September 28, 2005

home sweet home

man, was I glad to go home last night! I felt like I hadnt had a moments peace for days and days on end-well, actually that's pretty HAD been days...
I hadnt realized JUST how much it had all taken its toll until I was sitting on my bed listening to some Armstrong-the jazz varity...I was just smiling from ear to ear. I KNOW I have a list several people long who I really need to catch up with, but I also KNEW that last night I was in NO STATE to do so...
So, if you are one of those wonderful people who I really need to talk to...believe me, you are on my mind and I WILL TALK TO YOU SOON! :-)

I was talking to Sam on MSN for a few moments and he said something about how hard it must be to keep communication going via telephone...and to tell you the truth it doesnt bother me THAT much ( there are days when I would REALLY like a hug, something a phone isnt good at), God has been truly good to help in so many of my friendships over the years, that even when I havent talked or seen certain friends for extended periods of time-they are still on my heart and I still feel close to them...I guess that's actually not as normal as I thought-and I should be thankful for that kind of Grace.

Of course, that doesnt stop me from spending two hours ( off and on) trying to find cheap tickets to New Zealand this morning. ( nothing under $1,500USD at the moment)

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