August 24, 2005

Acting like a two-year-old.

I am eating cheerios out of a baggie at the moment...always reminds me of toddlers sitting in their strollers chowing on cheerios while they get chauffeured about...what a life.

I am working all day today, which is the reason for the cheerios ( must keep up strength) and for the coffee ( always an important start to any day). Ugg, 7AM came AWFULLY early this morning. I probably shouldnt have stayed up so late last night-but, I hadnt seen Meredith in...forever. So it was worth it. I does show me, however, just how MUCH of a weeney I have become...I am going to have to take it easy tonight.

So, yesterday I went over to one of my doc's houses and he gave me, amoung a few odds and ends...a VACUUM CLEANER WOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Its very ironic that I would be excited about this fact, considering vacuuming is my LEAST favorite of the household chores. Seriously, I think everyone has the thing they dont mind doing ( for me its dishes) and the thing they hate to do ( vacuuming)...and I find it fascinating how people can vary so much on this point.
Of course, this means I really MUST find a husband that loves to vacuum...or a rich guy who wants to employ a maid. Buuuut, until then...looks like I'll be vacuuming with my brandnew vacuum cleaner.

Soooo. its 9:22AM...I've checked my email, checked my blogs...what to do NOW?!

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