September 13, 2005


If you dont live in east texas...count yourself lucky that you, too, are not being ATTACKED by the LoveBug plague. Seriously, there are these tiny bugs that attach themselves to each other ( in a ewww sort of way)-hense the name and then fly around swarming nature, getting into your house....smashing on the windows of your car and on the the point of it sounding like rain-And, to make matters worse- if you dont clean them off quickly they will remove your paint rather than be cleaned away....Yesterday, Anna found three in her hair after having to drive with her windows down....and, today, I seriously think I swallowed one!

I think its stuck in my throat. meh.

Work has been waaaaaaaaaaaay slow today, which makes me just think about my day off tomorrow with more feeling. I. Cannot. Wait. To. Sleep. In.

So, yesterday, I was feeing a little down, and I didnt want to think about it-and the "not thinking about it" went all the way until 8:30PM when Lydia called me....and then I let it spill. Thank goodness for friends like these :-)

But, while I was talking to her in my room, on the cordless phone...I started to pick up conversations from OTHER phones...meeeh, it was weird and it is driving me to buy a phone for my bedroom-I ended up sitting on the kitchen floor ( I figured the fridge would block the "rays" ) while I talked...which cant be good for Katie's study schedule.
Now, I KNOW I should just buy one of those cheap five dollar phones at walmart...but I JUST saw the perfect phone the other day...and now its reeeeally what i know, those great old-time black rotating phones that you can see in just about any classic black and white film? The most recent one I saw was The Philidelphia Story...Kathrine Hepburn talks one...and I thought to myself...COOL! I want THAT PHONE! I'll see if I can rustle up a picture for my wish list...

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