December 09, 2005



Looked forward to having a "girls night" with the Dudly Sisters and the McClure Sisters...we are going to see Pride and Prejudice. Yay! I am wwwaaaay looking forward to this!

I painted my nails red, havent done so in months and months because one of my doctors got "upset" last time when a bit of red rubbed off on his light board when I hung x-rays....*sigh* But, I figure it will make me happy all weekend and then I'll remove it for work on monday :-)

Listening to "Mi Macherai" from the Il Postino soundtrack (this song is also feat. on the Lady in the Water trailer) is incredibly sad, but wonderful...

Watched Cary Grant's Mr. Blanding Builds His Dream House.....delightfully classic. But, I suggest my parents do not watch this movie until AFTER they've finished building their home(s)...the movie made me stress about money throughout the whole thing. ( though, I will say...they build a HUGE mansion for like 30k....a fantastic deal in my opinion....hehehe)

Cleaned the bathroom...and made a list of all the cleaning products I need to re-stock in the apartment.

Went shopping for Christmas presents...faced another setback, seems my overseas gifts are going to be later and later....blast!

Stood on my balcony and breathed in the cold air....then went back inside to the WARMTH of central heating...something that I will Never-Ever take for granted again thanks to New Zealand and their backwards ways ;-)

Listened to the cutest little boy stand outside his apartment yelling "Santa Claus" over and over and over was cute for the first twenty odd times.

Played with the "floppy-eared" dog that lives downstairs...not to be confused with the "evil" dog that lives next door....

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