July 11, 2005

Day after.... yesterday

Yesterday my parents left for Greece. Woo. I am so excited for them, after coming back from my OWN totally awesome vacation I cant wait for them to have JUST as great a time as I did....
I've heard many times that the best vacations are the ones you really WANT to come back from....I was really doubting that was possible.
And I had dreaded the Post-Italy time. As background information, I think it would be far to say I do better in life when I have something to look forward to. As you can imagine, a trip like Italy was at the TOP of my "look forward to" list. Before I left on the trip I really prayed that I would get some sort of direction, some sort of peace while I was there....

You could say the trip was a lot of things but a chance to get peace was not one of them! hehehe, yup, I bet Lydia and Emma would agree with me when i say that God did a lot of things on our trip, some of it uncomfortable, some of it awe inspiring....all of it growing and stretching. In a word, it was not what I excepted to happen :-)
So, it was ANOTHER suprise, so to speak, when I was flying through the air on the way back to Texas and I felt REALLY good about going back! It was strange, but there I was sitting on that plane, and I just realized that a lot of my problems about being back in Nacogdoches were based entirely on the fear of being STUCK there...being FORGOTTEN there. I know, its totally unfounded fear. But I was comforted by all that had happened on our trip to Italy-I mean, how totally out of the blue and crazy that God would truly bless us with such a trip. Not only for being in Italy, but for working in ALL of our lives....It was as though I heard a whisper say, "Is there anything I cant do? I can take you all the way to Italy to bring you closer to your friends! "- The point is that if God so desires to move me somewhere else...He will. easily.
And until He does that I need to be joyful in my time here. Afterall, it is where I am suppose to be! I've always felt that it was, but I always felt fear that it always would be....

Even before I left FOR Italy I knew that I needed to start the motions of moving out of my parents house when I got back. But, even with the thought in my head that I NEEDED to do it, it was still scary because for me getting my own place=stablity...it equaled being here for the period of a lease. meeh. I hadnt really wanted to do it.
BUT, after my plane revelation I was ready to start taking the steps...steps that were only solidified when I got into the car in Houston and was told that my parents had put their house on the market, had bought and would start building houses on the land in the next few months. Whoa.
And yes, you heard right, HOUSES....they are building three.
Annnnywho, once again I felt that the moving out steps couldnt come at a better time-getting out of my parents hair at this point seems like the ONLY option.
I am hoping that I will be able to find a place before they get back from Greece in two weeks. Because, even though they, too, must SURELY be ready to see me go....I think it would be better for me to worry and fret over it while they arent around.
On that same moving strain of conversation- I was given an entire set of dishes yesterday at Penny's house!Yay! How exciting, and couldnt have come at a better time! Once again I felt confident that THIS was the time to make this move.

Lets see, what else has been going on?
Yesterday was a great day spent with my sister- I really missed her while I was away!!
We had lunch with the Toushas and the Scotts-which was waaay nice of them since Anna and I were left without are Mommy to cook us our Sunday lunch ( when are we gonna grow up?!?) And then after talking to Ryan on the phone we headed out to Douglas where one of Anna's friend's house is...they are out of town for the week and Anna and I are "taking care of their pool." It is TRULY our pleasure! We were seriously like giddy little 10 year olds on our way out there! :-)
The service at Evening Church was WONDERFUL. It was like BAM! Welcome Back! Seriously, it .....( OH MY GOSH! I just had the BIGGEST scare, I had turned a way from my computer to talk to a nurse and I must have hit the shift key, because when i turned back around my posting box was totally blank! I thought i had lost everything...meeeeh!)

Ok, where were we? Right, Church...it was so encouraging! Which was crazy when you consider the starting text was the Rape of Tamar in 2 Samuel!!! But, it went from their into a reminder of the promises that we have in God and how there is no trial, no "discipline" from God that can change those...woooo! I cant do it justice, but it was wonderful. I got chill bumps at one point.

After church Anna and I watched the looong anticipated "Dear Frankie"...it is about a little 9 year old boy who writes letters to his Dad and desparately wants to meet him....I totally cried, several times...it was a wonderful movie.. and having Gerry Butler play "The Stranger" was, well...a plus ;-) Go out and rent it today! I KNOW you'll love it.

Speaking of movies I loved: Bride and Prejudice. Awesome movie! Totally fun, totally clean...it was SUCH fun! Typical Bollywood style of breaking out into song and dance at random moments. Confession: I am tempted to buy the soundtrack.

Hasnt this post gone on long enough, you ask? Well, yes...I think it has.

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