August 16, 2005

I am hungry....

But I didnt have time to grab anything to eat today...because....

At 8AM I sat straight up in bed and looked at my clock.
I should have been at work at 7:30AM!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

I had washed scrubs the night before so I called the doctors on the way to the dryer...
Luckily, they were very understanding and I arrived at work at 8:20.
Which, I want everyone to pause and realize it takes 15 minutes ( on a good day) to get from my parents house to the hospital. It was definitely a new record as far as me getting ready superfast.
Ugggg, not a pleasant start to the day...buuut what can you do? Speaking of work, I must reply to my aunts comment referring to my spinless ways of not being able to say no. Yes, its partly true...I AM working half the day on Friday-but its because I am having to take my day off on Thursday to pick a friend from the own fault for not realizing I would be moving this week....soooooooo, yes, I will be moving on Friday afternoon...and I suppose if I dont get it all done then...well, I will be doing it on Saturday too. And yes, I AM spinless...and it was SOOOO hard to stand firm and not give my co-worker the WHOLE day off on day I will learn ;-)

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