September 25, 2005


Bare with me...this may be an odd post...but, then I think I should get points for posting AT ALL the day after a freaking hurricane came through my town! :-P

So, at like 6AM I woke up because of the storm...and I have to admit, looking outside into the blackness...the wind....the rain....I got sorta scared. But, you wanna know what really comforted me? Well, praying obviously...but as well as praying?
My cell phone. For one thing, in the pitch blackness it was a great flashlight when I flipped it open...but also, as i clutched it in my little palm...I felt comforted, I felt "connected". And,, it hasnt been working very well...the tower is really really crazy and is working sparatically...and to tell you the truth is put me in an odd mood. I feel TOTALLY out of touch and out of control.

On that same sort of line, I know that a lot of people think of me as a total "writing" sort of person- which I am in a lot of ways...however, I do some of my very best communicating actually talking...I know that sounds dorky and totally obvious, but its true! And I have to admit, I am having trouble NOT talking to certain people-I feel totally out of touch and upset when I dont get that actually back and forth talking thing going on with them...I think its because I talk about complicated things with them-things that I find it hard to explain in the writing format....aaaannnnywho, I miss my friends that are far away! Which is, sadly, a majority of my friends!
My sister has been getting calls from friends all day asking her if she is ok...and, well, I KNOW my friends love me...and probably worry about me sometimes...but, it stinks that they live on the other side of the world, or in some cases...closer than that...but still out of state :-(

OK, I promise to stop this pity party now...its over....we can move on now

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