September 06, 2005

Pillar of Salt

Dont look back....

At least that is what I am going to do about today.....seriously, I am giving today to the Lord.
-A horrible mess that I should never have gotten myself into.
-A flat car battery.
-A nonexistent dinner for my Papa's Birthday.

But, I have learned that *I* am not able to handle things well....but luckily God can....
-I got to hang out with my Papa on his birthday ( even though it was while waiting for my car to get a new battery)
-We are going to have Sushi for dinner...something he loves....

Today while my I was waiting for the guy to put a new battery on my car, the guy turned and said....I read about Abigail in the bible today....
I made some sort of joke about Abigail being "intelligent and beautiful"....and he looked up at me and said...."One things for sure, she knew how to pray..."

I've gotta say, I agree....and I've decided to be THAT Abigail....I am through trying to be "intelligent" ( and i wont even MENTION beautiful!).....and I am going to focus on just that....prayer.

May the Joy of the Lord be my Strength. May His Truth Reign.

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