September 23, 2005

Eric, Wesley,Brett and K.J.

Those are the names of the tech support guys that Katie and I talked to at SBC internet connection....I know, its sad that it took four guys and four different calls ( plus one hang up) for both of us to get online...buuuut, now we are....

and here I am....waiting for things to happen....waiting for Rita to hit.

Katie and I sat outside on our balcony for a long time, looking at the is beautiful. which, I have a feeling will be really ironic later when something that beautiful causes lots of damage.....
but until then, we took pics.

At The moment:
Katie is sitting on our patio furniture in the kitchen, whilest knitting....*i* on the other hand am sitting on the floor leaned up against the dishwasher ( because I was talking on tech support...and as we all know the wireless phone makes weird noises in my bedroom).

This afternoon, Katie and I went to the Expo Center where there is a shelter set up for the Animals of evac we spent several hours playing with puppies and kitties, cleaning out their cages, giving them water, taking them for walks, and talking in that particular voice reserved for talking to babies and was great fun, and all the animals were adorable....all sizes, all types, all characteristics....

I am going to go finish my episode of Lost before the electricity goes out or something.

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