November 11, 2005


So today I am typing my post in a "wordpad" document...can you believe it, we dont even have basic Word on our computer!!! Anyway, I feel that his probably loosk, at a glance, like something far more important. I've alos gone to the trouble of putting it in 6point that you really have to sqint...Actually, *i* cant even read what I'm typing...which is sort of fun, its like a full on typing test.
Today has been a crazy day, I've been running around doing errands all morning, and I'm just now settleing in to do some normal work. Lunch time is my favorite time of day usually...well, not MY lunch time ( I dont actually have an official lunch...I just eat while I'm working) I love lunch time because I only have one doctor at a time...and things are USUALLY pretty laid back...which is nice. I also find it beyond interesting how different each of the doctors really are....
Last night I stayed up late and watched the movie Bewitched. It was cute...but it was SUCH a Norah Ephrone Film! Seriuosly, the music was exactly like every single one of her movies( I could have shut my eyes and thought I was watching Sleepless in Seattle)...and the main characters...JUST like her other movies...the girl is always "cutsy" know, I have nothing against FACT, I've CAUGHT myself being cutsy before...and its then that I think maybe I've seen You've Got Mail one too many times! Anyway, I found it annoying that Norah actually MAKES her movies alllllll the same....I mean, I just thought it was Meg Ryan, but now seeing Nicole Kidman practically BECOME Meg...and knowing that *she* isnt just "that way in real life" makes me give Meg Ryan more credit in her acting skills and gives me less respect for Norah as a director.
So, I am still LOVING Captivating, seriously...last night, I actually GASPED at one part because I figured something out about myself that I'd always KNOWN but never put into words before...craaaazy! I have decided to stand behind recommending htis book to EVERYONE ( boys and girls!) - go get this book...
I just ate a bunch of chocolate...I'm a bit on the hyperactive side...I feel like writing something fun...
I know, I know....a LIST....a LIST of things that make me happy ( we havent done it in a while!)...of course, as always feel free to send in your personal "happy lists"
2. Finding money in the pockets of your winter coat. ( I am thinking about planting money in my coat next year just so I KNOW I'll have it!)
3.Spiced Tea
4. Getting cell phone calls..about nothing in particular.
5. people that make me laugh at myself.
6. stamps...I really like to stamp letters...I think it must take me back to "sticker book" days ;-)
7. my new "fresh linen" house scent from bath and body works-my bedroom smells awesome!
8. my zip-up white hoodie from Gap...its got the DEEPEST, BEST pockets ever...if i had known I would have bought it in every color.
9. red shoes
10. My Vanilla Lip lips takse YUMMY!

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