August 12, 2005

this time next week....

Katie and I will be moving into our apartment! We are veeeeery excited and went shopping today which just ADDED to the excitment...seriously, who KNEW how exciting things like spice racks and rugs could really be?!

Anyway, I got today off which was a delightful blessing. I know everyone out there in the blog world must have thought i was a spoiled brat for complaining about work so much....but in my defense I've thought about it, and I REALLY think that if someone had told me on Sunday of last week that I was going to have to work 10 to 12 hour days for four days straight...sure, I would have complained...but I dont think I would have been the emotional wreck that I, I think it was the NOT knowing from day to day that made it so bad. So there. I am NOT as bad as I may sound :-P

Funny thing is, I havent been able to sleep very well....which considering how TIRED I am feeling, its odd. Things keep just running in my head like crazy. I just tired to take a failed miserably. Boo....oh well, maybe I'll just tire myself out really good for tonight.

Bed Bath and Beyond is awesome.
So is Target.

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