November 14, 2005


Well, I've got nothing to report about the Funk...but, I've decided to make my workout extra long this afternoon, because working out is good for the body and soul. Woo. Maybe that'll help?!
who knows... I had chinese food for lunch...what made me buy Chinese food? especially since I VOWED not to spend money this week? and I dont even LIKE Chinese food!!!! meh, who really knows...I was hungry and the peanut butter and honey sandwich I'd made looked rather sad.
Its all true.

So, I called the DSL people today, turns out we'll be getting a check in the mail for 50 bucks in....DECEMBER....what?! Excuse me?! We sent in that rebate MONTHS ago?! meeeeh....oh well, I guess it'll be exciting to have that extra $25 just in time for Christmas shopping, right? I'll look on the bright side, yup. That's what I'll do.
Lately I've been having an AGE crisis. I blame it on my sister who said that she felt like she was "holding me back" from being truly youthful. News to me...I feel totally immature most of you think she meant the fact that I never go out and do anything exciting? hmmmm....interesting concept. yes, well, I dont think its her fault...I think I just dont get out and do things. I personally LIKE being safe and sound in my little predictable world ( ummm...most of the time).

I heard that the movie Jarhead was extremely depressing...the last time I didnt take this particular friends advice I walked out of a I think I'll go with it this time....which is pretty ironic since Jarhead is one of the FEW movies that was on my "I want to see" list that actually CAME to the sad, pitiful theatre in this town. BOO. All I have to say is I WILL get in the car and drive to WHEREVER to see Pride and Prejudice....oh yes, I WILL. Because I am YOUTHFUL and IMMATURE...and I like to have a good time. ;-)

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