October 19, 2005

did I tell you about the time?

Right...so its one of those "work for ten hours straight" days...which means, I'm trying to spread out the internet fun. woo.
But, I just remembered I have a giant rant to share with you, which is exciting...but FIRST ( I am such a tease...you're going to have to stick around for the rant)
Do you ever have those mornings where, somehow your sleep patterns get out of whack and the alarm wakes you up out of a DEEP SLEEP. This morning was one of those mornings..and I was sooo confused when I finally came to...it was like, mommy, do I really have to go to school? where am I? what day is it? do I have a job? Why am I getting up? Seriously, it was crazy pills.
I'm on to my second bout of caffeine, which is bad, since after my bout of insamnia I've been trying to cut back...for instance, yesterday I only had like "this much" coffee...I was so proud of myself.
But, then I almost fell asleep during Gilmore Girls last night...and THAT wouldnt have been good ;-)
OK, so on to my rant...remember a few days ago how I told you to go buy the soundtrack to Elizabethtown instead,  if you really wanted to see the movie? WELL,  I TAKE IT BACK .
I had been listening to the CD in my car, but then I decided I wanted to listen to it in my room...but, I stuck it in my computer ( which is also my "stereo system" ) and it was like, "NO! we dont LIKE Apple computers, I will make your computer spit me back out!"
Now, this creates several problems...first, I now can ONLY listen to this ( not so great now that I think about it) CD in my car...I cant put it on my ipod because of the stupid "spitting out" thing...which THEY ( as in Sony productions) say is some sort of anti-pirating device...which I appreciate and yet DOUBT, since the CD plays JUST FINE on a PC...meaning, I could probably rip the CD if I really put my mind to it...and yet, now I am just in DISGUST.
I feel like, as the rightful owner of this CD, I should be able to play it however I feel...and one such way is on my MP3 player...yes, Sony is evil...they are so very obviously BAD LOSERS...I learned ( from my father who is knowledgable on the subject) that Sony has boycotted Apple and Apple products, so that all of their products do not work along side mac/apple products...not only is the spiteful, but also bad business sense...because, I AM RETURNING THIS CRAP CD TO TARGET.
Stay tuned for my annual ode to Journals....woooo

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