September 09, 2005

waking up.

I just got an email from a dear friend who said, "Where are you? Why havent you replied to my emails?!"

I have to say, I feel like I've neglected things as of late...but I'm back, or at least i am waking up from the bad dream, it takes a little while to get re-adjusted...but pretty soon you realize it was a dream....and now it is Morning.

And along this same illustration-this morning after I was awakened by my alarm-I was pour coffee into my coffee-maker...when I realized, I was pouring the coffee into the BACK....on top of all the WATER. It was a huge then I had to clean it all out etc. etc.
ten minutes later I came back to collect my freshly brewed coffee only to realize I hadnt plugged it back in after the cleaning event. meh.

So, sometimes it takes a little while to FULLY wake up.

Last night Anna and I went and saw this movie with Trinity and James.
Can I just say, that even though it was totally unbelievable, and the dialogue was totally was an EXCELLENT movie. See? I dont have to be a movie snob allll the time. Sometimes I can recognize a movie for what it is- good, escapism fun.

I think Trinity and James had to have been impressed by Anna and my ability to be REALLY prepared in a movie situation. We had smuggled in: A bag of Frito Chips, bean dip, two bottles of water, those really awesome soft sugar cookies with the really good icing and sprinkles that you can buy from any supermarket bakery...two SnackCake chocolate cupcakes....and some Spree Soft Chew Candy.

Is it obvious that we were a teensy bit hungry when we went to the supermarket?!

( PS. For those of you who were involved in the Q&A on Paul's conversion in Acts 9 on my comments sometime last week...there is some further musings on the subject

here....feel free to comment...I am sure the writer wont mind.)

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