October 26, 2005

Hello, I'm a girl...make me feel insecure.

Today, I did two things that I hate:

I went and got the oil changed on my car. And I went to the hardware store.

I hate getting my oil changed, because EVERYTIME I go they try to tell me I need something ELSE done to my car...now, i wasnt born yesterday, and I am not about to get anything but my oil changed at an oil changing place...everything else gets to be done by my normal car doctor ;-) ...but I HATE that they always try to sell me other stuff...because, technically they COULD be telling me the truth, and I really COULD have a huge problem with my car...but I wouldnt know. That's one of the reasons I hate going...the OTHER is I HATE having to pull over that big hole in the ground...where they go under and look at the bottom of my car...I hate watching the guy with the oily hands and shirt directing me to come forward, leeeeft....nooo...riiiight...no, wait! Stop! Stop!
I always mess up...I always have to be told to stop and try again.....boo.

I also hate going to the hardware store...because i have NO IDEA about anything that they sell there. I pretty much have to rely on the staff to direct me where I need to go...and I KNOW that as soon as I walk in, everyone in there knows I dont belong.

It is really only on days like this that I wish I had a boyfriend....someone who I could ask sweetly to go with me on these little manly adventures. Seriously. Most of the time, I am JUST FINE on my own...and, well, I guess technically I was fine today too...but, well, I felt sick and my throat hurt...meeeeh.....and just wanted to go home and go to bed.

In conclusion:
Today, I needed a Mommy to take car of me and a boyfriend to do manly tasks for me.
The End.

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