August 10, 2005

a latte and a chocolate muffin

My papa is wonderful. Actually, I will go ahead and say Mama is wonderful too.
Dont worry I am going to tell you why.

Last night, after working for 12 nerve raking, doctors yelling, straight hours, I went home took a benedryl and two asprin ( I felt really achy and my throat hurt) and went straight to bed...I was awakened by my cellphone telling me I had a I checked it. It was my co-worker saying that she would definitely be out for at LEAST another took a few minutes of me wandering around my house...until I BROKE DOWN.

Anyway, my parents did the parenting thing...and my papa even brought me my title this morning at work...I still feel achey tired, and emotionally fragil but I am sure it will all work out.

PS. Katie and I are moving next Friday...we will accept everyone who wants to help us move. You WILL be my new best friend ;-)

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