September 22, 2005

Don't Move.

I am NOT going to move this least for a little tummy still hurts and my head still hurts.
Its strange, though, because I havent actually thrown-up...not that I WANT to...its just sort of anti-climatic....
So, its lucky my laptop was right next to my bed and I could just lean sllooooowly over the edge and grab it ( even that was an effort). Its also lucky that its my day off....and while I would LIKE to clean the apartment a little bit....and do some other odd jobs, they can technically, if there was going to BE a time to be would be it.

My sister is borrowing my car today too, because she has to go to Center for her job ( something she has to do most weeks) but today she has to go To Center, then Back to Nacogdoches, and then To Center again....annnnnd....her car doesnt have air-conditioner at the moment. So, being the good sister that I am, we switched cars for the day. Of course, I am not THAT good of a sister, because she is going to fill my car up with gas in center ( its cheaper there, another good reason why Paul should really get that job there, God.)

Speaking of Lucky, last night i didnt go to church, because I couldnt move from the horizonal position I was in.....but it turned out well, because Carmi called and we had the BEST chat...and the BEST prayer time ever. *sigh* God, is so incredible when it comes to perfect plans....and then I felt bad for being so horribly upset that I couldnt talk to Emma or Lydia on their usual calling nights.....i dont know about you, but sometimes I can actually FEEL myself getting insecure and clingy....and its like, my normal self tells my other self, "hey, you are totally getting overbareing and dramatic! your friends love you so stop being so annoying!"
But, sometimes I stop listening to that voice and I feel sorry for myself....ugggg....I dont know how any of you put up with me ;-)

So, thanks everyone for sending out well-wishes for the anti-hurricane movement. To tell you the truth, Katie and I dont have TV and so we technically have NO IDEA what is going on- I am sure she will learn stuff at school today, but seriously, something could hit today and I would know nothing....apparently gas prices are out of control and Wal-Mart is entirely out of Water and Bread ( what is it about disasters that makes people really need a sandwhich?!)....but this is only hearsay...because I've been in bed for the last...long period of time.
Meh, I am sure everything will be ok.
And yes, I am SORRY, Mama, for using tainted facts-it was just so much more useful for my storytelling skills for you to want to be a boyscout....and yes, Eagle Scout IS better....and yes being Cheerful IS harder.....bonus points for my mother.

Katie and I got our very first Bill for this apartment last night-$100.22 for our electric bill....wooooooa, is that a lot? It made me want to go turn off all sorts of things-but then I realized that the air-conditioner and the tv were the only things running at the time ( plus our ceiling fans)...and well, those are both necessities....*sigh* Katie and I were sad that our little "fake world" where everything had been realitively free was now over....

Isnt this blog fun? I feel like I've been writing forever, but I probably havent...its just once I stop writing....I just lie here and think about wanting to throw up.....

Ok, so MORE NEWS: A few days ago I got one of those "mass what I am doing now" emails from a friend, I think I mentioned it in a blog a few days ago, too....and I replied to it-because the person said they wanted emails....which got me thinking, I send out mass emails every so often....usually when my address and phone numbers change so that people can find me ;-)...but anyway, when I do that, I always ALWAYS ask for people to reply and tell me how they are....
people never ever do.
Why IS that???? Is it because its a mass email, and everybody thinks "no, they arent actually talking to ME."??? Is that why? Or do people just not write emails anymore?? -I am, of course, referring to those people you NEVER hear from...not your everyday email buddies....
Anywho, so I had one of those Do Unto Others...moments and I emailed the person back....and then they emailed ME back...and, well, NOW what do I do?!?! I seriously, never really had anything in common with this person.....oh, well, I've always been a good talker....and I suppose I can ramble about myself for a while....and if they want to reply they can, that is the wonderful thing about emails-you dont have to reply, and it is, for some reason, not nearly as awful when people dont return emails as it is when they dont return phonecalls.....its not as personal. Ahhhh....the electronic age! it lets us be so heartless! ;-)
The moral of the story is, reply to mass emails, everybody loves mail...and if they took the time to write that LONG email, even if it was to all those can reply with a little one will make them feel better ( if they are anything like me) and everyone likes feedback...everybody likes comments on their blog, everyone likes phone messages on their answering machine, everyone likes emails, everyone likes cards in their mail box.
These are facts.

So, thanks to everyone who has provided one of the above for me....I loved it. Seriously.

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