August 05, 2005

Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Sooooo, its friday, right? And NOT monday? This is lucky...because if this was monday morning I. Could. Not. Face. Today.

I woke up this morning in my normal groggy-I-cant-believe-its-already-freakin-7AM to the odd sensation that I had forgotten something... turns out, I had...

:flashback to 6:50PM the following day:

I was talking to katie on the phone about apartments when I realized I was suppose to meet my sister at 7 to see The I told Katie I would call her back on my cellphone and I ran into my room to grab my scrubs for the next day since I was going to stay with my sister that night...

:back to 7:10AM today:

As I put my socks on I get this sinking feeling that, yes, I DID forget to pick up my running shoes that I wear to work....and when I got to my car ( the place they MIGHT be) my fear was fulfilled.

And that is how I went to work with light pink flats on with my Black and Red scrubs.

Also, while I was getting ready for work, I realized that my deoderant was on its last "twist" Deo....luckily, my sister has this little basket of mini versions of all sorts of things like toothpaste and mouthwash...and luckily deoderant. Unluckily it was Old Spice...which is why I now smell like a cheap guy. meeeeh....which the smell on top of what happened next is making me feel ill.

When I arrived at work I found that the air conditioner was not working in the reading room...making it extreeeemly hot and stuffy ( there are no windows so that it is completely dark).
*I can really smell myself now and its making me sick. I am starting to think sweat would smell better. :-(

So, there I am at work at 7:20AM, wearing light pink flats and oldspice deoderant standing in a very hot room. I have to go get the morning round of films from the I head down to get the cart. When I come back to the reading room, I try the door to find that the lock had stuck when I had unlocked it meaning I got in once, but then leaving again locked it...
So, there I was standing outside the reading room, wearing light pink flats oldspice deoderant which is now stronger because I am probably sweating because of the insane heat with 30 minutes before my doctors are due to arrive. *sigh*

Thanks to my mother who brought me decent shoes, thanks goodness Dr. Avery was early to work, and thankgoodness the air conditioner is working...because I still have 9 more hours of this.

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