September 23, 2005


Ok, so this hurricane is apparently going to go right where my brother-in-law is....meeeeh... I hope he is going to be kept safe...everything is worse because we cant contact him. :-(

I have to go to work tomorrow "if its safe to drive"...I dont know what to expect at all, all i know is that one of my doctors is moving his family into the Reading Room....
All gas stations have no gas, all stores are out of all necessities plus random stupid stuff that really, people could do without....there are cars coming from every direction, people stranded on the side of the road...bumper to bumper traffic....the hospital is full...and the storm hasnt even hit yet.
It is crazy pills.
AND my tummy hurts. 12oclock cant come soon enough so I can go home again. I liked it better when I didnt know what was going on. meeeeeh.

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