October 18, 2005

1pm tradeoff...

So, while I DID have to work both Saturday and Sunday ( making me miss both Sunday morning services!meh) and this coming weekend will be MORE of the same...I DO get to leave work at 1PM both today and friday...which, really, almost makes it worth it ;-)
*sigh* except for the missing church part-which is really never worth it. I dont think I REALLY realize just how important church is to my spirit until I miss it...and then, well, its like night and day.
But, God has been SO good already this week...a great weight was lifted off last night, and I am STILL running on happy because of it! Seriously, do you ever just realize how NOT worthy you are of a particular blessing? Even if its something tiny like making a conversation with a difficult person easier?
So, lets do a little emotional rundown of how I'm doing: pretty good, have gotten over the most recent bout of homesickness for New Zealand...one really nice thing has been getting to talk to Sam on MSN more...the child is a crack up and it does me great good. I also got to talk to Penny on the phone on Saturday night ( even though, I really SHOULD have been sleeping instead of talking )...I know that is shows how insecure I really am, but it always surprises me when other people say they miss me. I dont know, its a shock-I always figure its just on MY end! :-P
At the moment I'm eating multi-grain cheerios and drinking lots of water..they make me thirsty...I am working on a giant rant against Sony which I will be sharing with you in the next couple of days...as well as an annual rant about the joys of writing in a journal...and the even greater joy of starting a new journal after filling one up....
I am looking forward to going home and reading Lord of the Rings in bed for several hours...I really wish it wasnt 10:30....1PM seems so far away.

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