November 21, 2005


My title is what it is because, I've had demands thrown at me all morning...not necessarily in a bad way, but lets just say its been a crazy morning at the hospital reading room....this is the first moment I've stopped to breathe...and it looks like I'm going to have to re-heat the Latte my Papa brought me ( isnt he the best?) because its long past lukewarm.

My other reason for the title is I DEMAND that anyone that can go out and watch the movie "Walk the Line", DO is WONDERFUL! Seriously, positively FANTASTIC... oscars all around...( for my sensitive readers there is some drug use and some sensual scenes..) ultimately I had no idea what a full on Christian Johnny Cash was in his later life. GO SEE THIS MOVIE YOU WILL LOVE IT.

In other news, I am writing up inspirational/influential people again today so stay tuned! :-)

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