like, 20 minutes...and then on and off for the rest of the two point five hours. ( faxing, phonecalls, filing, finding lost xray jackets, pulling up old reports, hanging lots of films, writing up continual reports list ;-)
other than that...
I checked email
wrote email
checked bloglines
read several blogs
wrote several comments
started writing up a story
checked out a very funny/pitiful website do be careful, I noticed some profanity words which was too ridiculous for words
I talked to my doctors about various trips they've taken-including a long discussion about Alaska
I wrote in a birthday card
I ate a McDonalds Bacon, Egg Cheese Biscuit ( which I've been craving for a WEEK now!)
I also ate a pear that a doc brought me. it was reeeeally good.
I checked the progress of my Family Guy DVD ( apparently its shipped but i havent gotten it...I'm really bummed, especially since i havent gotten the portable DVD player to work as of yet either...booo! no fun plane time for me! )

Don't *i* feel accomplished thus far...

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