November 22, 2005

I felt the love...

Yes, dear made my birthday SO special...I feel the warm fuzzies and I'm pretty sure they are going to stick with me for a long time to come :-)

Kristy, Thida, Lydia, Justin, Uncle Jim, PawPaw thanks for the phone messages, I'm so sad I missed you all!
Trinity and Nicole thanks for the phone calls!

Louise, Thida, Ryan, Justin S., Emma, Donnave, Sam, Gus, Mary, Anna, Paul, Sarah, Christa, Sunshine, Jordan and Tabitha...thank you muchly for the emails....

Carmi, thank you for the beautiful blog post

Aunty Gail, Mel and Meredith thanks for the blog comments...

Tonight I had a fantastic homecooked goodness fresh from Billie's kitchen...and the most AMAZING cake EVER! Having my family around is truly a gift that I could never ever trade.

I am overcome with your goodness and your love, I truly dont deserve it! :-)

Oh, and Thomas/Katie 's phone call was a nice suprise...and I just got an email from i guess i shouldnt have written my thank yous until midnight... ;-)

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