November 25, 2005

manditory sick day.

why does this happen when you LEAST want it?!
I woke up this morning feeling awful. Sore throat, runny nose, achey allll over. So I spent the whole day on my couch and in bed. No Pride and Prejudice no saying goodbye to my grandfather....booooo!

One of the things I hate the most about being sick is the wierd body tempature...I am either waaay hot or waaaay cold. I just took a three hour long nap but I kept throwing off my covers...and then pulling them back on...and I felt all ekky when I finally woke up at 6pm. uggg.

One of the things that was really awesome about today, though...I went to get the mail and i had three packages stuffed into my mail box ( seriously, I had to work at getting them all out! they were WEDGED!)...I know I've told you this before...but I'll tell you again...I've got the greatest friends EVER! Kristy, Emma and Bing totally made my whole sick day! :-)

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