November 30, 2005

nose spray..

is seriously AMAZING.

I mean, I was lying in bed sniffling and sneezing...and I just wanted to SLEEP...when I remembered my nose spray.
Of course, after using it I couldnt sleep because I was so incredibly amazed by its ability to clear ones nose. I mean, I'll say it again: SERIOUSLY, its amazing!

Why have I been having SUCH trouble sleeping? I got home last night just DYING to go straight to bed, but I had to wait and talk to Lydia on the phone ( which was SO worth it by the by)...however, after that...I was WIDE AWAKE...for what seemed like hours.
In other news, today, I realized something stupid I did earlier this week ( yes, it is only wednesday) which I THOUGHT ( well, only when I wasnt being honest) was totally harmless is now going to turn into possible drama. BOO! I hate that! And I have no one to blame but myself.

I know what this person thinks, I know how they feel...a simple "hey, can you answer this question?" email written when bored can be interrupted as JUST ABOUT ANYTHING...and I really should have known that.
Lesson I neeeeeeed to leeeeeearn: Playing with other peoples emotions isnt cool. Ever.
Im a jerk.

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