August 16, 2005

The progress....

Good stuff:
A package from Penny! WOOOO movie posters and chocolate fish! I am the LUCKIEST girl ever!
A phone call from Lydia! It turns out it doesnt matter WHAT day of the week it is, its always a delight to hear her voice!

The countdown:
The packing is....coming along. I have packed up all the drawers in my bathroom, two major "junk drawers", the top shelf in my closet and all of my picture frames...
still to go: my shoes, my books....ugg.

Found out that:
We cant start moving in until 3:30 on i guess its not a big deal at ALL that I am working till 12:30. huh.

The lastest news:
I just downloaded the GREATEST song ever....its going on the next mix cd. For Emma. I will be posting the playlist soon.

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