September 11, 2005


good things that happened yesterday:

1. I did clean house ( minus mopping...which I really hate to do.) and boy, was it satisfying...things had actually gotten pretty dirty. :-P

2. Our smoke detectors went off, which wouldnt normally be a good thing at all...except that it happened in the middle of the day, rather than nighttime...and the mantainance man brought his adorable three year old son with him when he came to help me...awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! cutie!

3. Katie and I put up four pictures of Sunsets from places we've been-they all go together so well, and look absolutely awesome in our dining area! :-)

4. After realizing how totally amazing the diningroom looked we got motivated to fill the empty space on our main living room wall....

5. We went to Hobby Lobby's half price poster and frame sale....and spent an hour deciding what to get and THEN we had the WONDERFUL help of my friend Mary who is working in the frame department there...she cut the poster we picked out and put it into the frame we had picked out as well...and in the end we had a perfect version of not only has my wish come true...BUT it was for HALF the price!
Katie and I couldnt be happier....

6. When Katie and I got home and put up our prize....we sat and starred at how blessed we are...our apartment is SO cute, and as we say...SO grown up!

7. While Katie was making me a crepe for dessert last night ( another GOOD thing)...I got a phone call from....THIDA!!! We had an awesome two hour talk...she answered all my journalistic questions about her life...and I have to say I went to bed last night praising the Lord and His mighty hand that He has so obviously placed on her life. It was wonderful to talk to her! :-) :-)

Now it is Sunday morning, and, you guessed it-I am at work....I wasnt in the best of moods after a horrible dream last night...but now, after mulling over the blessings of just yesterday. I can smile again

So today, I will draw near to Him.

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