June 27, 2005

This is in italian...

Wooo....this keyboard is crazy pills so its hard to write, but you know me...I cant go very long without blogging.
I am in Roma.

So far my major comment on everything is Whooooa. Seriously, I feel like words cant really discribe the multitude of this city...as in all the people. everywhere.an in all the amazing buildings. everywhere. as in my beautiful wonderful friends. right here with me.

whooooa. wonderful.

Even with jetlag, Ive visited many a fountain, eaten in many a piazza looking at interesting people walk by and listening to street children play instruments. Saw the collesseum today...incredible to think I was standing where so many were murdered, where so many watched...it was quite moving. I am also making it a habit as of this moment in time to have gellato every single day.

Thank you for your prayers dear friends. This trip is going to be such a blessing.

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